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Domenic Scopa Sr

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Braintree
Address 10 Ardmore St

Domenic Scopa Sr Reviews

  • May 28, 2019

Dom Scopa stole drugs from his wife Linda as she was dying of pancreatic cancer. His drug and alcohol fits of rage scare his adult children (one of whom is having a baby in July, he screams at her for having a kid out of wedlock). He kicked his mother in law out of the house, mostly because she likes a little "pick me up” now and again, too. (She-Jean Coleman Davenport- was "allowed to resign her nursing job at Caritas after she was caught -again- stealing meds from women in the maternity ward). Not enough prescription drugs for both of them plus the dying wife/daughter.

Now that hospice is involved, it’s tougher to pilfer the meds so he’s turned to straight heroin. Jean hates heroin; she prefers oxy. You may not want to use Scopa Plumbing, as your deposit likely will go straight to his needle. He’s also maxing his dying wife’s credit cards. Her debts die with her, right?

Two new grandchildren on the way to make sure they have all the finest gear for free. Last time, he and Linda each just declared bankruptcy to erase their hundred thousand plus credit card debt. Drugs, death, lying, cheating, dead beats, oh my!

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