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Field Nation, LLC.

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Minneapolis
Phone 877-573-4353

Field Nation, LLC. Reviews

  • Sep 8, 2019

Field Nation charges a company to advertise on their platform for services needed (generally IT related). I know from professional relationship with one of their former buyers, that amount is excessive. The companies involved then usually pay a freelance technition a much smaller amount to perform needed services. Field Nation then ALSO charges technition for "tax, service fee, and possible penilties".

Should a company refuse payment to technition, Field Nation does nothing to enforce technitions Federal Right to payment. Field Nation and the companies that use them all have long winded "agreements" that state all kinds of conditions to refuse payment.

I have been burned by two companies on this platform in four years. Not a lot in comparison to other techs in the field, but enough to warn others of the risk you take when accepting assignments through Field Nation. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

  • Dec 11, 2017

Field Nation takes a 10% fee of all work orders and i am fine with that. What I am not fine with is them taking a 10% fee of my costs, material, tools, parking fees, parts etc. These are expenses related to the w. o. and should be reimbursed in full.

  • Jul 27, 2017

Field Nation [FN] has a Quality Control [QC] section that is chartered to enforce violations in Corporate Policies Supposedly. They can suspend a provider anywhere from 7 to 90days or permanently. They did this to me twice, each time totally unjustified for NO SHOWS.

In the first case, I requested several potential jobs in the morning [popups] in hopes that I would be assigned one. I was assigned one and "confirmed" that I would accept the Work Order. After I was on site, another Work Order was assigned, but I did not confirm because I was on another popup. I was called by an FN Customer Service Rep to ask why I was not on site with the other Work Order. I explained carefully that I could not do that Work Order that day, but if they would reschedule I could it the following day. I was tagged as a responsive NO SHOW and suspended for 30 days. There is no way to appeal a QC decision and absolutely no way to present counter evidence which I did the Chief Technical Officer.

In the second and most recent case, I received a call from QC to ask me why I was a NO SHOW for another Work Order. Fortunately, our dispatcher was available to listen to the conversation. The dispatcher took over and told the QC person that job was NEVER assigned to me in my profile. Therefore, I would have no way of knowing I have been assigned a Work Order. Further, the WO must appear in my profile so I can print the Work Order and any required supporting documents needed for the job. In any case, the WO never appeared in my profile and the dispatcher who checks all the profiles every couple of hours from 7am on told that to the QC person. Did not matter to QC, I was suspended for 90 days without a way to appeal or challenge the QC decision. This is very bad and I am certain, I am not the only service provider who has experienced similar unjustified punishment.

The issue here is that the QC team is taking away our right to work without way or means to challenge a decision that my ability to make a living. It is the arbitrary decision of the QC department which is denying me a living, and I suspect others, that I resent and wonder if it is legal?

  • Mar 21, 2017

DUE to problem with OLD WORK ORDER which after Reported was never corrected or fixed had me do Work beyond the stated REQUEST to work Equipment that was Working to another Register which should have been on Original Request, your Company had use it to begin it back on as my fault when was no Fault of my. Other Client which already Reported was going beyond requirements for Equipment I did NOT have to start with, had stated to the Client before starting which was not the Requirement to do the Project, now make it a requirement & really the Buyer did not want to pay for work done IN FIRST PLACE.


Now I now providing from both unpaid WORK ORDERS unable to Track:

3529794 PENDING from COMM-WORKS for 2 hours of Work?

3533284 PENDING from GURUS2GO for 1.30 hours of Works?

Due to UNJUSTIFIED deactivation of my ACCOUNT I cannot check on status & Companies that have Payment Due for my Work done is using this Deactivation as way to delay Payment.

  • Sep 3, 2016

Here's my stint with fieldnation; I went to the Fredricksburg store, jacked up the display and walked out the door. I went over to potomac mills and they coulden't find the dilverables, so I went to springfield and they didn't have them either; so I walked the manager back to potomac mills, got my application and went home.

I'm 40 years old and I can't belive they want to roll me like this. It is a wonder that anyone gives a flying crap what is going on here. And He DIDN'T PAY ME! lol If you want to read what else I got them to lie about go ahead but if you think they are actually doing anything think again.

  • Aug 8, 2016

Field Nation claims to be located in Minneapolis, MN. However if you follow their corporate trail you will find their headquarters is actually in New York state. Most of their employees are foreigners from Pakistan and India and their English is terrible. Communicating with this crew over the phone is a nightmare and their attitudes towards American buyers, customers and Service Provider technicians is terrible. Field Nation does not provide any value added support for technicians on a service call and too often adds complexity and problems to a service call with excessive check in/out and documentation requirements.

It is truly unfortunate that Field Solutions sold out to this unethical and rude corporation. Field Solutions invented the Internet based Service Provider platform and the Field Solutions' web site was well made and easy to use. Field Nation is a pale comparison and poor excuse for a Internet work platform and they pursue this business with a greed and zeal that should be avoided at all costs. I have been in this industry since 2010 and I regularly pursue work opportunities through WM, OF and others. These platforms are not perfect but they do not offer the communication and deception issues Field Nation does on a daily basis. Field Nation charges both buyers and technicians to use their poor services but most buyers are unaware of this practice.

I had several verbal confrontations with Field Nation dispatchers and those experiences have caused me to grow a sincere hatred for Field Nation. I am unable and unwilling to be ordered about on the phone by a foreign desk jockey who can't do my job and doesn't know what the hell he is talking about with an bad accent. In my opinion Field Nation needs qualified technicians like myself much more than I need them. I urge any technician who may be considering working with this foul company to think twice and then reconsider. Field Nation will look for any excuse to penalize and not pay for services. They cannot be trusted. I would gladly participate in any lawsuit against this company.

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