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Express Delivery

Country United States
State Alabama

Express Delivery Reviews

  • Sep 9, 2021

I bought a case of ammo from and after no tracking for a week i threaten to contact ATF and Express Deivery Services contacts me to say my package is on hold and to send them $100 and when the package is delivered, you will get $80 back. This is such a crock of BS.

i paid the rip-offs at Royal Ammo $30 to ship and i blew a fuse when this guy kept wanting to call me and texted me to send the money. That is complete and total fraud. They are some world shipping company, yet only have been in business 4 months.

Then he said it would be delivered today which is BS since unless its in Dallas, there is no way besides helicoptor drop to get it same day. They have the same domain city & country, Iceland.

Express Deiver Services is atotal fraud and ripoff. Avoid at all cost.

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