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Fara General Agency Inc

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Mandeville
Address 1625 W Causeway Approach
Phone 985-624-8611

Fara General Agency Inc Reviews

  • Apr 27, 2017

I am in an unusual line of work. I am a premium auditor and as such I go out and review the payroll records for insurance companies. The information is used for premium billing purposes. This company called me and I accepted the work. Very quickly they had me going all over the place even though they had said I would work within a certain area. The problem is they agree to accept work from the insurance companies and bill no more than 1.5 hours for a job - even if it took 3 hours by me the auditor who did not agree with that. It was one thing to go from Riverside, Ca to Los Angeles, but then I made a special trip to Fresno and they wouldn't even pay extra for expenses or travel time. They don't give you a transmittal showing what they paid you for and how much but they do pay fast. Everyone is an independent contractor which is a common practice in the insurance industry, but considering how much direction and control they exercise, everyone should have been employees and they are then in violation of the labor code. It has been about four years since I worked for them and I quickly was pushed out when it was seen they did not know what they were doing and I couldn't be pushed around

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