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Fitness Dynamics

Country United States
State California
City Santa Margarita
Address 29901 Santa Margarita Pkwy, Rancho
Phone 858-453-7770

Fitness Dynamics Reviews

  • Jun 23, 2017

I contacted Fitness Dynamics in regards to purchasing a Medx Core Lumbar spine machine, and a Medx Leg press. I sent him 9500.00. Initually I was skeptical. But I researched and found out that all preowned exercise vendors require to be paid in full before they ship.

We set a date on shipping, and the shipping did not take place. I was upset about this, and when I arrived back in town Greg indicated to me he contacted me buy email, and called me. My emails did show he contacted me for shipping delay. He indicated to me that if he shipped the medx machines would be helpd up at the dock if I could not receive the machines I was gone on my vacation. I could not receive the medx the shipper would start storage fees. I contacted his shipper, and they verified that this was infact true.

The medx machines did arrive, and were in exellent condition. one of the shields was missing, But he shipped it out right away. I was a little diappointed, but when I contacted the owenr he took care of it right away.

  • Jan 19, 2017

I purchased a BODPOD machine from Greg Lara at Fitness Dynamics. We paid $13,500 for the machine and it came with a written warranty.

Once we received the machine it did not work. When we would power up the computer it would crash before we could use the machine for its intended purpose. At first Greg was not responsive to our emails at all. Finally he asked us to ship him the computer portion of the machine back.

After about a month he shipped the computer back and we were able to power up the machine. We ran the first test on the machine and the main machine was defective as well as the computer.

At this point we contacted him to let him know the BODPOD machine was still defective. At this point he just began telling us that we were liars and trying to cheat him. We made a 30 minute long video of the machine showing multiple calibrations and trying to run multiple tests on the machine which all came back as unable to give any result due to an error.

Once we sent him the video showing him that the machine was infact defective he ceased all comunications with us.

We have had to hire an attorney to take legal action against gim to get our money back.

We took out a small business loan to start up a business traveling to gyms and measuring peoples body fat percentages and helping to poeple track their fitness goals.

Greg Lara AKA FItness Dynamics took our money and ran. Stay away from this guy at all costs. He seemed like a very nice guy until he had our money.

  • Mar 9, 2016

Greg bounced a check for equipment he purchased from me In September of 2015 and he has not made good on it. his business license in California is suspended and speaking to the SD attorney general he has quite the resume for stiffing people. Don't do business with him.

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