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Feral Feline Retreat

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 5415 West Loop South
Phone 281-753-0136

Feral Feline Retreat Reviews

  • Apr 10, 2018

Wonderful group

I adopted my Buddy from this group. The process was not too difficult, but was thorough and that is good. They asked a lot of questions, checked out my answers. They said they go with their gut about people, not just what is on paper. They provided the vet records, and his story and pictures from when he first arrived as a tiny tiny kitten. Wow! He looked pretty bad then, but when I adopted him, he was healthy and happy. He's a great cat and very lucky this group exists so he could be saved. There needs to be more groups like this!

  • Jul 8, 2017

Sharon Smith is a hoax. She apparently is the owner of Feline Feral Retreat and does not know nothing about how to take care of property or animals. She never comes out with her workers to make sure things are done accordingly. Her EIN #is 263604398. The people she hires are from off the streets with no skills what do ever. They do not bother to really clean after the animals at any given time. Her place is starting to look like a total pig stock. She's really downgraded the value of the property by being here. Has dogs barking all the time. Some people say her animals stink when they are sold to them because they never are bathed before being sold. If they were bathed then they would not stink. This lady needs to have everything taken away from her before she keeps ripping off more and more people. She a fraud. Please find a way to help shut her down.

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