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Federated Payments

Country United States
State New York
City Melville
Address 2 Huntington Quadrangle
Phone 800-217-8711

Federated Payments Reviews

  • Jan 30, 2020

I Should have listened to the many other claims of Federated Payments ripping off/scamming their agents on this site, and not Scott Avery.

Well today I got paid half of what my upfront comissions should have been! When I asked my manager, I was told that since the accounts were multiple locations, I only got paid on the first 2, and not the second 2 accounts. (4 locations total.) This made no sense to me, I am going to place my business elsewhere, I just did not want anybody else to get scammed by them.

  • Jan 30, 2020

This job on the outside seems to be a very respectful job that will be profitabe. I was hired to close sales over the phone that the company's outside sales agents failed to show up for or couldn't close the deal. They promised a full training program to introduce you to the business, as I had sales background with a proven track record I was excited to apply my exp to a new field. However we were never trained properly for my position, the training I did recieve was actually taylored for outside field agents

Ultimately since I was never trained on how the little details worked, for instance: when do byou "kill" a lead ,which is important, because this is what they ultimately fired me for when in actuallity they were angry I had to see my neurologist for my eplipesy during business hours. Since eplipesy is a protected diability they couldn't say no, but they did write me up for calling out once in the 2 months I worked their. Then via text I was told if I didn't get my sales up they were going to fire me that friday. Come wednesday I was pulled aside and told that the CFO was firing me for getting rid of a lead or "killing" a lead as it's called. This was later revealed to me as a common practice to ensure that no one could file unemployment and they have a HIGH turnover rate because they typically fire people as they are aproaching their 3 month mark which would mean the company would have to pay benefits.

The atmosphere was also close to that of high school. My immediate boss would constantly pull me off the phone to gossip about other employees openly in front of them if their sales were as high as he'd like. This also hurt my sales in the long run because if I told him I needed to be on the phone he would call me derogatory names which he thought were funny. So in the long run I had to listen to his gossip and couldn't focus on my work. It seemed in the last week I was there he must have caught a lot of flack because he suddenly didn't have time for anything. I had lost 3 sales alone because he didn't have time to make me a proposal as I asked several times. He did a similar thing with a girl when I first started there and he brag openly how he fired her and made sure she couldn't get unemployment and that she was getting to close to getting insurance benefits so it was time for her to go. He was also very friendly with her but also kept her off the phone by gossiping and instigating inappropriate conversations between employees.

From a business stand point I can gurantee you that all the names they operate under, offer an enticing $500 gurantee that they can beat whatever competitors that is out there. When they are called upon it, all they will do is save you a penny so they don't have to write that $500 check.. If you want to really save money on Merchant Processing tell them you want to be on cost plus which will literally save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and they will never offer this to you because they make no money on "Cost Plus" pricing.

If you are looking to make a little money while looking for another job this may be the place. The only way I can see this place working is if you are extrodinarily good at telesales to begin with because they aren't interested in training or helping employees cultivate the skills needed to be the best they can be. THe best example I can give is that my supervisor had no background in this field yet was put in charge of this new department and he lack leadership quality. I really do belive the place is very mismanaged.

  • Jan 30, 2020

The bottom line is this company only cares about their bottom line even at their employees and customers detriment. If you are looking to do business with them do your research and if you're are looking to work for them know they will say and do anything to justify their amoral behavior. I promise you; they will only hold you to what you have done for them lately as an employee.. Make your money but always be ready for the floor to fall out.

  • Jan 30, 2020

I worked as a sales man for US Bank Card. During my initial interview I was told that I would get benefits and possibly a base pay after 90 days. I never had an issue with getting 3 appointments a day and I was closing 38% of the appointments as of the week prior to my 90 day mark. However, although we are required to keep a 30% closing ratio, I was terminated due to performance? I think I was terminated due to a company who can't offer the benefits they promised. Then my clients started getting notice that I no longer worked there? 2 months later my residuals were stopped and my so called manager stopped taking my calls. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY.....THEY WILL SCREW YOU!!!!

  • Jan 28, 2020


We were seduced into leaving our bank's credit card processing by a lower processing fee several years ago. Even though we have never been happy with the fees they add, we didn't swap back. BIG MISTAKE!

In November, we had an employee's nephew buy a vehicle with his credit card. Within 15 hours, Federated called us saying that $10,500 was a larger than normal swipe and wanted us to reverse the transaction. They were right in saying it was larger than normal as we don't like paying the fee on that size a transaction. When I explained we took the card because it was an employee's nephew they claimed it was in our agreement that we could not take relative's cards at out business.

So we reversed the transaction giving Federated the refund they wanted. I also explained to the young man he had to find another way to fund his deal. He did. And he also blocked the payment on his credit card- just in case.

2 days later, Federated presented a $10,500 ACH debit to our bank- wanting us to pay the $10,500 refund. When I called Federated, I was told they had to have the money to refund the credit card company. They explained they would return it to us within 10 days- once the refund was completed. Mind you, they NEVER funded the transaction to us! So we blocked the payment.

The customer by this time had paid us with a check for his car. He called us within a few days saying his credit card company had called saying that we, our company, had run the card and wanted paid the $10,500 his card had approved. He blocked it from being paid.

We explained to him that we had never been paid by the processor, Federated, and that we were not trying to get paid twice.

We changed to our old processing company through the bank.

A few weeks later, we opened our account up to see that our bank had paid Federated a $650 fee for processing that transaction! We could not get it back. Federated said they were paid for the transaction- not for us getting funds. So we were never paid for this transaction but now have paid them a commission for it.

To keep them from reaching in to our account again we closed OUR ACCOUNT OF 10 YEARS and opened another.

I've been on the phone several times with Federated hoping for a refund. I just learned they have now sent a collection company after us for $158 in fees- $30 for us blocking their attempt to get the $10,500, $30 for having a frozen account listed as our bank and another $30 for the customer blocking payment on them.

And, of course, their company "Customer Care" people (Vicki- this time) could care less about customer care. She says we knew the fees & regulations were listed when we signed with them 5 years ago.

The gall and audacity of this company is beyond comprehension. Now reading these complaints and stories of their history- we feel stupid for falling for the lower %.


  • Jan 28, 2020

In responding to any requests to be interviewed by Scott Avery via "Mitsy," his presumed secretary, be prepared to be submitted to the following treatment as I was. I arrived 10 minutes early for an 11:30 "interview" at this multiply named company's location in Melville. I thoroughly researched the company in order to properly prepare and noted the multiple complaints.

I was seated in the firm's vestibule by two affable and smiling receptionists who asked me to fill out an application.

At 11:35, Mitsy emerged from the interior office and informed me that Scott Avery had an emergency and could not see me. Mitsy then stated that I would be called.

Clearly, the "receptionists" signalled by e-mail or other non-verbal manner to Mitsy that I was of a certain age. I firmly believe that this resulted in my being sent away. I am impecably groomed and dressed and have an impressive resume. My only fault isthat I am no longer young.

It is abusive to be treated in this manner and although I cannot prove how this abuse occured, the public should be aware that prospective intervierwers are thus shoddily treated by this company if not subject to the abuse of age discrimination. . I am a Managing Director of a company and a veteran officer (Major, retired) of the U.S. Marines and do not appreciate being treated in this manner and could not stand silently by and allow another human being to receive a similar and abusive treatment.

  • Jan 28, 2020

Last year we where approached by the chamber of commerce Peachland who had am offer from a credit card processor. We made an appointment with their rep. He promised us the lowest possible rates, no extra costs or hidden fees and no cancellation fee if we decided to cancel.

We told him we were a seasonal business and would only require their services for 6 months a year. This would be no problem.

We signed a contract with him and he would send us a copie of it within 24 hours.

we never received a copy, furthermore when the first statement came in there were a lot ogf hidden fees and i calcullated that we paid almost 10% cost on our revenue.

I contacted him to solve this problem, he never called back.

They also lied to our chamber of commerce, they have now stopped using them also.

When i finally got a call back the representative had already left the company, the same with his supervisor.

The new representative said he knew nothing about those promises but would resolve the issue asap.

He never called back and we could not reach him.

I called customer service for the 10 th time and finally got an answer, they would stop my contract without a penalty, the only thiing I had to do was send them a closure form.

I did this last week.

Today they took $500 out of my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is organised crime, somebody should stop them.

The only word that comes to mind is .... thieves......

Whatever you do do not use them.

I will make it my lives work to warn everybody about this firm.

  • Jan 28, 2020

This goes out as a warning to anyone considering doing business with Federated Payments.

We had a sales rep from Federated Payments come into our place of business, pitching to us the necessity of a debit machine. We initially said that our business wasn't big enough and didn't do enough sales to warrant the use of a debit machine. He was very persistent and adamant; then proceeded to offer us a 30-day no obligation free trial.

In order to receive the machine for trial, we had to fill out a form. We also agreed to pay for the shipping and 5 business days later, we received the debit machine. After 3 weeks of use, as we had originally speculated, we only did a few small transactions and found that we really did not need the machine and wanted to return it. The rep said that we had to contact head office and that the return had to be done through them.

We phoned Federated Payments' head office, which is based in New York with a Canadian office in Montreal, asking what the procedure was to return the machine. They informed us that the so-called 30-day free trial form that we signed was in actuality a contract and it was going to cost us $500.00 to terminate the agreement.

As it also turns out, they said that they did not offer a 30-day free trial. The Federated Payments rep lied to and misled us, thus duping us into signing the contract. Even after explaining the situation to a corporate executive at Federated Payments, they still maintained we had to pay the $500.00 in order to be released from the agreement. In addition, upon termination, if the machine did not arrive back at the head office within 9 business days, we would be charged an additional $900.00, their cost for their debit machine. We expressed the machine back and got it to head office within the 9 business days.

  • Jan 27, 2020


let me start by saying i am NOT a disgruntled employee that worked there...I QUIT becuase i was lied to by SCOTT AVERY , so when you look up Federated payments to do resarch on the company and your ready to sign that contract, dont let the rep tell you that these complaints are bogus..i WOULD HANG UP THE PHONE AND NEVER SPEAK WITH THEM AGAIN.

After i quit there for bieng lied to about how much money i could make on the interview with Scott i went back to my old job to make REAL MONEY, Happily moving on.. i was called by an attorney from federated and threatened by her which was supposed to "scare" me , which actually made me curse everbody out( she sounded drunk and she went to a law school nobody has ever heard of) i decided to start my smear campaign on federated payments becuase i worked there and i will tell the world the truth about this chop shop.

Scott Avery trains his reps to lie to customers and trains the regional managers to lie to future outside agents.

MY FELLOW CANADIANS, DO NOT BE FOOLED BY FEDERATED PAYMENTS , THEY HAVE FOUR COMPANIES UNDER ONE ROOF IN NEW YORK , THEY HAVE A FAKE ADDRESS IN OTTOWA CANADA, AND THEY TRY TO TRAIN THE EMPLOYEES TO TALK WITH A CANADIAN ACCENT WHICH IS A JOKE. ITS FEDERATED PAYMENTS, FEDERATED CANADA, US BANKCARD CENTER, AND MSI. YES IT IS ALL A SCAM, SO DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!! DONT BE not go by the BBB they obviosly pay to get complaints off of thier record.THEY LIE ABOUT THIER RATES in which THEY GIVE YOU A QUOTE AND THE SAVINGS ARE NOT THERE WHEN YOU SEE YOUR BILL, IVE SPENT HOURS ON THE PHONE WITH CUSTOMERS COMPLAINING THAT THEY WERE LIED TO..FEDERATED PAYMENTS CONTRACT IS SEVEN PAGES LONG, they only send you three pages to sign and the other four with fine print you never see. (scotts idea)Scott told me to threaten clients with a termnination fee without the client even having a contract on record.the list goes on and on and on Scott Avery has screwed so many people, lied to so many clients he forgets what lie he says getting deeper in his lies, hes a crook and John Levitt the owner should fire him becuase he is th "CANCER" of that office.

I must admit i HAD a criminal record when i was younger, obviosly that was years ago. Scott Avery and John levitt claim they "gave me a shot and hired me" becuase they are not supposed to hire people with criminal backrounds becuase there is access to counless consumers personal info , (for the record i would never scam anybody) meanwhile ......half of the telemarkers there are from their are on parole or probation, as a matter of fact the owner John Levitt has a criminal backround aswell(thought i didnt knolw that huh johnny boy??) after i was promoted to regional manager and got a 2000 annual raise(gas money) i was trained by scott avery to recruit and hire new outside sales agents. They place ads on Career builders and monster, claiming you can make 100 k with this position , and had me lying to poor guys on the phone that were just looking to support thier family with a job. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME YOU WOULD BE LUCKY IF YOU MAKE 500 WEEK GROSS, DONT WAIST YOUR TIME AND GAS MONEY TO GO ON THOSE BOGUS APPOINTMENTS....THE BOTTOM L.INE IS THAT FEDERATED PAYMENTS, AND SCOTT AVERY ARE LYERS, SCOTT AVERY IS THE RING LEADER. !!

For those employees that are honest there and work hard to feed thier families, i apologize for exsposing this information, but Scott avery is a crook and a lier and you all know it. I cant wait for scott make up a lie for his rebuttal to this post , i will not stop until i fill the internet with truth about you and your company so you and your 'drunk' attorney can put this in your pipe and smoke it........thank god for the first ammendment you looser!!!!

  • Jan 27, 2020

We stared our services with Federated Payments in 2008. In 2009 an unknown individual made a personal refund using my processing machine. The next day I noticed the refund and called Federated Payments to stop the refund. A police report was filed, which was sent to Federated Payments by fax. They were notified with enough time to stop the refund, however, they did nothing to stop it and I lost $450.00.

That same summer, I was charged $70 dollars correspoding to an "administration fee" which is separate from the Annual fee and not disclosed in the contract. The following year the same was charged.

Various companies offered better rates, however, I knew I needed to wait until after the 3 years of the contract were up. When the 3 years had passed, I called the company to verify that my account was now on a month to month basis and I asked them if i could chance to another company without paying the penalty fee and the employee told me I could change and there would be no problem.

Months later, I found another company that gave me better rates, so I called Federated Payments again and confirmed that there would be no problems to change.

The following month I noticed that from my business account they withdrew $35.00. When I called and spoke with a supervisor, she told me the only way they close the account is by filling out a form and sending it back to them. I told her I didn't know that I needed to fill out a closing form, she said that I had been notified and I then asked her why they hadn't sent it.

She then told me that it was my resposability to ask them to send me the forms. In other words, she let me know that I was the one in charge of making sure that people in their company did their jobs correctly! By the way, no mention of such Account Closure Form is made in the contract that I have next to me.

After she verified my email and sent the form to me, I printed it out and filled it out and mailed it back to them. A month later, I noticed the Penalty Fee of $295.00 taken out of my account. I called them and the first person I spoke with couldn't tell why they withdrew that out of my account so they sent me to their supervisor.

He first told me that since we hadn't called to cancel after the 3 years were over that it automatically renewed (again not in the contract!). He then said that in the Service Agreement which was sent in the starter packege (not in the contract) it states that they need to be notified 60 days prior to a cancelation, otherwise the fee would be charged.

We have kept every statement and letter we have recieved from Federated Payments and we don't have a Service Agreement. I asked him if it had to be signed and returned to them and he said no. I told him no one told me the first time I called of the 60 day cancellation notice and he said it was not their responsability to verbably notice us of that policy.

It is very unfotunate that small businesses like mine are in the hands of people whose first objective to get money instead of being reputible businesses. And I am sure that I am not the only business which was had these type of experiences with Federated Payments.

  • Jan 26, 2020

I just finished my 1st 30 days with FPC and it's not for me.

They have telemarketers who send you willy nilly all over your territory. They offer no auto allowance or fuel expenses.

It's straight commission and it's a cutthroat biz.

Half of these appts-the merchant isn't prepared to see you,it's the wrong address,and more importantly you're often not meeting with the decision maker.

Yet FPC expects you to close one third of these sale calls on your 1st visit.

Sometimes FPC will give you a quote and alot of the times it's lower than what the merchant is paying with there current provider. You'd think it be a slam dunk but it isn't.

Think about it: its just like your current phone,TV,insurance, provider.

Once you tell them that a competitor is offering a lower quote they will usually match it.

Its like anything else-they will do anything to keep you as a customer.

Federated Payments is high pressure sales,with no salary,no draw and no expense reimbursement.

Don't waste your gas,where and tear on your car and your sanity working for these guys.

  • Jan 26, 2020

This company comes up with all kinds of reasons to charge fees. They have charged me twice in one year for my "annual fee" then come up with new reasons to charge additional fees. I just received a new on claiming a fee for "IRS reporting" for 2012 and it's only 2011! They lied toget me sign thier agreement and now I'm paying heavily for it! Guess thier CEO wants another million dollar boat or something!!!!

  • Jan 26, 2020

Promised to pay all fees to cancel previous credit card company. This never happened. Promised to save us money from other credit card processing company. This was untrue. Did not disclose monthly fees for services Did not disclose monthly rental fees for credit card machine Did not disclose property tax that they would be charged. I am now paying montly on all 3 of my accounts for credit card services from two companies. Did not leave any paperwork or contracts for me to look over.

  • Jan 24, 2020

I had sighned a contract with these people in Sept 08.Within 2 months they began to go up on there fee's and have been going up since. The contract said I did not have to pay for the yearly fee of $79.00 but of course they billed me for it, it has been credited back now after alot of aggrevation. when they went up on their fee's yet again, I decided to cancel I turned my equiptment in on Feb 12,09 along with the cancelation letter,thinking that would be the end of it. I received a bill 2 weeks later for my monthly fee instead of the cancelation fee of $295.00 so I call the company and they informed me that just because I turned in my equiptment was not proof that I was canceling my contract, they needed the cancelation letter as well which was in the same box as the equiptment but of course they " did not receive it"

so now not only do I have to pay the termination fee I also have to pay the regular fees for Feb and possibly March as well . So if you are currently doing business with these people make sure you mail your cancelation letter in a different package and you want to make sure that you get a confirmation receipt and write on the description of the package that it is in fact a cancelation notice for the company.So you will have proof.

If you are not doing business yet think about it carefully .I saw a report but chose to ignore it and now I am having to pay for that mistake

  • Jan 13, 2020

They always say its you. But whats always the common denominator? They are

When an employee almost dies after being found the next morning, blood soaked in an elevator, after using drugs and alcohol in the Melville office with Scott Avery afterhours, you must believe something is wrong

As a former employee of this organization for MANY YEARS at an executive level, I can only agree with the negative remarks posted. Not only have I had a professional relationship with this organization, I have also had an extensive personal relationship with the individuals mention at this company. In the end, I was treated just like everyone else was; disposable.

No matter how good you are, how much revenue you earn them, how hard you work for them It will come to an end and they will fabricate anything to put the blame on the other party. This is a company who fired 20+ employees, just hours before a company Christmas party. This is a company who

intentionally cuts off residual payments weeks before they vest for life to the agent. This is a company who will [and has] take away the livelihood of the most loyal of employees. All because they are greedy. CEO Jon Levitt says it best with his famous line, My kids eat first.

Jon Levitt recently terminated the #1 sales manager for the past 5 years, via a phone call from home, while the employee was at his desk working to earn this company more. This is a manager who has accounted for over 10,000 of their existing clients. Thats more than Scott Avery, VP, has even accounted for. All over a rumor that this individual was looking to advance his career else ware after CEO Jon Levitt stated, as long as L**** is employed at Federated, he will be a sales manager. Period. Furthermore, they attempted to slander his name across the company after his dismissal rather than resolving the matter privately. This is an employee who would work 65+ hour weeks with no overtime; fueled by his dedication to the company.

They will attempt to discredit you: They will hypocritically denounce you. Calling you irresponsible, dishonest, or disloyal.

Then they use lines like: Just another case of a rep who cant close Just a guy mad that he cant sell - You violated your agreement ( usually based on fabricated info) to rebuttal any blogs like these.

They will tell you: We cant set appointments in your area anymore, its a bad area. (this is how they get you to perform below your contract requirements so they dont have to pay you anymore)

The bottom line at this company is the bottom dollar. I understand free enterprise, I appreciate capitalism, and yes I was part of this organization for a very long time.

Just remember EVERYONE IS DISPOSABLE at this company.

Federated Payment Systems, a.k.a. Federated Payments, a.k.a. FPS, a.k.a. OnePay, a.k.a. National

Debit Card Network, a.k.a. MSI Canada, a.k.a. Federated Payments Canada, a.k.a. Wholesale Merchant Services, a.k.a. U.S. Bankcard Center, is directed by Jon Levitt, John Guirguis, and a silent partner who has no part in the daily operations of this company. Evan Schweitzer is the CFO and Scott Avery is the #2 to Jon Levitt.

  • Jan 13, 2020

I worked for this company for a very short period of time. Initially, I was very hesitant to move forward with this company, and was pursued by National Sales Manager, Scott Avery. Mr. Avery finally convinced me to come to training by saying "Try it out for at least 30 days, if you don't like it, we'll pay you residuals for as long as the client stays on the books.". Lived up to my end of the bargain and worked for the company for a little over a month, and ultimately decided it was not for me. The ultimate goal in this form of business is to charge the client as much as you can, as the more you charge, the more you make. Since I did not like ripping off small business owners who work hard for their money, I pursued other forms of business where I can sleep well night by providing a value added service to businesses, and the price is the price with zero negotiation. Bottom line, they paid me residuals for a few months and than stopped with absolutely zero notice. I attempted to call Scott Avery for several months, and he never returned any of my several messages, When I grabbed him on the phone live, he told me he was busy, and said he would call me back, which he never did. After numerous attempts, he finally responded back to me in email as he was obviously afraid to speak with me live, stating that according to the contract I signed, if I do not sell 2 deals in a given month, than the company does not have to pay me any residuals. I recently came accross one of their job postings on, and they advertise Lifetime Residuals. Protesting to Mr. Avery via email, as it was the only way he would communicate with me, that it is not what we verbally agreed upon, he dished it off as a signed contract and I could not do anything about it. Seeing my residuals were about $150/month, and I am close to a year since they have not paid me any residuals, the company owes me $1,800 and growing. If you are considering working for this company, I would highly recommend you reconsider, or make sure to go through your contract with a fine tooth comb. If you are a business considering utilizing Federated Payment Systems Services, make sure to shop them, and by all means do not take the first offer they give you. The rate is always negotiable, and I would recommend shoping to at least 2 other vendors before coming to a decision. Hope this information is helpful to other people, so they can avoid being lied to by representatives of this company, and making sure to protect themselves at all levels. Recently worked for federated Boston, Massachusetts


  • Jan 13, 2020

HELP! My name is Ed and I work for Christopher Columbus LLC. I am asking for help because I have been working on resolving an issue with one of your partners and their leasing company about a nurit 8020 wireless device our company leased. We leased our nurit 8020 in April of 2009 and sent the machine in to our processing company, Federated Payments, because we had an error code come up approximately 3 months after we had it. Our processor told us initially that the machine was struck by lightning. Federated sent us out a nurit 3200 as a loaner until they could decide what to do, Ocean Equity continued to bill us for our lease payment even though we did not have the machine for 4 months. I followed up several times with Federated Payments and they had no answers and then most recently they told us that the machine was sent to you to be checked and you deemed that the machine was opened. Federated sent me back the machine with it labeled 'beyond economical repair'. I explained the situation to Ocean Equity, who sent e a letter confirming that we were out of our lease, but also deducted $501.62 as final payment for the broken machine. I asked Federated to fax me some type of documentation to verify that they did send our equipment back to you and that you deemed it beyond economical repair. Federated Payments has not produced that documentation to date. I have been working on getting this resolved for the last 2 months and have received nothing but the run around by both Federated Payments 1-866-912-8777 and Ocean Equity 757-631-0163. I have left several messages asking to speak to supervisors at Federated and no one returned my calls. I have spoken with the owner of Ocean Equity several times when I catch him and he did state he would refund our money if he got back a working machine by the middle of this month. We are in the middle of 2 crooks in my opinion. Federated has told us many different stories and Ocean Equity took money from us for a machine that does not work. Our serial number for our machine is BLU xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Our merchant ID with Federated Payments is xxxxxxxxxxx Can you please let me know if our machine was sent into you to be evaluated and if it was, what the outcome was because I have not gotten any cooperation from Federated Payments or Ocean Equity, who I am going to put up on Rip Off Report. Sorry for the long winded story but, I really do need help.

  • Jan 9, 2020

VP Scott Avery is a slime bag, and will tell you all kinds of BS, but can never back it up, as he will never respond to any E-Mail or phone call.These guys will tell you anything to go to work for them. If you do make a sale, they won't pay you. You will spend YOUR time , YOUR money and YOUR office supplies, for these guys to rip you off. If you ask them any tough questions you will be ignored. IF you want more Heartache in your life , go to work for these punks, and let them send you off to bum f_ _ _ Egypt on a wild goose chase they call an appointment. I've been there! They or a big Ripoff! Justic Fresno, California

  • Apr 5, 2018

Federated Payments- Scott Avery California Melville, New York

VP Scott Avery is a slime bag, and will tell you all kinds of BS, but can never back it up, as he will never respond to any E-Mail or phone call.These guys will tell you anything to go to work for them. If you do make a sale, they won't pay you. You will spend YOUR time , YOUR money and YOUR office supplies, for these guys to rip you off. If you ask them any tough questions you will be ignored. IF you want more Heartache in your life , go to work for these punks, and let them send you off to bum f_ _ _ Egypt on a wild goose chase they call an appointment. I've been there! They or a big Ripoff! Justic Fresno, California


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