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EasyPay Finance

Country United States
State California
City Carlsbad
Address P.O. Box 2549
Phone (866) 791-0915

EasyPay Finance Reviews

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  • Jan 23, 2018

I started my balance with them in 2015 at $1385.47. After many payments, I could not keep up anymore, and had to stop making payments. Now today 1/22/2018 I get a bill from them that my balance owed is $1600 some odd dollars. this is ridiculous. I made payments for 2 years, totaling $1583, and felt like I was getting no where. How is it even legal to charge someone so much in intrest, that they end up owing more that the furniture cost in the beginnning!! Total rip off if you ask me. I of course want to get this off my credit, but still have to pay them more to do so! How do you get a head!

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  • Aug 23, 2017

Financed a twin bed for 499 plus tax. Borrowed money from easypay finance, lenders gave 500 and I paid the remainder of the taxes. I made 3 consecutive payments. When going to pay my 300 dollar balance off, lender told me my balance was 682.48 dollars. at the end of the 12 months I have to pay a balance of 1,182.90 cents. That just wrong.

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  • Jul 15, 2017

Last year we need to get one of my cars fix. I was told to contact fletchers, becasue they have a finance program. So, i'm like ok let me check this out. Did the online application and was approved for $2500. great! i said to myself. My cars go fixed, not really we had to go back several times to get things corrected and then fletcher wanted me to sign up again to add another charge. So, now i have two accounts with easypay. I was told the amount to pay, cool. I will pay this that fine. after paying my account i signed up on the website to check my payoff balance and realized that i wasnt pay nothing toward my accounts. So, let me break this down for you.

my first account was for $2500 back in june 2016, first payment started in july. the payments received $2981.84 the interest they received $2112.25 thats a 96% APR. and the amount towards my payment $859.59 and i still owe $1194. I'm now pissed because all this time i'm thinking my balance was going down... not! but there pockets is fulling up.

the second account was for $410. amount they received $634.64 the interest they received $435.48 and what was made to my balance was $189.16 and i still owe $246. and theis was at an APR of 189%.

THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF!!! I will never do this again... and no i will not let anyone i know go to them either. it should be a law against finance companies that charge high rates. I do understand that they make money to but, really it kind of like i'm being pimped out of my money. we need to change the law in this. any action we can take to stop the finance companies from taking avantage of people. sign me up!!!

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  • Dec 10, 2018

scam artist!!!

Been making payments a head of time, first made a payment that was rejected and they back taxed me since day one. glad to have had money to pay them off. Customer service is rude! Never ever use this company. These people should have been swallowed before life!

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  • Jun 12, 2017

I had a schedule payment on June 8th due to my check no be in deposit on time when they try to collect the payment it was decline..A rep called me and told me so I ask her for 10min to deposit money so she could try to collect again she said they could only try to collect once but then she said I can collect thru your CVS code i said ok then I called to ask for my remainder balance and is 2400 not to mention that all I borrowed was 1900 wich after the 300 and 291 that we're collect all I owe them was 1309 now they are telling me since the payment was decline but was actually payed that day after I deposit money my 591 i gave was going only toward interest now idk how I am going to pay those 2400 is more than whay my loan was so they are telling me thay basically my 591 were just given to them.

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  • Mar 27, 2017

I purchased a puppy from petland and of course I financed the puppy. Petland ran my credit and came back immediately saying I was financed. What they didn't tell me was that Easy Pay Finance charges 180% interest. The very next day Easy Pay Finance called me and said my payments were wrong. I originally was supposed to pay $175 but they changed the payment to $294. My puppy was supposed to cost $2500 now cost almost $7000 through Easy Pay. Do not now or ever use this company. They sent me a statement saying that I could use their website but I cannot get into the site. This company is a HUGE ripoff!

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  • Dec 28, 2016

I brought my car into Perfect at 4295 Fort Apache in Las Vegas, NV, 89147 for a smog check and supposedly it didn't pass which was very curious since it passed last year and there was probably 100 miles max put on my car since then. Chevy the manager told me that they would need to do a diagnostic check to find out what the problem was and it would cost me but if they fix whatever the problem was they waive the diagnostic fee. So allegedly it was a faulty intake boot. I was told it would cost $143.00 to fix. I told them I didn't have the money and asked if there was something else that could be done so it would pass the smog test. Chevy said they could extend me credit with their finance company well I was caught between a rock and a hard place because I needed my registration tags, so I agree to finance the repair. After they had ordered the part and gave me a receipt for $350.00 on services that had not been done (and mind you the repair was supposedly to only be $143.00) they told me they would call me the next day and so I waited all that next day for their call and finally ended up just calling them myself and was told they were just getting ready to call me. Fast forward to the difference of $145.00 store credit which of course I will not use because I don't trust them. Apparently, the finance company has a 90 day no interest and they charge a $40.00 admin fee right off the bat unbeknownst to me and after that they charge a 96% interest finance charge. Which would mean that at the end of two years I will have paid a total of $798.00 for a $145.00 questionable repair. and I will be also paying inter on a $145.00 credit. That's highway robbery! Granted they have a signed contract, which of course is legally binding. That's called Loan Sharking and it should be illegal! I will do everything in my power to warn people about their unscrupulous business practices.

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  • Apr 11, 2020

I financed my brake repair on 05/17/2019. I paid $43.72 bi weekly. Mind you this is a glorified loan shark outfit. I realized the finance charge and if I had to do it again i would not. Anyway I now have a balance of $155 left on the account (total paid in so far $1000 plus for a $500 repair job. Due to the Coronavirus I have been unemployed since 3/19/2020. I notifed them immdiately and was told to fax them a letter confirming unemployed which I did.

Low and behold now getting calls left and right about payment due. I called them and was point blank told that I have to make the payment and thus a late fee charged as well. I told them what part of no work and no money do they not understand. Representative talked to supposedly a manager and was told no help need to pay.

So now not only am I'm being charged late fees on top of everything and probably get reported to Credit Bureau. No telling when all this will end and when my employer is going to be able to open up his doors again. DO NOT FINANCE ANYTHING WITH THIS PEOPLE!!! THEY ARE AS CLOSE TO A LOANSHARK AS CAN BE.

  • Mar 5, 2020

Don't, just don't, it really isn't worth it to go with them. Got a loan with them during an emergency, afterwards found that what i thought was a monthly payment ended up coming out 2x Tiny tiny print next to it saying semi weekly) anyways yes that's my fault for not seeing that sneakiness. But here is where the fun truly begins, when i took the loan out it was 159% apr rate, however if i paid it within 90 days there would be no penalties. I never received an email or even a letter saying anything more. I then started seeing i was being charged more then agreed upon every 2 weeks. I went to the provided portal to where i could not register and needed to call a #. Called and got a busy signal,tried multiple times different days different times and thing. So now i cannot go online and i cannot call them to discuss the over charge or paying it off. There is no customer email address to send issues to. It is now over 90 days and no contact...

  • Dec 1, 2019

Trash trash trash

Do not go through this company. My family and I bought a dog from petland(which that in itself is a big scam, do not recommend). The dog was outrageously priced so we decided to finance him, that was our fault I will admit I shouldn't have taken a second look at the dog but nothing I can do now. Anyhow, they claimed I couldn't get approved for their credit card but said I could get approved for easy pay financing, they talked it up saying how it would build my credit BLAH BLAH BLAH, we weren't approved for his original amount so they "agreed" to drop his price to 1500, however they do not tell you about their interest rate being nearly 200%. After a year and a half our balance is still at 1500, luckily with income tax rolling around we can pay off his balance in full and wash our hands with this scam of a company. Do not fall for their "3 month interest free if paid in full" speech either, I know people who've tried to do this and yet they are charged interest from day 1. Stay far far far away from this company!!!!!

  • Sep 21, 2019


I sued them and won! Sue them!

  • Aug 19, 2019

I regret doing business with this company. Highest interest rates (as in 98% and I have really good credit) and they don't work to get it lowered at all. Worst decision I made and wish I could've avoided altogether but this was the only option available for me to get the purchase completed there and then.

Please, I beg you, avoid Duvera aka Easypay Finance at all possible cost. I would hate for anyone to have to pay more than needed or over 100% more of what the financed amount was. Financed $2000, by the end of the contract the amount would be over $4000.... this is just straight robbery! I wish I could give them no stars!

  • Aug 17, 2019

Rip Off - Never Use

We financed a balance of 1500 and now was told my balance is due at 2299.99 with 20 months left to pay off. They don’t offer an early pay out so what ever balance they give you, that’s the balance your paying off. NEVER EVER I’m I going to use this company again. It’s a rip off.

  • Aug 3, 2019

First the customer service is 'TERRIBLE' and extremely UNprofessional.

here is why:

I contacted Easypay Finance on 05 July 2019 and stated payment was due that day. Customer service rep. explained to me that I could MAIL my payment and I would NOT be charged a late fee. I complied with that suggestion and I just received a 'LATE' notice and FEE dated 29 July 2019 (wtf LIARS).

I contacted the bank and found that the 'Money Order' was cashed\cleared on 15 July 2019 Monday (smh). Before filing this complaint I was reading other complaints brought against this company and I see that it is a pattern (potentially trying to scam customers) ****BEWARE****

  • Jun 25, 2016

Used Easypayfinance to buy some furniture it was 90 day same as cash. I paid the amount but a $40 service charge that I didn't know about now I owe the $200. I called the lady was rude couldn't just give me a simple answer when I was asking my payment history. I called back and asked for a supervision. The came with no one is available it will take 24-48 hours to get a call back.

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