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First Texas Homes

Country United States
State Texas
City Spring
Address 25019 Auburn Bend Dr
Phone 281-255-3939

First Texas Homes Reviews

  • Sep 29, 2017

Our troubles started with the initial closing of our house. We were asked by Frist Texas to close on our house with the front door being damaged and all of our flooring stained by mud from sub-contractors. We were told this was being done while we closed. Upon arrival to our new home we found all flooring was still damaged. We were told to put these items on our first warranty request in 60 days. We chose to replace the carpets and add wood flooring but could not donate our carpet as planned due to the damages to it.

Our first warranty request was turned in in April of 2015 as requested following 60 days in the home. 10 items were on the warranty ticket. To date there are still two open items (flooring discoloration and unsatisfactory granite). We were not able to see the large blow out in the island granite due to lighting during our walk. The blow out is common in granite and filled with a form of epoxy at the manufacturer. However, the location where it was installed in the focal point of our kitchen. In addition we had multiple cracks to the granite by the sink and the bar top. We have been told by multiple warranty contacts that it would be replaced or repaired. We have had inspections by First Texas, Frist Floors, and Allied Stone over the past two years and we still have not received confirmation why this has not been corrected. During one of our inspections with the owner of First Floors and our warranty rep. Matt Warren I was told the color of our grout is acceptable and he did not known why I was complaining. I showed both individuals a location where the grout was replaced due to a water damage occurrence resulting from a brick tie nail into our pex line during construction. I was told the color is close enough and we should accept it. The owner of First Floors was belligerent and was asked to leave. Only 4 items were completed

Our second warranty ticket was turned in at the 11 month mark as requested in January 2016. We had more than 6 open items at this time from our 60 day warranty request which were restated on the new warranty ticket. To date we still have 10 open ticket items over 2 and a half years following closing.

Front door- Chips, scratches in wood. Stain is incorrect and bubbling.

Granite- Blow out on Granite Island and cracks.

Flooring- Carpet was never addressed and floor grout is still discolored.

Driveway/Flat work- Pitting, washout, exposed aggregate, cracks, and blowouts from sand mixture Ardex repairs falling off.

Back patio- Cracks and Ardex repairs falling off.

Brick and Stone- Mortar and brick cracks.

Foundation- Addressed during construction process. Large cracks in garage and through the house.

Bathroom vanity tops- Tops slopes to the back right corner causing discoloration. Large chip not repaired correctly.

HVAC- System not operating correctly. Freezing up and dropping temp upstairs causing heater to come on.

Drywall/Paint- Nail pops, drywall cracks, areas around replaced windows.

Over the past two and a half years we have had more than 5 plus warranty contacts (Trent, Matt, Corey, John, Red, and Ray). Trent was our builder and was able to complete the warranty item for the stairs timely. However the door problem was turned over to the warranty department. Each time a new warrant contact was provided we had to take time off work to meet with them and go over the entire list again. Each time I asked for the work to be completed and communication to be on going. My request would be met the first week or two. Each warranty rep (with the exception of Ray who has only been assigned for a month) was able to cross off a few ticket items. However, as of today we still have open items. We have gone long stretches without any communication or work being done. We have placed calls to the warranty office, sent text messages, and e-mail without response at times. Our community as a whole is very close and we have all had the same problems with First Texas. We have had to request the area Manager John Manwarren not return to our house after calling me a liar and speaking to me in a less than professional way. We also have had Mike Kryer out and he challenged my construction knowledge and tried to get me to just accept these open ticket items as acceptable. I have had not been contacted by Frist Texas in almost 6 months about my open ticket to let me know the warranty rep was changed and work would be done. We have received two letters requesting contact. I have followed up with phone calls each time. These were not returned. After more than 8 drive ways in the neighborhood were being torn out I was able to obtain the new contact number for Ray. He came out and met with me 14 days ago. He agreed to communicate back to me within 14 days and have the repairs started. I have not received any communication about repairs. I did receive one Text that said he is still waiting.

  • Jan 1, 2016

Building my dream home with First Texas was an absolute horrible experience. Shortly after signing our contract in January 2015 we ran into one issue after another. The communication with the sales office is very poor. When you call or show in person you get brushed off, when sending emails you NEVER get a response. The building manager (Terry) is one of the most un-professional individuals I have ever met. He gave his word to provide extra bricks before closing, then dodged us after closing and gave several excuses on when we would receive the bricks. He is definitely not a man of his word. First Texas Corporate would rather have an unhappy buyer than come to a resolution. A win/win for all parties involved. It's not so much the bricks, it was the principle. The people at Corporate that handled my complaints were also very rude, they have no tact and talk to buyers in a way that is extremely unprofessional. We also had trouble at closing, First Texas did not have some of the documents needed at closing, what should have taken an hour, instead took five hours to close.... It took 10 months to complete the home, we were told it would take 6 months. Based on my own experience, I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy a home with First Texas. I say do yourself a favor and RUN, RUN! RUN FAST! DON'T GET INVOLVED WITH THEM! If you do get ready to be stressed out, lied to, brushed off, and dealt with unprofessionally. This has been THE worst experience of my life... I wish I had never contracted them to build my home. Buyers Beware!!...

  • Oct 23, 2015

Wood fence was constructed with wood that is infected with some form of Larvae that is completely destroying the fence. I had a house built at Ridgeview Panther Creek. There is a major issue with my fence.

I've been working with your warranty team even to the point of having Mr. Creyer, the head of warranty, out at my house on 10/22/2015. My pest control company provided a letter to First Texas Homes explaining that my yard has been treated since the time I moved into the house and that based on their professional opinion, they believe that there is a larvae that is eating the wood from the inside out.

I find this very possible as First Texas Homes came out and replaced all of the affected pickets several months ago. I thought this was the end of this issue. However, I noticed that same type of damage started occurring on many other places in the wood.

Now the First Texas Warranty Team have come out and identified approximately 57 new pickets to be replaced. Their theory is that this is not new damage which makes absolutely no sense. If this damage existed previously as the warranty team states, then the wood pickets would have been replaced during the first round of picket replacement. This is absolutely new damage.

Therefore, replacing the currently affected pickets will not resolve the underlying problem as was proved in the first round of picket replacements. First Texas Homes is unwilling to replace the entire fence with wood that is unaffected and of good quality. Their attempting to do patch work to a much larger problem. As I stated they have already attempted picket replacement and the problem arises on other pickets. Some of the pickets that were not identified by the warranty have now started to degrade.

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