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Federal Financial Group LLC

Country United States
State Utah
City Draper
Address 292 East 12200 South Suite 200
Phone 801-495-2009

Federal Financial Group LLC Reviews

  • Jan 4, 2016

Reynolds is a smart-*** when you ask him a question. He did nothing to help me. I had to memorize a script and it took a month. I had to record a video and when he saw it, after all my hard work, he was so negative and he said nothing good. He is not one to say nice things andf he is someone to stay clear of. He has a bad attitude and he cuts people down during meetings. He does not do much during the meetings except play funny videos. It is better to find a different company because Roger Reynolds is not a skilled salesman. I watched him give a presentation and it was the worst presentation I have ever watched. He had not a bit of personality.

I caught a real downer with two women that are his favorites. The are not into helping you fit in but they are braggers and the fat, piggish older lady likes to argue with people during the meetings. The other blonde is very negative and very abusive. Both of these ladies are not professional and the think they are better and they are nasty.

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