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Address 942 South Shady Grove Road
Phone 1-800-463-3339

FedEx Reviews

  • Mar 31, 2022

On Friday morning, March 25th I was leaving the Panera Bread at 750 Central Avenue, Delaware, OH, 43015. I was on the north side of the building, going clockwise around the building, traveling West (at that moment), heading for the exit onto Central Avenue at the SW corner of the lot.

There is a service road North of the Panera , that runs east-and-west off of Buehler Road, not named on Google Maps (see,-83.0953222,20.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8838e4d8a8c2be79:0x13075f793b0b7dbd!8m2!3d40.3074452!4d-83.0949922?hl=en).

A FedEx step van was on that road, travelling west, parallel. As we both drew even with the diveway cut that goes south from the service road into the parking lot, with me proceeding west, the van whipped into a left turn, crossing right in front of me, missing me by inches. I would have T-boned the van were it not for my defensive driving skills and reaction time.

I followed him around to the front of the Panera (south side of the building, where he parked blocking the three handicapped spaces in front of the door. I got out to take a photo of his license plate. He started berating me, at first claiming, "but I pointed!" (which he did, not that that grants him the right of way) and then became more verbally abusive.

He then used his cell phone to call his boss, a David Bowen, who also proceeded to berate me, claimed that the incident was on video (if true, this would show his driver in the wrong), then hung up on me. I have made a complaint with FedEx Corporate (complaint #0325700207) but they are foot-dragging so badly, and shining me on down the road when I do talk to them, that I suspect a cover-up.

  • Jan 19, 2022

I get a text yesterday saying my Fedex delivery has been delayed. No issue = Covid or whatever. Today at exactly 4:56pm I get a text saying the delivery attempt and nobody home. I was here all day and nobody was on my door camera. Text comes exactly same time shift should be over?

I reported to Fedex, but highly doubtful the Driver will be reprimanded for lying. A message saying delayed, the truth, would of been acceptable. An Employee being paid to lie is unacceptable.

  • Nov 25, 2021

We ordered a product from 2 states away. We were given a tracking number as well as delivery date. The package was signed for and delivered but not to us. Someone from the company I am assuming signed for it. We live in a business area where everyone (including us) owns cameras. All the nearby businesses can see/tape our house. No package was delivered. Called FedEx and they clarified that the package never was delivered but is sitting on a truck somewhere.

The tracking that once deceitfully claimed it was delivered now states the package delivery is pending. Same tracking. We have called many times....every time we are read from their script that they apologize, this must be frustrationg, etc. They will not give corporate's number, they will not report the missing package as fraud, they will not take any complaints other than those that they will simply "escalate" and you sit and wait for a boss to call that never does.

They will tell you that it's covid, a busy season, the seller's fault (even though the seller handed it over to FedEx quite some time ago. Covid restrictions ended months ago from my state as well as the seller's state as well as the FedEx office that has the package. We were told by their employee that the package would even be delivered on a holiday...Thanksgiving. No, it did not come and the next day we were told they don't deliver on holidays. Unfortunatley they have dishonest drivers, warehouse workers and phone operators.

Dairly there seems to be reports of missing packages (this time in Alabama with packages in a ditch). The agreement over the past few days was clearly stated and I'm sure FedEx was taping. The agreement is simply that my time is worth the same as yours. We will receive $200 per day that the package is not here by 11 a.m. my time. We asked where the money is to be picked up or if the delivery driver will be dropping it off with our package if it ever gets here. Suddenly they don't see that in any of their notes.

I followed up with a complaint on line that puts the agreeement down in writing and now they can't seem to find that either. One of their employees recommended that I call the sender and have them return our money or send us a new one. Why is it their fault? I did what I should and the company did as they should the missing link is the FedEx company that cannot handle a delivery from the nearest branch delivering my package less than 10 miles away and an 11 day wait. Back this with "misleading" tracking about it already being delivered.

This is one company you should look into here (obviously), google the name, ask friends/coworkers, etc. It may seem to make sense when you think about how many of their trucks you would see a few years back compared to now. DHL, Amazon, Chewy, etc. are hands down competitors that you may choose instead. DHL dropped off a package from Russia in 4 days without a problem. We plan on making more statements on this and we are still waiting for the boss to call.'s only been 11 days.....

  • Sep 20, 2021

I shipped a $240 A/C motor through Fedex. They damaged the package and motor. I contacted Fedex and with the assistance of one of their reps, I filed a claim within one week. I waited a few days, but no reply from them. They said they would contact me about inspecting the package, but they never did. No one ever called, and no one ever stopped by. So I called them and they said the case had been closed and denied. They said the reason that was documented was that I would not allow them to inspect the package, but the truth was that they never contacted me to inspect the package. I asked what I can do to get some money to replace the $240 motor that they damaged. I was told that they do not allow appeals, that what FedEx says is final, regardless of the truth. I also received a letter from them dated three (3) days after I filed the claim, stating that my claim was denied because they could not inspect the package. So they already planned on denying my claim, and that is why they never inspected the package. FedEx is a SCAM!!! Do NOT use them!!!

So I contacted an attorney who has a website stating that FedEx won't pay any claims, and learned even more about their SCAM. It was not worth my time nor money to hire an attorney, just like it was not worth my time nor money to use FedEx. FedEx is A HUGE WASTE of money and time!!!!

DO NOT USE FedEx!!! They are TERRIBLE, they will DAMAGE your package and will WASTE YOUR TIME, and they will not pay your claim. AVOID FedEx !!!

I find that the USPS is MUCH BETTER. They are nicer, helpful, more careful with your packages, and if something is lost or damaged, they will pay your claim.

  • Apr 10, 2021

On March 18th I shipped a very expensive Motorcycle Wheel/Bearings and Spacers from an AIM Mail Center in Santa Clarita, CA through FedEX. Because of th value of the item I did purchase Insurance.

My motorcycle whell was received at the Pacoima, CA Fed Ex Shipping Center and that is the last status of the package. A week later FedEx could not give me any status, despite me calling several times other than "Out for Delivery for March 24th" even though their website had no info other than received in Pacoima.

On March 26th, finally one of their "Customer Service" employees informed me that "I'm sorry your package is considered Lost". I filed a Claim for my approximate $2700 loss due to my wheel being "Lost or Stolen" by Fed EX employees.

I cannot get a hold of anybody in claims at Fed Ex, constantly get told someone (who has proven her incompetence) named Carrie who is handling my claim will contact me. No contact has been made from FED Ex and I spent almost $100 to ship and Insure my wheel.

  • Mar 15, 2021

I have been waiting on my package to be delivered for nearly two weeks. In that time they have delivered two others packages, one that was set for delivery after this one. I have been very understanding to their claim that they are backed up but they've listed my package twice. Had it out for delivery 3 or 4 times but still no delivery. I've repeatedly left my number for someone to give me a call back but they never call. I called today and the exculation member said the manager Jackie told him that my package would be out for delivery today but after insisting I speak with someone at the station. Wanda said that that would not be the case so once again i was about to be mislead into believing my package was out for delivery. No one seems to care how unprofessional this is or frustrating for me as the customer. I just want my package, I shouldn't have to call them every day for updates it so unprofessional.

  • Mar 4, 2021

For such a large company you would think they would have better customer service and be more attentive towards their customers. I shipped several packages and they are MIA, charged double, triple the amount after sending the packages, or broken. I have tried to get in contact with them to resolve this issue, but they either avoid me or dismiss it altogether. An example of the overcharges is I shipped a flat screen TV from another company. I had no overcharges, no surprise charges and my TV came in one piece. Wish I would have found this company way before FED EX! I would never use this company again! They won't even try to make things right. This is a lot of stress, headache and time. I have receipts, docs etc to prove it.

  • Feb 25, 2021

Our Company has used FedExp for years and had the occasional concern and were appropriately assisted. I don't know what happened, but the Compay paid extra to have a guaranteed delivery, confirmed by the Fed Express Agent in Orlando to have an important package delivered by Thursday Feb 25 to Puerto Rico, sent on Tues Feb 23. For a small box weighing about 4 pounds, the Company paid almost $50. We confirmed today, Feb 26 2021 that the package was delivered to TN. I'm not sure why it is in TN, but it was supposed to be delivered to Puerto Rico.

They could not give me a specific delivery date. Given that on Feb 27 we had arranged for workers requiring this shipment that will now cost us about $350, the least Fed Exp could do would be to provide an apology and refund the money. It would have been better to send it USPS and for a fraction of the cost. The live agent said they no longer provide consideration for screw ups or failed promises or over changes and that she would not escalate this to a supervisor nor provide me with an email or contact point to escalate this complaint. Not good business policies FedEx. From here forward we will be using alternative carriers that care. Be ware of bogus claims of timeliness by FedEx and horrible customer service and experience.

  • Jan 4, 2021

DO NOT USE FEDEX!!! We shipped several packages with them, which were lost or damaged, and they dragged out the claims process over 4 months!!! Then they denied all the claims. I contacted them numerous times over the four months, asking why its taking so long. They informed me that the claims were being processed. I asked do you need more information? They said no, if we do, we will contact you. Over the four months, NO one ever contacted me, but I called and faxed Fedex over 10 times. After four months, I called again to find out they dernied the claims.

They said the reason was they did not get all the information they requested. But they never requested any information. I asked to reopen my claims case, but I was told they could not because who ever handled my case did not leave their name or any information. I asked to speak to a manager, but they would not allow me to. They said they could not help me out because who ever denied my case left no records, not even to documents I sent in. WHAT A SCAM!!!! I have never heard of such deliberate abuse a customer before, besides the abuse of my packages.

DO NOT USE FEDEX!!! They will lose and damage your packages and NOT pay the claims. It's a waste of time and money!!!

  • Dec 1, 2020

In my area, using FedEx is risky as no guarentee of delivery on scheduled times. Drivers do not deliver if they are not in teh mood it seems. They drive through area and even drive by intended delivery addresses but don't get out of truck asnd deliver parcel. FedEx Corporate does not provide a convenient contact program to inquire or complain about such shoddy albeit delayed services. Such ignorance of customers indicates their business model.. like many mega corps.. is bsed upon 'for every customer we lose, we get five new ones so why bother providing services paid for"

  • Nov 6, 2020

I receive messages informing me that robbins foundation was getting set for their annual thanksgiving basket brigade for the needy.They ask for donations..I was very glad to and donated twice..The second donation was a purchase of 2 silver live with passion adjustable rings and was over 80 dollars with shipping.My purchase is used to feed the hungry.Regardless of getting ripped off I am still glad to have contributed as I have..I wasnt even gonna say anything..But then again I find it a shame as I write this because it has now happened 3 times in a row..

I call robbins research and the guy says-sorry but it looks like youre outta luck..Im told the rings have been delivered when they havent..They wouldnt answer any email and eventually apologized but said they hadnt the money to reimburse me..Several months ago I had ordered a nutritional suppliment online..Fedex left me a ticket on my door but it had no number on it at all.When my item didnt arrive I called them..Im informed that they cant tell me anything unless I have the number..They never gave me one..He tells me it was delivered yet it wasnt and I eventually said to hell with it..

Today we receive a fedex box..We open it up and pull out the receipt and all the paper..Theres no product...The box is empty..I call the bio trust company and they resend a new one for me.I read on a website recently some god awful stories of what others have experienced and lost..Not to complain but this doesnt seem right..Im not lookin to get reimbursed for anything..It kinda cracks me thinkin about a billion dollar self help company sayin-Sorry sir but we dont have 87 dollars to repay you..Dont mean to be this way toward fedex..Overall theyre probably alright but I wont use them if I can help it..

  • Aug 23, 2020

Gave Fedex a package to deliver to a residence in Russia. Fedex does not sevice residences in Russia. Fedex did not so state. Instead they took the package and money via credit card and then return the package but kept my money. Fedex says not their fault and will not geve me a refund. Several attempts to secure a refund have not been successful. Shipment carge is $197.65 This is an out and out fraud. tracking number: 395056068979

  • Aug 9, 2020

I showed up at the Fed Ex location at 5854 Barnes Rd. in Colorado Springs, Co. The female employee that was there raced me to the door and yelled "we're closed"!! in a rude and abusive manner. This place of business should have been open but this female employee was just too lazy to help a customer at the end of the day.

If she would have waited on me she would have found out that I had a preprinted and prepaid address label. This might have taken two minutes out of her day but she was more interested in going home than helping a customer.

  • Jul 27, 2020

I filed a case with Fed Ex (30551329) on June 6th , 2020 regarding a package that i shipped to a customer which they destroyed, and returned to my doorstep more than one month after I shipped it to my customer. I shipped 4 bottles of professional grade , U.S.A made hand sanitizer with locking caps, and completely covered in bubble wrap. This package was shipped in perfect condition, and in a extra strength box. Fed ex dropped this package off on my door step with a note that said " return to sender." I immediately contacted them, and they admitted they had destroyed the package during transport and told me to filed a claim. I filed the claim, provided pictures, and explained what had happened. They denied the claim, stating that the packages THEY DESTROYED, were somehow my fault. I also contacted Fed Ex management, and the Better Business Bureau , and Fed ex has made no attempt whatsover to contact me. I have had several problems with Fed Ex, either mis-delivering or losing packages in the past. Please do not use Fed Ex. I have no plans on ever using this company again, and I have told many other businesses to do the same. Horrible, and unprofessional company!

  • Jul 24, 2020

The following is the original message that was sent to the management of the Fedex Office mentioned above and ignored:

"This message is concerning the disparaging manner in which I was treated while a customer in the store. As with the other customers who walked in behind me, I had to briefly wait my turn in line in order to get assistance. However, as I stood in line, the older white woman with the salt/pepper hair greeted everyone who walked in after me and stood in line behind me. Everyone. However, as I stood and waited, she made it a point to ignore me. Then, she called a black co-worker who was working towards the back of the store to wait on me. Obviously, she did not want to wait on a black person. Too bad, we're not going anywere. Deal with it.

In fact, I was the only person in line for a period of time and the worker never bothered to greet, acknowledge or let me know that someone would be with me soon. I understand that not all white people agree with the #blm movement or the new era in racial justice and equality here in America. But, until the woman working in the store owns a business of her own, I am going to call out her bad, racist and socially unaccepable behavior while working for a corporate-owned business. Even if the store is owned by a franchisee, the owner needs to be held accountable for the actions of all of his/her employees. This is why this business is getting reported and added to the list of local businesses who are unwelcoming to African Americans.

If this worker cannot treat each and every customer the same, then the retail environment is no place for her. I will be sending a copy of this message to the corporate office.

  • Jul 22, 2020

I received a large item from FedEx while I was not home. The driver dropped it in my driveway, and was leaving when my wife heard the noise. She came out on the porch, and the driver called to her, saying "I dropped off the package". No other conversation, no signature, no acceptance, no asking for inspection, nothing.

When I arrived home, I could see damage through the shrink wrap, pulled some away, and the entire shroud of the engine was shattered. Called to refuse the shipment, and FedEx said"it was accepted, nothing we can do" Driver reported that my wife provided my name to the driver and accepted the package. Problem with that is, my wife is blind and could not accept or inspect a package if she wanted to.

So, I am out $769.00 because FedEx reported to the company I purchased the engine from that it had been accepted, and there was no damage. Driver is not being truthful about this, and just trying to cover his backside. I have photos of the damage that Fedex claims was inflicted after delivery. Why would I damage my own engine? I have spent over two days trying to get this resolved, tried to file a claim, and the fax number FedEx provided will not answer.

  • Jul 1, 2020

On July 2, 2020 I was scheduled to receive several packages from Walmart. I received the email notifying me that my items had been delivered and within minutes I went out to retrieve the items. To my great disappointment nothing was there. I immediately call customer service to explain the situation and they assured me that they would expedite a trace to find out what happened.

After my initial call I received two calls within minutes of each other from two different reps asking for additional information about the details of where I live and to confirm my address. I thought that this meant they were really handling things. Both told me that the matter would be turned over to "a" local station and that that station would contact me the same day. The second rep ironically tells me to be prepared to call Walmart to report my items lost if need be. I waited several hours to hear back from the local station and I'll just say I don't think I will be receiving that call.

I had asked if there was a way to track the carrier done because he or she is where the problem immediately lies. I was told no but I don't think that's true and if so this should be changed. Mind you I am calling customer service minutes after my packages where supposedly delivered. So the carrier couldn't be far. I first thought that by my calling so soon that if the carrier misdelivered he or she could more easily retrieve my packages. I tried to calm myself and trust the process. After getting tired of waiting for the local station to call me I decided to call customer service back.

This rep informs me that I need to have Walmart file a complaint with FedEx and that it is basically out of their hands because the packages cannot be found. Packages can't be found after I contacted them immediately after they were "delivered"?Unbelievable! Customer service reps are trained to give a false sense of hope while basically blowing you off. I waited hours to hear from the local station who never intended to call me as the last rep I spoke with told me that it was already indicated in the system that the packages can't be found.

So as I was waiting and trusting the process the first rep probably had already written my packages off as lost. There was never any real trace. I would have still been waiting if I didn't call back myself. I asked the rep for the number to this local station because they would have direct contact to the carrier. She tells me she isn't allowed to give me their number. Really? A local station that I can patronize but I can't have the number to or at least have my call transferred to? This is so unfair.

FedEx just doesn't care and wants no accountibility. The carrier should be held responsible. I believe he or she misdelivered or kept my items. I can have Walmart replace the items but what about the principal. I shop online a lot and many times FedEx is the only shipping option available and due to COVID there is no option for signature requirement. So a carrier can easily indicate that an item has been delivered without actually delivering it. He doesn't have to get a signature. FedEx is irresponsible and inconsiderate of it's customers. I will have to stop shopping with companies who do not give other options for shipping.

  • Nov 17, 2019

My package was supposed to be delivered on 11/16 before 8pm... So i waited around the house the entire day for it thinking that it would be here when they say it would... Well 6pm rolls around and I get nervous so I check the app which has now changed the delivery date entirely to 11/19...

So i panic and called customer service who says there is nothing that can be done because i changed my delivery time to a future date which I definitely did not do since I am waiting on the delivery so i can leave to go out of town on a non-refundable trip.

I ask to speak with a supervisor and after a few minutes of waiting am told that the supervisor is not available and I won't be able to speak with them. I then demand to speak to a supervisor now... Wait a few more minutes and finally the supervisor picks up only to tell me that my package was never supposed to be delivered today(11/16).

Which is completely inaccurate per multiple texts and emails saying it would be. I then plead with the woman to let me go pick up my package myself because I know it is in my city. I'm informed that the local office is closed and nothing will happen until possibly 11/18 but definitely by 11/19.

So after not getting my very important package by the said date, I'm accused of it being my fault that it wasn't delivered then am told I'm wrong and it was never supposed to be delivered by the date the company told me it would.

Not to mention a large amount of money lost because I was unable to go on my vacation (non-refundable). I will never use FedEx again... This has been nothing but a very expensive and inconvenient headache.

I just hope my package actually finds it here on the 19th but I'm not betting on it based on this companies lack of competence. It will be a miracle if it does! Horrible company all the way around the board!

  • Oct 6, 2019

On September 11, 2019 I went to the Fed Ex shipping center on River Rd in St. George Utah to ship three letters second day delivery. Two of them were delivered on time, one was not. Fed Ex has a refund/money back if package does not arrive on time.

The third package did not arrive until September 17, 2019, four days after promised time. Have contacted the 800 number for Fed Ex on multiple occasions for refund. Was told as I paid cash for these shipments I would need to go to store directly for refund, did that Manager Wendy refused and said had to be handled by 800 go fed ex.

Contacted the 800 number again, who again told me had to be refunded through store. Told them she refused to cooperate, they contacted store directly and she argued with them about it, hung up on them. They then contacted her again and told her she had 48 hours to contact us letting us know when we could get refund.

Today is October 7th, she was to contact us by October 3rd. This location is refusing to refund our money even though it is Fed Ex Policy to do so, in essence she is stealing our money. Plain and simple refund the money.

  • Sep 30, 2019

I was always impressed by Fedex’s success record and efficiency in delivering packages where they needed to go and on schedule. Clearly, it was a well-oiled precision machine. I have now seen a different side of Fedex—what happens when you throw in a monkey wrench. Quite simply, it can’t handle it.

The service collapses and everything done by each and every player along the way is wrong. I also experienced a serious lack of integrity among the supervisory personnel when the matter was escalated. In summary, when Fedex is asked to do something outside its normal activity it turns into one of the worst-performing companies in the world.

My nightmare—for so it became--with Fedex lasted from the morning of August 29th to the afternoon of August 30th. By the time it finished playing out, not only was the result failure, but I felt like I had been put through what amounted to torture. Everything which every Fedex representative did was wrong, and I encountered universal ineptitude. Please bear with me, because you cannot grasp the depth of the ordeal without a description of all the individually little things they put me through—in the process of failing to do what I was requesting.

Here is the story. A package I sent to Virginia was due to be delivered in the early afternoon of August 29th. Without getting into details, it contained something that I valued highly. That same morning, however, I learned that the recipient had just left for a month’s travel (of course, she should have told me, but that is another story). Upon my calling, a Fedex representative informed me that the driver, working out of the Manassas, Virginia, station, had the box, but said he’s send a message to him to not deliver it, and it would probably reach him in time. I was pleased.

When I called back at 2:00, a woman told me the box had been delivered at 12:30. But a message had been sent to him, I said! This message, the woman answered, had been sent via an indirect route that could take up to 24 hours to reach the driver. I complained loudly—there would be no one at that house for a month!-- and she was condescending. She offered me no good options. I called again at 4:00 and reached yet a third person.

This person told me he would call the driver directly and ask him to go back to the house and pick up the package. This was interesting, because it was the first indication that a) the representative could reach the driver directly, which I’d been told was absolutely not possible and b) that the driver could be sent back the same day to retrieve it. So everything agents #1 and #2 thought they knew was wrong. And of course, speed was crucial to avoid the package being stolen. I even offered to pay extra for having the driver go back out that afternoon.

At 6:00 I called back. As the package had not been picked up, I escalated the issue to the supervisory level, to a woman named Donna. She was so nice and so sympathetic. Everything the Fedex representatives had done was indeed wrong and she was so sorry! She would get on the phone at that moment and find the driver and tell him to drive out to the house to get the package back. This should take her about half an hour.

She would call me back, and if I wanted to reach her all I had to do was call the main number and ask for Donna in the Customer Advocate team. And then she disappeared. She never called me back and she never answered my messages. In the multiple calls I made that night I learned that no driver ever went back that evening.

There was no alternative to creating a new order for the package to be picked up the next day, presuming it had not already been stolen. As the driver was going to be dispatched out of the Manassas, Virginia, Fedex station, I called there at 8:00 on the next day, September 30. I gave Zack, the supervisor, all the background, and stressed the importance of the driver going there as early as possible.

Zack was so sympathetic! He was disturbed about what had happened, and promised to send out the driver to pick up the package early. He was going to call me back as soon as he had something. Well, as was the case with Donna, Zack never called me back. I tried calling him but I never managed to find him again. I talked to another manager named who said the record was indicating that the driver had gone out at some point, but it was not clear if he’d gotten a package or not. The record eventually showed that the carried had arrived only after 12:30. So much for my pleading that he go early and Zack’s assurances.

When I called Manassas in the early afternoon, Fedex had yet one bit of torture for me. Using the tracking number I provided her, a young person informed me of what had happened, reading from the data base. In a tone of authority, she said the carrier would have to return because the package had not been ready for delivery. “You mean the package was not there? That means it was stolen, “ I said. Absurdly, I had to satisfy her so that she’d transfer me to a supervisor. I had to waste time and energy going through the story and explaining that the carrier knew full well that the package’s absence meant it had been stolen. Why in God’s name were they saying the package was not ready for pickup????

Eventually I understood. Fedex’s procedure is so rigid that the driver has to check off an explanation from a specific written list. “Stolen” is not included, so he checked off “not ready.” Interestingly, this designation triggers that he is going to return twice more to see if the package is “ready” because that is what the protocol calls for, although he, I and everyone else involved understand that Fedex’s delay allowed the package to be stolen before the driver’s first trip.

That is where the situation stands now-- Fedex’s repeated ineptitude allowed my package, which contained things that were important to me, to be stolen. This is profoundly sad for me. Furthermore, the company turned the process itself into a painful personal ordeal; as long as this description has been, I’ve provided only the highlights of something that became sheer torture. Between the 29th and the 30th I talked to a good dozen representatives over many phone calls that easily consumed six or seven hours of that 24-hour period. And I still face more difficulty ahead-- the task of being reimbursed for its full value, which is sure to be protracted, deeply frustrating and probably unsuccessful.

What I have found in Fedex is a huge systemic failure when responding to anything that deviates from normal procedure. Repeatedly Fedex representatives worked on the basis of an understanding of specific rules that turned out to be incorrect in crucial ways. The first representative could have contacted the driver in time to stop the delivery; the second representative could have offered to send the driver back that very afternoon.

The contents of the box could have been saved from falling in the hands of thieves. Furthermore, the company is so rule-bound that, knowing the package was stolen, it puts down its absence to its “not being ready,” and then proceeds to carry out the protocol which this triggers. Dealing with the individual representatives is aggravating and time-consuming, because each person demands from you a complete explanation of the whole sequence of events.

I remember with special vividness when I was already exhausted trying, as I described above, to convince a representative that the package’s absence was due to theft and not to the “package not being ready,” as the database said (and if the system says so, it must be true, right?).

I am even more pained, however, by the shabby personal behavior. Supervisors Donna and Zack both talked such a good game. Both commiserated with me so sympathetically and both vowed to solve the problem. Donna was going to send the carrier right back out to get the package on the 29th and call me back, and Zack was going to send the carrier out early on the 30th and call me back. Neither did what they promised and both avoided having further contact with me. It is not just unprofessional, but there was a total lack of personal integrity. Is this what Fedex teaches them—to promise the customer whatever he wants, because in the end that customer is unable to find that supervisor again?

This experience, in conclusion, has given me a peek behind the curtain. The well-oiled, precision machine is only one side of Fedex. I have glimpsed mediocrity, lack of proper training, poor judgment, and shabby personal behavior. I would say that Fedex has a lot to fix, but I have no reason to think it cares.

  • Jun 4, 2019

On 4/24/19 I purchased a FedEx shipping label through my Etsy shop for a floral arrangement I sold. The total my customer paid was $533.00. When I purchased the FedEx label, I insured the arrangement for $400.00.

On 5/2/19, my customer saw her package THROWN on her front porch by the FedEx delivery man; of course, it was broken. I filed a damage insurance claim that same day and provided photos of the box, the damaged arrangement, and a copy of my customers receipt showing its value plus the $400 in insurance coverage.

Several weeks passed with no word so I called FedEx. I was told there was problem with their computer system and they asked me to resubmit my claim. I tried to resubmit the claim online only to receive a message saying a claim had already been filed. I then sent the box photo, damaged arrangement photos, and a copy of the invoice via email.

On 5/31/19, I received a check from FedEx for $133.49 for the "maximum" insurance plus actual shipping costs. I contacted FedEx yet again via the phone and email. I was told to resubmit the above documents AGAIN via email with a request to reopen my claim. I phoned FedEx again today 6/5/19 - now I am being told FedEx has no "declared value" information (my customers invoice should suffice) and that FedEx now needs to perform a "Damage Call Tag" to inspect the broken glass.

According to FedEx, claims should take no longer than 30-days. My customer was sick and tired of hanging onto a huge box with broken glass and, since I had never been told that she should keep it pending a "Damage Call Tag" she opted to throw the box and broken glass in the trash.

Now I am being told by FedEx that they will not pay any additional monies. At a minimum, I would have liked the expensive arrangement returned to me so I could try to salvage some flowers. But since FedEx did not tell me for over a month that a "Damage Call Tag" would be necessary, my customer had no reason to hang on to a huge pile of broken glass in her home. Disgusted to say the least.

  • May 12, 2019

I bought an iphone from ebay and it cost me 240 USD and fedex didn't call before delivering the package and didn't ask for signature and they left the package the front door of the building so the item got lost , and i called then and they won't do anything to fix my problem.

  • May 11, 2019

FedEx shipped a week's worth of milk home for my baby - $100 for shipping, $200 for their proprietary single-use cooling box. The box arrived open and after a lot of complaint work, they refunded the shipping and denied the box cost - this box that was made useless by their handling and has no value for reuse.

Less surprising that after all that, the complaints inbox is either ignoring me or asking repeatedly for repeat info submission on the same email chain.

  • Apr 21, 2019

Fedex lost my passport with a visa, the tracking shows that it was delivered and left at the front door. I had to cancel my passport and then today was called by a FedEx office to let me know that a Lady delivered the package as it was mis-delivered. When I called the today to clarify where and get exactly where this was delivered the customer service lady told me that mistakes happen all the time. Fedex is not responsible for wrong delivery. I now have to pay $220 to get a new passport and expedite it as i travel next week. Also had to cancel a business trip that I cancel to be able to go to the passport center.

I ask how they track if the driver is at the right address, they said the scan. The agent didn’t want to admit that it was their fault.

  • Apr 11, 2019

Yesterday, 11th April 2019, I received a package sent through Fedex on the 20th October 2016. I called Fedex to complain and, apart from being extremely rude, the representative said it was not Fedex's responsibility as it was delivered to me by USPS. I asked when USPS had picked up the package from Fedex and she said it had been picked up on 5th April 2019.

In other words, it had been sitting with Fedex from 2016 to 2019 but, even so, the representative would not give me any reason Fedex had kept the package until last week and accepted no responsibility whatsoever. I asked to speak to a supervisor but the representative cut me off.

  • Apr 11, 2019

Yesterday, 11th April 2019, I received a package sent through Fedex on the 20th October 2016. I called Fedex to complain and, apart from being extremely rude, the representative said it was not Fedex's responsibility as it was delivered to me by USPS. I asked when USPS had picked up the package from Fedex and she said it had been picked up on 5th April 2019.

In other words, it had been sitting with Fedex from 2016 to 2019 but, even so, the representative would not give me any reason Fedex had kept the package until last week and accepted no responsibility whatsoever. I asked to speak to a supervisor but the representative cut me off.

  • Apr 10, 2019

I had been told all day by FedEx through their automated customer service that my package would be delivered on April 11, 2019. I had seen a FedEx van pass by my apartment building twice, but it never came to my apartment complex. In my hometown and area, there is only one man who delivers things from FedEx the majority of the times.

I had even spoke with an actual human customer service representative that my package is still promised to be delivered to me today April 11, 2019 by 8 P.M. I told her how I seen the FedEx van pass by my apartment building twice, but it never came over here. She told me that it was probably another FedEx person who did not have my package.

I just called FedEX again around 6:30 P.M. and type in my tracking # through the automated customer service tracking system, and it stated that it is supposed to be here tomorrow on Friday, 04/12/2019 before 8 P.M. I pressed 0 to speak with an actual human customer service representative.

She told me that it will be here tomorrow because the man who was delivering it to me ran out of items and left and will be back tomorrow to get it. She said that they were trying to deliver it to me early. I had been talking to them all day & not once have I been informed of this information.

I feel like fault should fall on the delivery man and on them for prom. As I told her, people in my hometown have problems out of this delivery man working for FedEX in my town. It is obviously certain neighborhoods that he likes to go to, which is not far to customers.

I had things delivered to me previously by FedEx over the years, and the FedEx delivery people gives people's items to the wrong address (even when the address is written at the top of the house), leaves people items in front of the front door unsecure, and have other people to sign to get your package. He is very unreliable. UPS (#1) & USPS (#2) are better. Virgin Mobile needs to use a different shipping company to ship their items to customers.

  • Apr 8, 2019

On February 21, 2019, I have bought one plus 5 Android phone from NGP Store USA(order# 113-6537227-3529806 and tracking# 785625587092) I waited for this item to arrive to my house but nothing came. So then, I filed a claim on March 7, 2019(which was closed) and an appeal on March 22, 2019.

I waited until April 8 and they did not get a response from FedEx facility and also case is opened still(case# 0310939643). Craig said that he do not know why was it opened when claim is already denied. See attachment.

That person that received my package had to be wrong house because my place is not a business. It was trying to deliver to a business place and then on the following day the delivery man stated v. Vhong, who is not my member of residence received this package. No such last name as vhong.

  • Mar 14, 2019

I am a guy whose merchandise sold world wide. Inreturn fedex participated with smuggling paychecks in plastic bags and delivering them from the address that is specified by the world of Corporation sport sponsors.

Example of sport sponsors are participating in selling my ideas which are copyrighted are: MacDonald, Burger king, Tim Hortons, Pizza Hut, Nike Corporation, Pepsi Corporation, And all the Casinos worldwide. Check out the two residential houses I am about to attach they are the main involved

  • Nov 26, 2018

FedEx is holding onto my packages and WON'T DELIVER. They held onto it for 3 days in Breinigsville, PA for 3 days. Now it has finally arrived in Pittston, PA but has not moved since. It WAS supposed to be delivered TOMORROW (WEDNESDAY 11/28/18). But they changed the status to THURSDAY 11/29/18. HAS NOT MOVED. My tracking number is 9261299998825452550639. They are taking way too long to ship and deliver a package. They are lazy and don't want to ship. They only want to ship when it suits them. This should be against the law.

  • Nov 15, 2018

Delivered packages were left outside for anyone to pick up.

This is not a delivery to a single home but to a multi unit apartment in a city with business district around the block.

There was no call not even the buzzer was used.

  • Jul 21, 2018

No one will listen to me. No one will help me. I feel completely alone and totally helpless.

The following is a copy of the complaint that I have filed. Please read and help if you can.

I need help. FedEx is claiming that I accepted and signed for a package. I did not. I have been going back and forth with them for over a week now. Here is the issue: I placed an order with Comcast. I was given a FedEx tracking number. When I looked up the tracking number, it said that my package was delivered to and signed for by me. It was not. When I called FedEx to correct them, I was called a liar, and my integrity was questioned. I was first told by their representative that my package was delivered to me on the second floor. There is no access to the second floor. The next day, I was told by their representative that they gave my package to someone claiming to be my uncle. Today, I am told by their representative that they gave it someone claiming to be my nephew. I HAVE NO RELATIVES LIVING IN MY BUILDING! AND FURTHER, IF YOU KNOW THAT I DID NOT SIGN FOR THIS PACKAGE, WHY DO YOU SAY THAT I DID??? I asked them why would they not verify the person's identity before handing over my package. I was told that they are allowed to give the package to anyone who answers the door. I argued with them, saying that they have either made a mistake, or the driver kept the package for himself and marked it as delivered. My apartment building is a collection of close knit, elderly people, none of whom would steal thier neighbor's packages. I told them that if they have a signature, it is easy to compare the signatures and see that I did not sign for it. They said that they don't have to prove anything. They would not allow me to file a claim, saying that the delivery was made, that I signed for it, that I am lying. They then told me that the claim must be filed by the sender (Comcast). You should know that when I first informed Comcast of this,I was told that I must file the claim with FedEx.Why is FedEx allowed to give a package to anyone without verification of identity? If this is their policy, then why can't they accept that mistakes can be made? FEDEX ARE THE ONES WHO ARE LYING. I NEVER SIGNED FOR ANYTHING, AND I WANT MY PACKAGE! There are 8 units in my clearly marked apartment building. Each unit has a doorbell/buzzer which is clearly marked with unit number. Entry into building is impossible without ringing the apartment number doorbell/buzzer. Anyone wishing entry must be buzzed in by the occupant of the apartment. I was sitting in my living room at the time that my package was supposedly delivered.There is nothing wrong with my doorbell/buzzer. There is nothing wrong with my hearing. NO ONE RANG MY DOORBELL/BUZZER. If he actually made the delivery, why is the delivery person allowed to give a package to anyone without first confirming that person's identity? I just can't understand this policy-it makes no sense, and I really don't appreciate my integrity being put into question because of a mistake made by FedEx, or theft of my package by the delivery driver, which I suspect is what happened. I did not sign for this package. I never received this package. It is not fair that they can do this and I am helpless to do anything about it. After days of trying to find answers, I have learned that this happens often with FedEx. They seem to be untouchable in these instances. I feel utterly helpless.

I have multiple tickets open with Comcast which seem to be going nowhere, and I have filed a claim with the BBB against FedEx, and it was accepted. I have reached out to everyone and anyone that I could, including social media, news outllets and consumer complaint and review boards. These measures seem to have been in vain. I would really like to get the iPad that I ordered from

I am extremely incensed and angered by this. Would you please have something done about it? Could I file a police report against the delivery driver? Item tracking number is:449518063068


George Brown

  • Jun 24, 2018

I believe in 3 strikes and you are out therefor I will never use FedEx Ground again. I have notified all companies that I deal with as well as everyone I know that receives packages that if they use FedEx Ground they need to be avoided.

I was notified that I was to get a delivery today so I made sure I was available. My apartment is on the ground floor with a marked door facing the parking lot. I got a notification that the package was delivered to the leasing office in a different building. This was not the address the package was addressed to.

I do not have this problem with UPS, Amazon, FedEx Express, etc, however apparently the ground driver does not deliver packages to address on the package.

I think FedEx should be ashamed of their ground service and divest themselves of it in order to avoid tarnishing the reputation of FedEx express.

  • Jun 22, 2018

Scheduled delivery Sat 6/23 before 8:00 pm Delivery not attempted, fraudulent delivery failure reported as "Customer unavailable or business closed”. Delivery address is private residence, I have been home all day. No delivery has been attempted. FedEx delivery lied about attempting to deliver. Spoke with fedex customer advocacy 6/23 around 12:00, she claims to have gotten in touch with delivery manager and was promised that the $1000.00 medical equipment would be delivered today as scheduled. Delivery company reported fraudulent delivery failure again, no delivery attempt was made. Second fedex customer advocacy representative (Xiomara) claims the delivery company isn’t open past midday Saturday and wasn’t able to deliver package as scheduled and as promised. Completely apathetic about delivery issues or deceitful and fraudulent behavior by local fedex delivery company.

  • Jun 4, 2018


I called Fedex again June 05 2018.

Fedex TICKET Number. 0518849657

They said the shipment was made on ticket.

Shopgoodwill said the case was denied by Fedex.

FEDEX changed their story again from before.

The Fedex agent said and the Fedex driver told me the package said apt 1 not apt 14

June 05 the Fedex agent said the package was addressed to the correct address Apt 14

Fedex told my to go back to

June 05 2018 I went online to file a claim missing package with fedex I was stopped from doing so by fedex.

I called Fedex they told me to go back the shipper. So I emailed shopgoowill again by email.

I still did not receive my package.

Reported missing on May 18 2018. Approx. 1:55 pm

I am a senior on a small fixed income I need my money back $24.51

Stand by I filed a case with BBB.

  • Mar 23, 2018

I ordered a time sensitive product with 2 day delivery paid for; it included a transducer that must be installed in a boat hull before the boat goes in the water the end of next week. A hole must be drilled in the boat bottom and needs 4 days for the sealant to cure. I got an email on 3/21/18 saying the package would be delivered tomorrow (3/22/18). On 3/22 checking the Fed Ex tracking website the status changed to delivery pending.

I called customer service and was told there was a weather delay and the package would be delivered the next day, 3/23/18. On 3/23 I checked the website again and it still showed pending so I called again only to be told that there was an equipment delay and there waS no way I could even pick-up the package myself from Newark because itb was in a container. At 6 PM on 3/23 I callede yet again since the status had not changed and was told that they didn't know anything new but that I would get it on Saturday 3/24.

Checking the tracking website later that night the website said that it had departed Newark at 8:12 PM. I again checked the tracking website on Saturday morning (3/24) and I saw another entry that said it departed Newark at 7:40 AM on 3/24. How is this even possible if it really left the night before. I called customer service yet again at 8:15 AM and they said I would be receiving the package today (3/24) by noon. Well noon came and went and still no package and the website still showed pending so I called again.

Now they are telling me that the container finally arrived in Edison, NJ (the final Fed Ex shipping location) but the package is still in the container so I can't go pick it up. They said it should be delivered on Monday (3/26/18) but the couldn't guarantee it. I asked if they could deliver the package by 10:30 AM on Monday and they said 'maybe', but that assumes it really goes out for delivery on Monday with no guaratees.

So here I sit, no package and waiting at least 6 days for a package that was guaranteed 2 day delivery. If I don't get it by noon on Monday there won't be enough time to install it in the boat and have the sealant cure before the boat launches. I have a charter for next weekend that I will have to cancel costing me $ 1500. And to think that I paid extra for 2 day service. No one at Fed Ex seemed to care. I could understand a 1 day weather derlay but beyond that things were totally under Fed Ex control and they did nothing to expedite this matter.

Equipment delay, well get a new truck! And why show that it left Newark on Friday night if it didn't? NOBODY CARES! I guess that I have no recourse other than to complain on this website. I will boycot Fed Ex whenever possible. They may think that they are too big to be concerned about 1 customer but if enough people read this it might make a difference. And to think that I can't even get a refund for the 2 dayv shipping that I paid extra for.

  • Jan 18, 2018

I wish there were negative ratings... I shipped with FedEx about a month ago, thought given the price they charge compared to all the other delivery companies they are suppose to be reliable. I also paid extra for "Direct signature" and "Appointment Delivery(Saturday late afternoon, call beforehand to confirm availability)"services to make sure the package will be delivered to the recipient in person successfully. The package was delivered "successfully" according to tracking info about a week after I've shipped it, but my friend(the recipient) said she never got anything, no knocks on the door, no phone calls confirming her availabilities, and she's home the whole day that Saturday because she knew there will be a package coming in and want to make sure she gets it. The FedEx's investigation on the package took almost 2 weeks and eventually they just said "The driver don't remember where he delivered your package to and we categorize your package as lost". Don't even get me started on how difficult it is to talk to the customer services, I never received any callbacks they promised, I have to call them constantly to check for any updates on the case. Mind you, at this point, I still don't know what happened exactly to the package, whether it's lost during the transit, or got stolen, or anything. Anyways, I went ahead to file a claim on the package, and due to the fact that there's no declared value on it, for my package that almost worths $1000, I can only get maximum $100 back. Only on last Wednesday, I was eventually able to get hold of this "proof of delivery" document, which shows the image of the signature and the address the package was actually delivered to(I've been trying to get this document from the moment my friend didn't get the package, and was told there's no signature on file at the beginning, and then by one of the customer service representatives that the file did exist but can only be faxed not emailed to me. I only got the document after talking with one of the supervisors). It shows plainly and clearly there the package was delivered to an entirely wrong address, the street # is "1740" not the "1720" where it's supposed to be. After all that time of investigation, it's me who figured out FedEx's delivered to a wrong address? How about I do your job for you FedEx, huh? And because it's already a month, my friend was unable to get the package back from the 1740 address. My problem with this is that, if FedEx can figure out the package was delivered to a wrong address sooner, then maybe the package can still be retrieved. So to summarize, my major complaints are:

1.Delivered the package to an entirely wrong address.

2.Both "Direct Signature" and "Appointment Delivery" services were not fulfilled successfully. Signed by the wrong person, and delivered at a wrong time(Saturday morning not Saturday late afternoon and no call ahead as I required).

3.Failed to discover why the package was not delivered successfully.

4.Failed to produce the "Proof of Delivery" file on time, and refused to provide the file to me initially.

5.Promised callbacks on multiple occasions and never did.

6.Delivered the package to a wrong address, signed by a wrong person, at a wrong time, took nearly a month on the investigation and failed to identify the reason of the unsuccessful delivery, and still managed to get away with this "$100" liability bullshit.

7.The customer services has no efficiency, pushes the customer from one department to another, in the hope that you might just get tired and give up eventually.

So yeah, that's about it. Never gonna use FedEx ever again.

  • Dec 15, 2017

On November 22, 2017, the recipient of a TDI (Diisocyanate Toluene ) sample 80 20 which is a TOXIC MATERIAL, received a call from a FedEx Rep from the Dominican Republic indicating that the sample had arrived with damages and spilling liquid. He indicated, at the same time, that a report was created to record the event. The report is Claim Report Number 1121029807. Already detailed above in English language. On November 22, 2017, our staffs in the DR were also notified by FedEx of the situation and that they had to go to collect the sample. They came and were instructed by the FedEx staff that they had to remove the sample which was a problem for them. I QUOTE… "TAKE YOUR PROBLEM OUT OF HERE". We do not know what happened and how the facts of the damage of the sample happened, or in what instance or place, in addition no info of the day and the hour in which it occurred. It will remain on the part of FedEx to do a thorough investigation of this fact (This is due to the high potential of affectation regarding the Health and Safety of the Personnel, the surrounding Environment where the product was or Environmental Impact, Property or Assets and the Reputation of FedEx).

Below we will analyze this fact, based only on the information we have, which we can already qualify as UNACCEPTABLE.

We must note that there are two situations that, with right, we claim

1. The unsafe handling and lack of professionalism of the sample by FedEx. Endanger the business relationship with the supplier and our expectations of carrying out an important negotiation were affected.

2. The sample, from the beginning of the shipment process, had to be delivered to a physical address in the DR, in this sense when there was a call from the person who opened the Report indicated that it was necessary the diligence of a Customs staff to release the sample, which we do not understand.

  • Oct 7, 2017

I've just ordered among other stuffs 250 day old frozen chicken, FeDex should have been delivered it till noon today.

tracking number: 787971160316. We've called them several times. I was here, window was opened, car was in front of the house, but was silly enough to left a delivery instruction like: 'if! i am not here please leave it in a safe place' (was uncertain yesterday that can be here or not and milk delivery leave it all the times without any problem). As we went closer to noon I was constantly checking like goint to the window, opening the door (experienced in past that some driver even too lazy to knock but left parcel), checking parcel, nothing. After noon I checked parcel status on internet, it stated they had tried to delvier but I was not here and I should accordingly to somekind of 'door tag' they had left but there was no door tag at all.

When calling them they kept repeting that driver saw children playing around (not true, was here, were no playing children in front of our house, open front garden anyway, children would be trespassing if playing here) and didn't dare to left parcel at 11.48 (the time I was most frequently checking and checking again). Service couldn't answer for the question that why door tag was missing if they really were here? I guess driver was not even here at all, due to my instruciton they didn't even try. Their service (I called two numbers several times) kept connecting me here and there without any reliable result. They keep repeating that parcel(s) will be bring back in a c-o-u-p-l-e of hours, I am sorry, even 11 pm is in a couple of hours but it matters, I mean what shall I do with 250 defrosted, rotten chicken?! I don't dare to move a cm from living room window, they are unable to tell a correct time but one of them was so rude just like hanging up, the next connected me to the 'space' probably as no one answered even after a couple of minutes. Now its almost 3 pm, parcel is nowhere. And it's Firday I can't even order another parcel hoping to arrive in time.

  • May 23, 2017

I recently discovered that FedEx has been back billing and collecting a surcharge on my packages at the rate of up to $500/month for upwards of 5 years. Their billing practices are confusing and not transparent. The surcharges are not warranted per FedEx tariff schedule (see page 115) of current document. FedEx has agreed with my claim. It has not been denied by any of their personnel including but not limited to 3 CAT employees, 2 of their attorneys and their Chief Internal Auditor. FedEx has only reimbursed me a couple of hundred dollars. They refuse to refund any more. They have told me to sue them if I wish to collect the funds that are due to me. I have contacted several attorneys and they have told me that it is not fiscally possible to come out ahead if I need to employ an attorney. Additionally, class action suit is not legally available as I have waived my rights to enter a class. The waiver of my class rights was part of a supplemental agreement which I did not receive, but was part of my pricing agreement with FedEx. All in all, I am the victim of a fraudulent and deceptive practice as they have taken advantage of my inability to seek any redress.

  • May 22, 2017

FedEx delivered 3 boxes to my house. The boxes shoul dhave been delivered to an address in a different block with numbers completely different from mine.

Tried contacting FedEx. There is no way to get those boxes picked up. Getting a tracking number off a box could be simple. It is if you can lift boxes, are under age 50 and do not have a disability.

I called. They described the location of the tracking number and how many grouips of digits. But among the many numbers on the box the tracking number is not where they said it would be. I spent 20 minutes on the phone.

And customer service refused to give me a mail address to send a complaint about this second shipment of multiple boxes to the wrong address. I only got rid of the boxes last time because the guy who should have gotten them drove around the neighborhood until he saw them on my porch. More than 2 blocks from where they should have been delivered.

FedEx is so big that you can't get past the people who answer the phone. So you can't reach anyone who maybe could fix this on-going problem. If I get more boxes that should have been shipped elsewhere . . . they will sit on the porch until they rot. Not fair to the person who should have gotten them.

FedEx web site is impossible for a complaint about mis-delivered boxes. Maybe they will get the message this way. This is crummy customer service. What can you expect from a company that only cares about the money./ They were paid. The packages were dumped. FedEx isn't going to change.

  • Oct 27, 2016

I sent a package by mistake to the wrong address two blocks down. Driver swore he delivered to the right address, two kilos of Kratom, package worth $304.00 credit card charge from K Products out of cal. When notifying fed ex there is no said address in existence, the driver then swore he left next door. I spoke to the old man . He was expecting a package. very private property. He never saw it. I arrived four days after said delivery. Fed ex refused to refund even though driver lied. it was priority mail and he delivered to wrong address and should have returned to station or shipping company can you trust fed ex if drivers steal productlie, or they lie or don't return to delivery station or shipper. And company won't back up their service - safe guaranteed and secure?

  • Apr 28, 2016

This company is a joke. Their insurance is nothing but a ripoff. They automatically deny every claim over $200, and make you jump through hoops to appeal it. The first time I filed a claim with them was for a brand new TV that they delivered to my buyer smashed up, with a giant gash in the box. They originally denied the claim due to "insufficient packaging". It was packaged by the manufacturer, and completely wrapped in styrofoam. I thought maybe it was an oversight, and I kept using them. Now a few years later I had to file another claim for $200, and it was denied again for the same reason. Now I know they don't even look at it before denying it, it's just automatic that every claim gets denied for "insufficient packaging". The item was completely wrapped in bubble wrap, placed into an appropriate sized box, and completely stuffed with styrafoam, bubble wrap, and paper. There was no movement at all in the box. I will never use this company again, and I suggest no one else does. UPS is more expensive, but at least they honer their claims. If you do use FedEx, don't waste money on the insurance, or as they call it - "declared value". They can't call it insurance because the insurance regulators would make them honor it.

  • Apr 20, 2016

Over a period of 4 months last year, I sent a large quantity of parcels by FedEx. Of those, a small percentage of them were damaged in transit by FedEx.

Since they value of each of the 15 items were $100.00 or cheaper each, FedEx initially approved all of the claims. They even sent out a few checks, then issued a stop payment on the checks.

I was instructed that I needed to have my packaging approved, which I did, and it was approved. However, since I send out multiple items, it is infeasible or impossible to have every single piece tested, especially since some items are/were unique items.

I even said that I would take a reduced price to have these items settled. Of the $1500.00 in original claims (15 $100.00 claims), I first said I would take $800.00, then $495.00.

A claim specialist said that she was certain she could get the $495.00 settlement for me. FedEx then offered me $247.50 to settle all 15 claims originally valued at $1500.00. Of course, I declined, and I'm hoping that posting here will result in a re-negotiation of their settlement.

  • Mar 3, 2016

On Saturday February 20, 2016 I was lucky enough to be one of the few to purchase a pair of Kanye Wests Adidas Yeezy Boost 350. My confimration email was sent right away and the next day on Sunday I received a shipping confirmation email from Adidas with a FedEx tracking number.

My package was set to be delivered on Thursday Feb. 25th, and all day I was eagerly tracking my package through the Fedex Website. Around 4pm I see the status of my package changed to "No scheduled Delivery date Available at this time". This seemed very weird to me because Bloomington CA is only about 25 minutes away from where my package was supposed to be delivered. I decided to wait until Monday Feb 29 before panicking. On Monday I noticed that my shoes were still stuck in Bloomington, CA with no scheduled delivery date. It was obviously now time to worry and I called FEDEX to see why my package had not arrived. FedEx had no idea why my package had not made onto the delivery truck on Thursday February 25 but they asked me to give them a couple of days to figure it out.

  • Jan 11, 2016

I don't understand companies that do everything in their power to drive away their customers. A shipping company exists in order to ensure that material goods go from point A to point B. However, FedEx has lied repeatedly and refused to do their job in making sure that I received the goods I paid for.

First of all, I did not know that the company I had ordered goods from was going to use FedEx. I have had some bad experiences with them in the past, but now I will do my best to avoid any and all online companies that use them.

I was supposed to receive my goods on 24 December. Because of a snow storm, I could undersand a delay. However, when I looked online, FedEx claims to have darkened my door 3 x, which is a lie. Only 2 notices were ever left.

The first notice I received was a door tag that was badly beaten up. There was nowhere for me to sign. I had no tracking number. That is stupid. How should I know what package I am supposed to receive? Worse, it said it required a signature. Why they are not intelligent enough to take it to the front office, just like USPS and UPS seem to be able to do, is beyond me. I called and left instructions to take it to the front office. They said put the tag on the door, signed, and they would come the next day.

The next day, there was a delivery at the door. Strangely, the tag was still at the door. What I did not know (lack of tracking number, remember?), the other package had nothing to do with FedEx, and FedEx actually did not show up but lied that they would send it again the next day.

I get another notice several days later on my door. I again called and complained. Again, I was told to leave it on the door signed and someone would come the next day. The tag was on the door the following day. The tag was on the door the day after as well. Again, lies, lies and more lies.

In the meantime, their website was totally useless. They give you no tracking number, but they require the tracking number to track the package. You cannot try and track it using the door tag number, which is a real disadvantage if you are the receiver and not the recipient of the package.

All in all, this is the stupidest process I have ever seen a shipping company use. In addition, it is obvious that they have no desire to actually do their jobs. How they stay in business is beyond me. I will now actively avoid companies that ship via FedEx, if known in advance, and I will actively recommend people use another company whenever and wherever the topic comes up.

  • Nov 16, 2015

FedEx delivered my package by hanging the bagged box on a rural fence where dogs could get at it, rather than, delivering the box in the safe and legal package delivery container, approved by the Post Office, that was installed for more than four years now. UPS and USPS have had not ONE problem delivering to the box. FedEx just threw my package TO THE DOGS and then laughed at me when I asked them why they did not deliver it to the box. Remember the "Mailman" and the crazy laughing on "Funny Farm" the movie? That's FedEx!

  • Aug 26, 2015

Federal Express Corporation Did Not Deliver My Package To Me Properly...

I had a blackberry to be delivered to me coming from Canada and Yes, a signature was required, however, it was supposed to be my signature and I did Not know that anybody could sign for it.

Sadly, somebody else signed it in which I was Not aware of and Never Received The Blackberry.

Yes, I did contact Federal Express's Corporate Office to find out what to do and/or to see if they could go through their insurance to give me some kind of reimbursement and that Served No Purpose since they were Unwilling To Take Care Of My Loss.

Furthermore, I did sue them in small claims court and lost because their representative stated that there were supposedly three ways that my item could be delivered to ME and once again, I NEVER received my blackberry.

In any case, this d**n corporation obviously does NOT care about their customers since I am still without my Blackberry and whoever it got delivered to certainly was NOT me!

I am therefore Not Totally Happy with Federal Express's Policy, nor how they did NOT take care of me as their Customer!

  • Aug 25, 2015

Federal Express Corporation Did Not Deliver My Package To Me Properly...

I had a blackberry to be delivered to me coming from Canada and Yes, a signature was required, however, it was supposed to be my signature and I did Not know that anybody could sign for it.

Sadly, somebody else signed it in which I was Not aware of and Never Received The Blackberry.

Yes, I did contact Federal Express's Corporate Office to find out what to do and/or to see if they could go through their insurance to give me some kind of reimbursement and that Served No Purpose since they were Unwilling To Take Care Of My Loss.

Furthermore, I did sue them in small claims court and lost because their representative stated that there were supposedly three ways that my item could be delivered to ME and once again, I NEVER received my blackberry.

In any case, this d**n corporation obviously does NOT care about their customers since I am still without my Blackberry and whoever it got delivered to certainly was NOT me!

I am therefore Not Totally Happy with Federal Express's Policy, nor how they did NOT take care of me as their Customer!

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