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F C & A Publishing

Country United States
State Georgia
City Peachtree City
Address 103 Clover Green
Phone 770-487-6307

F C & A Publishing Reviews

  • Aug 17, 2016

My wife, 81 years old & nearly computer illiterate & with no "smart phone" received a book in the mail. At first we questioned each other about why it was ordered. Then we realized neither of us had ordered it. I did a search & found that the company does this with books from many different areas of interest. I checked with the post office & they told me that I was under no obligation to send money or pay to return the book. So, it's into the recycle bin with it & any other correspondence we may receive from them.

  • Jul 21, 2016

I have told them to stop and desist but they continue after they promised to remove her from their mailing list. It was explained that she has dementia and they needed to remove her from ALL their lists but the books and bills continue! This company preys on the elderly with fixed income.

FC&A Publishing send my 84 year old aunt many letters and books by mail she doesnt order. She has dementia and I have called FC&A told them this and requested that they take her off their mailing list and phone lists. They told me that they would do that but the crap still keeps coming in the mail. FC&A then send her repeated bills for books she has never ordered. I am watching this closely and will report to the Colorado Attorney Generals Office consumer protection this week.

I suspect that FC&A is preying on the elderly that are on fixed incomes. They ought to be run out of town on a rail.

  • Apr 30, 2016

I have received a book, that I did not order.

With the un-ordered package; it contained a letter and invoice threatening to charge "late fees" in the event that I didn't send their payment within 2 weeks!

The package was wrapped, so that I had to open it partially to determine what is was, who it was for, and who sent it. I am trying to rewrap it so that I can "return to sender" without incurring a fee.

The language of the letter sent with was threatening in relation to paying their bill. How can they DEMAND payment on time from someone who didn't order it?

I am returning their product, via "RETURN TO SENDER", but anticipate difficulties as they are PROLIFIC as the subject of many people such as myself, who DID NOT order either.

  • Mar 14, 2016

Yesterday there was a book in my mail box, which I thought was curious since I haven't ordered any books recently. When I do order items, I make a copy of the order until the merchandise is sent.

I checked by orders. Right. No book entitled: "What Every Senior Should Know - 1,267 Secrets to Living Well on a Fixed Income" was ordered. It came with an invoice for $39.99 and an offer for 4 installments.

Well, I'm a senior, live on a fixed income, and don't need advice from some company that used whatever means they can to send me this book. What I DO KNOW is that they were "fishing" and I didn't take the bait. I'm returning the book tomorrow,(Monday, 3/14/16). Sent them an e-mail and told them they should send me $5.00 to reimburse the cost of sending back their un-ordered book.

  • Mar 14, 2016

This company sends out past due invoices to elderly people in nursing homes and assisted living homes for unspecified product. My 86 year old mother living on Medicaid does not have any money and all but $14 of her Social Security goes toward her room & board in a nursing home. However, she is very independent and has always paid all her bills on time. When she did not have the $40.96 to pay this "Past Due" bill, she was very upset. I found out that she did not know what it was for and did not have anything to show for it but she did not want to have anything past due. I discovered that this billing was sent in the hope that she will forgo medications for her congestive heart failure to pay for something she did not get. She has cataracts and cannot read well anymore and she is going deaf and cannot hear below a loud shout so any mailings, books, brochures, phone calls, etc. are not understood by her. She does not have the money for cataract surgery or hearing aids and needs to see a dentist, also beyond her means. If FC&A wants to help her, send money - don't ask for it!! She says that severak of her friends at this same facility also receive Past Due invoices and even though they were not sure what it was for, they paid it because it was "only $40.96" Companies should not be allowed to prey on the elderly who are not computer literale and do not have the means or knowledge to pursue this type of fraud.

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