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Elite Connections

Country United States
State California
City Beverly Hills
Address 9701 Wilshire Blvd
Phone 310-459-2612

Elite Connections Reviews

  • Feb 19, 2020

The reviews on the Better Business Bureau are fake. And, the are NOT accredited. I went to their NY office and there is NO office. It is basically a place where you can RENT A DESK for a meeting. This is how their entire company is set up. I met with Eileen at a nice hotel lounge. After great disappointment with the women she sent profiles of, I decided to stop by and have a chat with her to see if we could improve on the matches. Then I learned they have no office.

  • Feb 11, 2020

This company is a complete waste of time. The profiles they make look like you are on a CHEAP DATING SITE. The matches they provided were HORRIBLE. The women were not as they described. We just were not a match at all. I called Sherri Murphy and she is the most shallow person I have ever encountered.

I have no clue how she is still in business. But then, it is evident there are so few companies to select from. They talk a good story on their website but in reality, you will end up disappointed. I found many negative reviews across the internet. I also noticed that 90% of ALL GOOGLE REVIEWS were posted in the past 2-3 years.

For a company to be in business 25 years and no reviews until recently is odd. I also read that their GOOGLE REVIEWS ARE FAKE. So that explains it. They mislead people and this business is a total scam. It is a horrible service and should be reported on every review site.


  • Nov 6, 2019

I met with Claudia Duran and to be honest, was not impressed. BUT, I did like the women she presented to me. We spoke on the phone first and met in person. She did present several women and said they were all available to date. So I paid 25K for a year membership. I never met any of the women and I never heard from Claudia again.

As I said I was not impressed with her. She appeared the typical party animal in Miami. In fact, a friend who knows her, says that is all she does. Anyone can get an interview with Business Insider. My company was interviewed. There are not many high-end matchmaking companies to select from and I wish I had done more research.

  • Aug 20, 2019

This was an absolute disaster from the beginning. Sherri Murphy assured me she would match me with attractive, educated and kind women. I gave her my prefereces and wanted to meet quality American woman around my age. She kept trying to get me to accept dates with Russian women because she had no American women in her data-base. Sherri Murphy is a disgusting person and has no integrity.

Clearly everything on her website is ALL A LIE! I paid a large fee and was promised to meet kind and caring women. Her website is ALL LIES and her marketing links to cover up all the negative reviews. I read that her Google reviews were all fake. She has her employees create Google accounts and post reviews. I believe what I read now and will pursue this legally.

  • Apr 14, 2019

This is not a reputable company. Be cautious when selecting a matchmaking company. I joined with elite connections in california/new york and it was all a scam. I did not meet any of the women that were presented during our meeting. In fact, the introductions that were sent over were not at all what we discussed. The owner, sherri murphy is very unprofessional. She called me and was confused about who she called!

Bottom line, waste of time and money. And for $25,000, you should expect to have a few quality dates. It is always best to google for authentic reviews. I read by someone who worked for her, that her google reviews are indeed fake. She asked her assistants to create many gmail accounts to leave fake reviews. It is obvious the way she is running her business.

Sherri hired people to present a website that is also fake in terms of what they state. Fake information!! if you google: elite connections -then you get straight to get the facts. I wish i had before signing up with them. Lesson learned.

  • Nov 3, 2018

The reviews stating that Elite is a scam are exactly right. I was recruited and not charged and told not to tell my dates that I was not a paying customer. (Apparently I have the profile they were looking for - an attorney, etc). The women they provided actually were quality people but they were being misled and defrauded, because Elite was telling them that I and others they met had paid the same multi-thousand dollar fee. I actually reported Elite to the FBI.

  • Jul 15, 2018

I will get straight to the point. After a little searching on google, I contacted Elite Connections after seeing them at the top of Google. I spoke with Sherri Murphy and her daughter (Tammi Pickle) followed up with me.

Then she had me meet Claudia Muran in Miami. After viewing numerous gorgeous women (I was told I would meet any of them since they met my ideal of a companion) I signed up and paid for a year membership. Long story short, I did not meet any of the women that were presented during our meeting. Six months have passed and they have been given plenty of time to come through and to date, not one woman they have sent to me is satisfactory. To be clear, not ONE woman they presented in the meeting was I introduced to.

Save your time and money, do not go near this company.

  • Apr 16, 2018

I was employed by Sherri Murphy and it was the most stressful job I ever had! I worked out of her house and she was there most the time. She would constantly yell my name and I would be on the phone with a client, it was embarrassing. The office was very disorganized and chaos was the normal for the day. When I started it appeared to be a great job to get into the matchmaking world. One of my colleagues was very nice to me and she was also under so much stress.

Sherri’s dogs kept barking and it was just a very disorganized office and a lot of stress. Sherri would then yell in my face and that is when I decided to leave. No job is worth this much stress. The clients were calling the office a lot because they were not happy with the service. We did not have the data-base full of women as promised to high paying male clients.

They were very frustrated about the quality of the matches. I also got involved in matching and this was super stressful due to the database of women. We only performed a quick skype call and did a back-ground check. So we really did not know these women.

The men who joined had very high expectations and were unrealistic about what they wanted. Just because they could pay 25K-250K, does not mean Elite Connections could provide everything on their list! They were very demanding and really should have been told the truth upfront. These men were saying that they were being introduced to gold-diggers. Well, why would any woman date a man 20-30 years older than her??

I finally decided to post the truth about Elite Connections and what I know of this high-end matchmaking façade.

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