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Discovery Reviews

  • Mar 12, 2021

On February 4th I signed up for the new Discovery+ service. I paid $29.00 for 6 months of service. At the time I signed up, I had an Apple TV device and found that the App was available for that device. I downloaded the app for that device, but when I went to use the app, I found that the Apple remote control was not a very good remote for the user interface that Discovery+ provided. If anyone has used an Apple remote, I'm sure you can understand just how frustrating that remote control can be.

I got so frustrated trying to use the Apple remote to navigate the Discovery+ user interface that I just knew my wife would not be able to use it either, so I canceled my service. Rather than Discovery+ actually cancelling the service, they left it on and I was still able to use it. I recall receiving an email acknowledging that I had cancelled and saying that service would continue until the 6 months were up.

I later aquired an Amazon Fire TV device and downloaded the app for that device because it had a much better remote with actual buttons to navigate the interface.

On March 9th, my wife and I sat down to watch Discvoery+ when I was unexpectedly presented with a message that my account had expired and I had two choices - sign up for new service or get out of the app. I was a bit shocked since I knew I had paid for 6 months of service and only one month had elapsed. Even though I canceled service, my experienc with other streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix always let. you cancel at any time and for any reason. Times that I canceled those services, I was always notified that I could continue to enjoy their services until the time I paid for was up.

Discovery+ just cut off my service with no refund of any kind and no advanced notice. I went to their help page to try and get a telephone number to contact customer service only to learn that they have no telephone number. You can only contact them by email, so I did and asked what was going on.

The customer service representative did get back to me right away but wanted to know why I had canceled the day I signed up. In other words, she implied that they canceled my service just one momth after I paid for 6 months service so they cut my service off - period.

Personally, I feel it's none of their business why I canceled on the day I signed up, but I explained myself anyway regarding the difficulty navigating their user interface with an Apple remote. Her reply was that she would have to speak with someone in a different department to see if she could turn my service on.

There was never any offer to refund 5 months of my 6 month payment, no apology for shutting off my service without warning, nothing.

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