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Federal Tax Relief, Inc.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Wood Dale
Address 199 Addison Rd #104c
Phone 877-339-0391

Federal Tax Relief, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 3, 2017

A business called taxrelief ,inc helps with tax problems like audits ,it's been a horrible experience noting that I still owe money to the federal government.I have been working with them to get this done for a few years .they have not done there job.nothing has been resolved. I needed help in a $100,000 audit to get it decreased to minimize this amount. they only talk on the phone and faxing. got this business # on the radio. now we can't contact anyone at all. Don't make the same mistake as I did. not only did I pay up front $1700 but now I have to get a lawyer for this business fraud but I have to get a lawyer to get my federal taxes taken care of. BEWARE!

  • Jan 19, 2017

I got a message on Linkedin from Kenneth Wayne Halverson who represents a company called Federal Tax Relief,Inc.

Our company is small and on a limited budget but we are doing pretty well I must say.

Federal Tax Relief promised our small firm who my wife is the head of 5000 fresh leads every month.The price was $50,000. The first month the leads were decent, we at least were able to talk to a few good prospects. The second month however the ZERO leads were sent after we directly paid his company. 2 weeks into the second month he called us and made plenty of excuses why there were zero leads. My wife asked for our money back. He called a w***e and all sorts of digusting names that I can't say on here but they were nasty. My son also works for our company, he stuck up for up for his mother and told Ken never to speak that way to her again and simply refund us the $50,000.

Ken called him (my son is 23) a spoiled little scumbag, also he pointed out that my son is gay and deserves to get aids and die. I found this UNBELIEVABLE that a grown man would speak this way to innoncent gay youth and to my wife who is a very good woman.

I stepped into the call, before I could say any a word he said I would never see a dime or a real lead. Also he told me the leads that he did send to us before were from Pakistan and not worth a dime. He then began to question my sexuality (I have no idea why this would matter). He asked if I knew where the closet "GLORY HOLE" was? What is a glory hole I responded! He then said you d**n homo I've seen you there! I insisted on keeping on topic to return our money but he kept talking about glory holes and being gay himself.

Long story short.. this man is thief a liar and a homophobic jerk.

Not only did he take our money with no refund or replace the leads my son is now in counseling for all of the mental abuse this man has caused.


  • Dec 9, 2016

I paid the Federal Tax Relief Inc. $9700 for Tax Resoluton services on May 21st. 2016 with a promise that I would have tax matters resoved within 3 months by being placed in either a Partial Payment Installment Agreement -or- Currently not Collectible Program.

It has been 6 and half months (twice as long) and my case has still not been resolved. I feel mislead and at this time I demanded the company for a FULL refund for services that were clearly Not rendered.

I talk to the CEO, Keneth Halverson, who was VERY rude during the conversation; He also threatened me saying that He will call the IRS and make my case looks worst, telling them that I been giving them wrong information.

He is using stall tactics. I talked to him on November 14th. This day he promise to have a answer by November 28th and today is December 8th and have not hear from them yet.

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