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Farmer Seed And Nursery

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Faribault
Address 818 NW. 4th. St.
Phone (507) 334-1623

Farmer Seed And Nursery Reviews

  • Apr 14, 2019

We placed over $200 in orders in April 2018. They charged our credit card immediately. Even though it was between 80 & 90 degrees in May in northern Minnesota (unusally warm) this company waited until the middle of June to ship the order. So they had our funds for about 2 months before we had anything to show for it.

Nothing looked healthy but we planted everything anyway and paid special attention to all. In August I notified the company that eighty percent of the order had died. A month later they requested additional information which I provided. Eight months later I haven't heard anything more from the company. They have totally ignored the problems.

As far as we are concerned the comapny has reneged on its own guaranty/warranty and offered no solutions. There have been no replacements or refunds. A company which does business in this way will never get any further business from us and recommendations to prospective customers from us will NOT be favorable.

  • Jun 9, 2018

*When he called to inform them they were very nasty and disrespectful and refused to assist him in any way. For the trees to polinate you need two of each and the company does not want to cooperate and has no understanding of what customer service means. I cannot understand how they are still in business. I would not buy anything from them. They speak disrespect to their customers when they try and report any issues with their product and hand the phone up after saying their disrespectful comments never allowing their customers to explain. Then when you reply t them in writing they disregard you and pretend they never received your letter. I will never buy anything from this company and advise you not to either. Failed to sell mmy father in law trees that were alive*

Still waiting for a response from a manager

  • Apr 5, 2018

Even though the shipping label and invoice expressedly said that I ordered 3 of each (2 kinds of raspberries), only one of each was shipped. According to them, I need to return the shipping label (which will void any further warantees) in order for them to process the shipping error. A .PDF was not good enough, even though they should have a copy in their system.

I want my plants for this growing season, not the next. So, I sic'd my wife on them - I pity the fools. I may end up eating the order but I want to make sure that no one else gets the same treatment from this company. I have had moderate luck from this company before(if you like to resurrect sticks). I WILL NOT ORDER from Farmer Seed or it's subsidiaries again - it was a Plan B that backfired into a Plan F. I only get form letters, probably from India.

I promised this company that they would receive a bad review from me if they did not honor my order - here it is. Don't waste your money unless you ABSOLUTELY need another chance of getting a specific plant. Just be warned that you will probably go though the same rigamarole and have to wait a few years for the same size growth you would get from a repudible dealer. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

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