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Dr. Randal Pham

Country United States
State California
City San Jose
Address 989 Story Rd #8063
Phone 408-295-1201

Dr. Randal Pham Reviews

  • Oct 16, 2015

Randal Pham, MD Randall Pham Doctor Pham Doctor Randal Pham Dr. Randal Pham Eye doctor Randal Pham Randal T. Pham Randal Pham MD sued his OWN PATIENTS because they said he ripped off their dad San Jose California

This is literally what the lawsuit says:

"Plaintiff Randal (or “Randall”) Pham is a nationally known ophthalmologist, talk show host, and radio personality in San Jose. Since 2000, Pham’s patients have sued him for medical malpractice at least three times.

Chinh is the grandmother of Defendants Jenny and Alvin. From 1999 until July 2012, Truong was Pham’s patient. For over ten years, Chinh arrived on time for her appointments. And for over ten years, Pham was consistently late in seeing her. Despite arriving on time, Chinh often had to wait over an hour before getting to see her doctor. Defendants Alvin and Jenny often drove their grandmother to her appointments at Pham’s office, each time encountering delays. Only once was Pham on time for Chinh's appointment: On July 7th, 2012 -- after Pham had seen the online reviews, and after he decided to sue Chinh's granddaughter and grandson. Understandably, Chinh is no longer Pham’s patient.

Young Lee is the father of Defendants Jenny and Alvin. Young Lee was one of Pham’s patients for over ten years, from 2000 until 2012. Back in March, Young Lee had an appointment with Pham; Pham was late, of course, but that’s not the end of it. Pham examined Young Lee, who had complained of difficulty reading his computer screen. Pham told Young Lee that he needed eyeglasses, which Pham could sell to him. Those glasses, Pham said, would cost $350, but Pham could give Young Lee a “discount” if Young Lee “paid him right away.” Young Lee agreed, and paid Pham $199 that same evening around 6:30 p.m.

Fifteen minutes after his appointment, Young had a change of heart, and left Pham a voice message canceling the eyeglasses order. The next morning, on March 28, Pham called Young to say he could not cancel the order because the eyeglasses had been “ordered” and had (somehow) already arrived. Young drove to Pham’s office, where Pham presented the “new” glasses, which were dirty and appeared used. When Young took the glasses home and tried to read the computer screen, he could not. The eyeglasses were useless. Young immediately called Pham to complain; Pham was dismissive, telling Young that if he wanted to read better he should “move the computer screen closer.”

Young showed the glasses to his friends and family. They remarked that they recognized the eyeglasses; they were not $350 prescription eyeglasses, but were a pair of common drugstore glasses available for less than $15 at Walgreens. Young’s son, Defendant Alvin, performed an online search and found the exact same pair for less than $16 on

Young returned to Pham’s office on March 29, 2012 and showed Pham a printout of the advertisement. He told Pham the glasses were not worth $200 and demanded a refund. Pham said nothing except that he would not refund the money. Young left the useless glasses at Pham’s office and left.

A few days later, Pham called Young back. After seeing negative reviews about Pham online, Pham had changed his mind about the refund, and said he would refund Young’s money. Pham asked Young to remove the online reviews, which, of course, Young did not write.

This isn’t the first time Pham has defrauded a patient or been late to an appointment. Pham is consistently late to appointments, overbooks his patients, and fraudulently charges prescription prices for over-the-counter eyeglasses. Because of Pham’s systemic pattern of abuse of elderly and Vietnamese immigrant populations, Jenny filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau exposing Pham’s fraud. Pham retaliated by filing this lawsuit against Jenny and Alvin for defamation."

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