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Dr. Jill Suzanne Maine

Country United States
State California
City Calabasas
Address 26039 Mulholland Hwy,
Phone 818-620-6882

Dr. Jill Suzanne Maine Reviews

  • Feb 22, 2017

Dr. Jill Suzanne Maine is the residential therapist for Balance Treatment Corporation dba Balance Treatment Center, Calabasas, CA.

Dr. Jill Maine's client arrived at noon on Feb. 14, 2017 to Balance Treatment Center after employees from Balance Treatment Center picked him up from the UCLA hospital.

In less than 24 hours, Balance treatment Center's Dr. Jill Maine contacted the patient's parents to insist that they pick her client up as he was not a good fit for their treatment program.

The patient's parents knew that they could not just pick up their son as that was not a safe medical option and Dr. Jill Maine than said that if we refused to do so, she would call the police and tell them that the patient was a threat to staff, and when the police arrived they categorically did not believe Dr. Jill Maine's lies and said that the patient was calm and respectful and just wanted to go to sleep. Dr. Jill Maine than told the Deputy by the name of Matt Doau from the Lost Hills Sheriffs 818-878-1808 that she would charge her own patient/client with Criminal Trespass if the police would not force him off their property!

The patient's parents had no medicines for him and Dr. Jill Maine knew that that her patient/client was considered acute when they approved him for their residential treatment program just one day earlier.

Balance Treatment center took the patient from a safe environment in the hospital only one day earlier, received 100% compensation through a single pay agreement through Blue Shield MHSA managed care, and than within 24 hours threatened their own patient with criminal trespass if the police would not forcibly remove their own patient from their residential care facility. Dr. Jill Maine ordered the officers to do this from the comfort of her own home, and her number is 818-620-6882. The Lost Hills Police Watch Commander Patin at 818-878-8708 can verify just how many times this business does this sort of thing against their own patients. These reckless acts should in and of itself cause Balance Treatment Center to lose their license to do business. Balance Treatment Center solicits business through advertising and their website, and they claim that they take care of mental health patients but than kick them out on the streets when their patients actually require their medical services. Balance Treatment Center is a fraudulent outfit that literally causes significant harm to their patients. Balance Treatment Residential Center is now under investigation by the Joint Commission and Blue Shield of California, and Dr. Maine has a complaint pending with the CA BOARD OF PSYCHOLOGY COMPLAINT NUMBER: 6002017000149 DR. JILL SUZANNE MAINE LICENSE NO. 25472 and patients and families should NOT EVER consider being treated at any Balance Treatment Residential or Outpatient program!

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