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Earl Scheib Paint & Body

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 3070 South Valley View Boulevard
Phone 702.876.9844

Earl Scheib Paint & Body Reviews

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  • Jan 3, 2018

Evidently, on tuesday, it was ready from the perspective of body work and paint, but the pin-striping had to wait 3 days. Well, since they lost their credit card processing, we couldn't give them a card, even if we wanted to, which we didn't until we inspected the final product. So the truck sat until friday 12/22 at which time the pin-striping was completed.

On tuesday i sent my employee down to pick up the truck, only to be told that they'd only accept a cashier's check and that it must be made out to jack potucek, who is an employee! i told them business doesn't work that way, and they then said 3 things:

1. We'll put a mechanics lien on your truck and you won't get it back

2. We're going to start charging you $45 a day for storage fees

3. We're going to leave it outside and we're not responsible for what happens to it

On tuesday, i spent six hours between metro, our attorney and others. Finally, we called the police to do a "civil standby" since a customer had just tried to run them 2 weeks ago for not giving them their truck back, so to avoid any violence from a known, aggressive, violent, iranian immigrant with an extensive criminal history including charges for felony child abuse, Later dismissed.)

The bottom line is this... Do you need this kind of drama in your life? Because i have never ever experienced this type of insanity until i met arash hashemi and jack potucek, two pathological liars, thieves and con men who couldn't care less about anything but themselves.

And the final twist - the hood looks terrible, and there's a dent in the back that they painted over but didn't fix first, and that was part of the $595 upsell! i also have no warranty paperwork, though realistically, i would never give them the truck back to fix anyway.

So now, my only choice is to bring the truck in to another paint shop, have them repaint the hood and fix and repaint the back door, and then what? Sue someone who has no bank account and can't even handle a cashier's check made out to his own business?

If you have a vehicle that needs paint and/or body work, look elsewhere!!!!!!!!

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  • May 17, 2018

Victimized also!

OMG this sounds so similar to my experience with them... I actually sued them and yes can't find their bank institution?

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