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ETI School of Skilled Trades

Country United States
State Illinois
City Willowbrook
Address 500 Joliet Road #100
Phone 888-572-9937

ETI School of Skilled Trades Reviews

  • Mar 28, 2016

I went to ETI School of Skilled Trades in Willowbrook, Il 60527, thinking I was going to get a great education, training from the best teachers for HVAC and walk out with the skills and knowledge and be the one of the best HVAC tech's that there is, because when I went there, I was conned, swayed, and promised that if I enrolled in their school, that I would have the best education, by the best teachers and walk out, in 8 months, with my certificate and will get a job within a month, or they will help me, but I shouldn't worry, cause where I graduated from, that I would have all kinds of job offers!! And it will only coast me $16,000, but don't worry, I'll be making all kind of money within 6 months and I won't have no problems, what-o-ever, with the low payments!!! LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!!!!

They are a bunch smooth talking con-artists, and scammers and tell you what you want to hear, not what the truth is, and don't care, just as long as they get paid!!

I basically got a crash course in HVAC, and the teachers show you 1 time, pair you up, and comes back after a while to see if you and your partner got it apart and together and doesn't care nor asks if anyone had any problems or issues, cause as long as you come close to the basic's, hurry ans lets get to the next level. I was so un-sure of my knowledge of electric, gases, furnances, and heating compoents, that I just thought was stupid, but it was the teaching of a great trade in speed training.

I was lucky that my friend hired me, but every job I went to, the guys had to show me how to do each job we went to, and they said, didn't you just graduated from a trade school that specializes in HVAC? So why don't you know half the things that you are suppose to? They put up with me for 6 months, put me on part time, and now I'm losing my job, and just got my car re-poed, cause of not working, and I'm stuck with a student loan, that I can't repay!!

What a costly lesson, and a great dissappointment to myself, that I trusted these money hungry, not caring for students, phony a*s people and lost my self respect!! So thanks ETI for ruining my career dreams, and losing my car, and getting stuck with a loan I can't pay, so YOU RUINED MY CREDIT AND LIFE!!!!

ETI, I don't know how they get away with this, and still be able to continue to steal money from students, without any education for a career of even a job, and no body does anything to investigate them, or shut them down, or better yet, give the students a forgiveness loan. I don't think we shoild have to pay for something that we didn't get for the $16,000. THAT"S BULL----!!


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