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Eagle Carports

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Mount Airy
Address 210 airport Rd
Phone 800-579-8589

Eagle Carports Reviews

  • Apr 27, 2021

This has been the worst experience ever. I ordered a carport, a dealer in Colorado contacted me. He gave me information and different options. He said that if I paid $1041.75 as a deposit, he would get the building city's permit. I paid using Paypal. A couple of weeks later, they installed it. I asked about the permits and they said that they were working on it, that everything was fine. A couple of days later, a city official came to my house and said the carport had to be removed because its was not up to code.

I tried contacting the company but they said it was not their fault and that I should contact the CSB dealer. The dealer called and said he would return the money if I scheduled a pickup with the company. Eagle Carport sent some workers to pick it up and that was the end of it. Never heard from the dealer or the company again. I emailed Eagle Carport and they said they were sorry for the inconvenience and that it wasn't their fault. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of making business with these people. I felt they were just playing with me.

I lost $1041 and I even exposed myself to fines from the city. Why would they install a building without making sure the permits were granted? Why would they offer to get the city's permit if we paid a deposit money? It was all a scam. Customer service... I can't even start. Do yourself a favor... find someone who you can trust.

  • Jun 22, 2016

I purchased a carport from Dream Machines (dealer). Eagle Carports was the manufacture and Installer. The carport was installed at my campground to store my boat under. When I purchased the carport I gave the dealer the dimensions I wanted. I was not given any other information on the carports. The only option I was given was to upgrade to heavier metal for $400. I did pay to have the heavier metal installed, knowing we can get a decent amount of snow.

Like everyone else that I have read, these guys do not show up on time. They finally showed up right at dark and put head lamps on. I told them I was not comfortable with them building it in the dark, so I offered them to stay in my camper on site and get some sleep and finish in the morning. They took me up on the offer. The next morning they finished and left.

A couple days later I showed up at the campground and inspected the work. [

  • Jan 28, 2016

I had a contract for eagle carports to erect a carport at my home in little River sc. They called Monday 1-24-16 to set up a time to come out. Angie is the person I was speaking to. She said Thursday and I told her I wasn't sure if site would be ready. She called back and left me a message that they would come on Friday the 28th well the 28th is on Thursday and I sent her a text that the date was wrong. She also said in her message that if site wasn't ready to call back for another date for the installation. Site is not ready and I called back today about 3pm and spoke to Angie and told her I would need to reschedule. She informed me that there would be a restocking fee of 150.00 if I changed the date. WHAT! For one I didn't pick the date she did and two there is nothing in the contract that says anything about a restocking fee if date of install needs to be changed. Three they passed me around in their office so no one had to deal with me.poor customer service! I had no recourse but to cancel. They left me no choice because they wouldn't change the date of installation unless I coughed up 150.00 more. I told her ( angie) the site would not be ready. I will never use eagle carports again. Beware The only money I'm out is the 10%down payment of 216.60. Worth it to loose that I don't have to deal with them!

  • Dec 10, 2015

We are a non-profit company that ordered an enclosed carport/metal barn structure for the students at our local to school to use with their FFA program and science classes. Our original order was with Elephant Strucuters. I am currently working with them to resolve our issue but Eagle Carports is out of the equation so I am going to leave my review about them.

I received a call from a girl named Jennifer with Eagle Carports on December 1st. She was calling to schedule installers to come out on December 7th. I explained to her that while our organization ordered the unit, I would need to talk to staff at the school to schedule installation and that I would call her back as soon as I got a hold of the appropriate people. I returned her call on Decemeber 2nd but had to leave a message. I didn't hear back from her so I called again on Dec 4th and had to leave another message.

I explained at that time that if I did not hear back from her by the end of the business day (5pm) that we would need to cancel any appointment that may or may not have been set up (I still didn't know if the appointment was set since I had not been able to confirm). I did not hear back from her. I placed a call on Dec 5th and left a voicemail, knowing that they weren't in the office becauase it was Saturday) that there would not be a person at the school to receive the installers on Monday since I had never been able to confirm the appointment.

Sunday, December 6th at 10pm (yes- 10 oclock at night) I got a call from the installer with RTI telling me that he would be at the school in the morning. I told him that wasn't possible. The apporporate people were not scheduled to be there. He was angry and pleaded with me to let him come out. He said if he doesn't work, he doesn't get paid. I told him not only did I not have anyone to meet him but I neither did I have a cashiers check to pay him. He agreed to wait until Tuesday (Dec 8th) to come out to install but would call me back Monday (7th) to confirm.

I got our maintenance supervisor scheduled to receive the installation on Tues (8th) and got a cashiers check printed to pay the balance upon completeion. Mon (7th) the installer called me back and said he'd be at the school at 6am. I told him that would not work, the school staff does not start work till 8am. He got angry and said I told him he could come at 6am. I corrected him and told him there was no way I would say that. The school is never open at 6am. He agreed to come at 8am.

On Tues (8th) he called when he was about 10 minutes away from the school and asked me if I would have someone meet him outiside of the school. I told him I wasn't sure if I could get a hold of someone that quickly but if he went thru the main doors, the school office was right inside and they would locate the maintenance supervisor for him.

The installer met with our maintenance supervisor and another member of our organization to find where the structure was going. He was given the order details that we printed off from emails and we provided a picture that was also sent by email from Elephant Structures. He told the maintenance supervisor that he understood where the structure should go but he needed block to square the building. Our maintenane supervisor went to get the block for him so that the job could be done properly. They still did not set the frame up properly so the supervisor let them know.

According to the installer, our supervisor was rude to him. I can testify that the installer himself was rude when he spoke with me on the phone so I have a good idea of how things may have gone at the time of installation. Regardless, the job was to come set the building up properly. That's what we were paying for.

The installation crew did not want to fix the issues so they left, saying they had another job to complete but would be back at 8am on Wednesday. Sometime that day, they came back and packed up all the materials and left with it. As you can guess, they did not show up for the 8am install on Wednesday.

I contacted Eagle Carports this mornig and Chris Davis let me know that the order had been cancelled because their installer refused to come back out and do the work. He claimed he was treated poorly.

I have a call in to Elephant Structures, was told by Mr Davis to ask for Noha Habib in customer service. Noha told me she had not been in the office Mon or Tue but would call me back when the situation was figured out. I'm not holding my breath at this point. I see that both companies have been reported several times for various issues.

Dont' use this compnay- save yourself the headache and the 10% deposit and go with a reputable company. Leasson learned.

  • Nov 29, 2015


November 29, 2015

I purchased a carport from Eagle Carports over 4 months ago and have received nothing but the run-around, ignored, delayed and cancelled installation dates. On July 22, 2015 I paid the Eagle Carports sales person $85.50 as down payment. I was told the carport would be installed within 2 to 4 weeks. After waiting over 4 weeks and receiving no contact from Eagle Carports I contacted them on August 26, 2015 and was told “for any progress updates please call our toll free line @ 800-579-8589 and ask for Kacy or Ext. 130”. I called that number on September 3, 2015, 6 weeks after the initial order, and was told Kacy was on the phone and they would call me right back. I was never called right back, in fact I was never called period. I waited a week for them to call, but they never did. I called them again on September 10, 7 weeks after the initial order, and was able to talk to Kacy. She told me the carport would be installed the first of the following week, or the week after. Of course that never happened, and they never called me to explain why not. I called them again on October 1, 2015, 10 weeks after the initial order, and talked to Angela, Kacy's assistant, she told me she would call me back Monday or Tuesday of the following week. Of course she never did, so I called them again on October 8, 2015, 11 weeks after the initial order, and talked to Angela and Kacy, who told me the carport would be installed on Wednesday of the following week. The next day, October 9, 2015, Angela called me, first time anybody with Eagle Carports had ever called me, to say the scheduled installation date had been pushed back to Saturday, October 17, 2015. I called them again on Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 12 weeks after the initial order, and 3 days before the scheduled installation to make sure everything was still on schedule. Kacy said it was. I live 130 miles from the site the carport was to be installed. After driving up the next day, Angela called to say the installer had broken his foot and would be layed up for 2 weeks. The installer must still be layed up because it's been over 6 weeks since he broke his foot and Eagle Carports has not contacted me to reschedule the installation. At this point, over 4 months after the initial order, I do not believe I will ever get a carport from Eagle Carports, and Eagle Carports is telling me my down payment will NOT be refunded. You can decide whether you want to do business with these people or not. I would suggest that if you want to disperse your money and receive nothing tangible in return, give it to your favorite charity instead of these people.

  • Sep 30, 2015

I paid $99.50 as a down payment on a $1077.09 20x21 carport on July30,2015. I've been given four appointments and they cancel and give them to someone else that is close to where they are already working. I have asked for my money back and was told that it is non refundable. On the day that they are scheduled to come I get no phone call warning me that they are not coming. I am left to wait thinking that they will show up, soon. On October 2 it will be 8 weeks since I paid money down. Brenda Orange,TX

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