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Eddie Grayver - Money Matters NYC

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 146 W 57th St
Phone (917) 567-1761

Eddie Grayver - Money Matters NYC Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2018

Let this post serve as a warning against anyone who intends to conduct business with Eddie Grayver and his company Money Matters. His company was recently sued for Theft of Services and Breach of Contact as he stole services from a vendor providing services to him. After several months of an engagement and having expressed satisfaction, when the work was released to Mr. Grayver he immediately seized contact. A lawsuit was filed against Mr. Grayver, which he lost and still did not continue to pay and the sheriff is presently working with the plaintiff to recover the funds.

In addition to Theft of Services, evidence suggests that Mr. Grayver intends to conduct business in the state of California through a series of legal loopholes related to the Cannabis industry by avoiding the state's vertical integration laws. It was not immediately clear if he intended to inform investors that such activity was prohibited in the state of California, but the manner in which he formulated his investment materials did not immediately disclaim this.

If you intend to conduct business with Mr. Grayver or his partner, Manish Patel in any fashion, I strongly urge you to take caution.

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