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Dr. Melissa C. Chiles, MD

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 1955 W Tc Jester
Phone 713-861-8111

Dr. Melissa C. Chiles, MD Reviews

  • Oct 31, 2018

These are the shadyest people i ever met. they are complete slumlords and bullies. Melissa says she only is answering to the big boss manny in new york, but that's a lie. She is the one who is the bully. She screws you like no ones business. If your late on rent she just breaks the law and locks you out and then threatens to take all your sh*t if you don 't pay. She even tried to take my stuff from a small business hit by the hurricane in houston.

Also, i looked her up and her husband is also taking advantige of people at his pawn shop Bingle pawn over off of 290. These people are the lowest of poeple. They don't care about anyone and all they care about is rent!!! No one ever fixes anything ever but they lock you out of your business as soon as your late.

Someone should investigate these people for criminal charges over the black mold all over their spaces. even their "handyman" told me they never fix nothing and that he always told to rig stuff up because his boss Miss Melissa tells him not to spend any money because manny will get mad. Also they are very prejuddiced against anyone who is gay or black and i saw that old guy outside their office last month over off tc jester and he talked to me like i was trash until he found out i was renting space from them.

I worked hard for what i got and these people don't want to help anyone they just want to rip you off and take whatever you have so they can live fancy!!!!

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