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Federal Government Grant Processing Center

Country United States
State Florida
City Saint Petersburg
Address PO Box 31094
Phone 1 (202) 657-5628

Federal Government Grant Processing Center Reviews

  • Aug 17, 2016

The called me and said that a federal grant pers grant was awarded to me for 8,000 all I needed to do was to call them as I walk into cvs store then they would walk me through the process of registering with the federal reserve bank in NY. And and pay a 250 registering fee so that they can deposit my grant into my bank account and the 250 I used to pay the registration fee of $250 out of my own pocket that within 10 minutes of the transaction through money gram to the federal reserve they will deposit 8,000 for the grant and reimburse the 250 I paid for registration givin me a total of 8,250 deposited into my account and the only thing that they could do to set mine mind at ease and for sure me that this was no scam and I would get my money is that they would stay on the safe secured phone line with me till deposit enter my account? Now tell me that's no scam lol for not just 4-5 years ago I received the exact same call sayin the same things almost to a tee and they got me and I never received the grant money wen I told them this they acted all confident and told me that their records don't show wer if ever been contacted by the federal grant prossessing dept before and that they are not playin game this is the real deal no matter how bad I trumped wat they were sayin they r not scamming they are truly the grant dept. And that's just one of the scams if heard in the past two months lol I mean d**n wish it wasn't a scam I could really use that $ I am a single father raising 2 preteen boys alone in a proverty state and have been homeless for most of the summer and am probably going to lose my kids do to not being able to properly provide for them God have mercy plz rant over join me same time tomorrow and I'll explain to you the scam" Mark zuckerberg "him self and fb has got me on lol

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