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Country Canada
City Kirkland, Qubac
Address 3551 St. Charles Blvd, Suite #525
Phone 800-804-5445
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  • Nov 23, 2017

COmpany promises 5 years of 5 magazines plus $100 gas voucher plus $500 airline ticket to a choice of destinations. Payment is monthly for 1 year only. After one year the magazine stopped and despite 18 months of follow-up calls, customer service can only "resubmit" renewal request. No refunds or no oother options. Sign-up bounses of the gas voucher and airline ticket never materialized (even after 2.5 years of waiting and phoning). Complete scam. Sarah in customer service escalation department is absolutely not interested in resolving this issue. Contact your bank she says! Do not subscribe to any of these services in the future. Keep your money.

  • May 17, 2016

discount mag

Discount Mag scam and partners in credit seem one and the same, Has to be so. The Real Discount Mag has sent documentation they do not send people to collections, they receive money up front. So how do you account for people being sent to this specific collection agency by quote discount mag, when their corporate office, denies doing so, or even knowledge of partners in credit. Discount mag should be taking legal action against their agent for miss representation of their principals, and damage to their corporate image, as well as partners in credit for knowingly being involved. My guess is there both the same people. or have a common connection, sometimes these scams are very elaborate and take time for investigators to unravel.

  • Mar 30, 2016

I recieved unclaimed reward in mail. turned out tto be discount magazine club with deal. sounded good so i said i wont to see all the offers they were giving me .gave them my credit card and waited. got three letters with junk.called and canceled was told finance department would call and fix problem. my card has been charged four different times for a totale 180.00 . it has been 12 weeks. i have called 5 i was told again that i will be getting a call from financal services.

  • Aug 28, 2015

I am being hounded by “Partners in Credit” a collection agency hired by Discount Mags Club for $458.85 to pay for magazines I NEVER RECEIVED. How did they come up with this amount???

My credit card was debited from Dec until April for 19.95 per month. In May I was issued a new credit card due to my old one having been comprimised by an unknown source.

No longer having access to my new credit card nor abel to steal more money from me, Discount Magazines Club has placed me in a collections agency!!!!

I am told by this agency," unless I pay the $458.85 my credit will be negatively affected for 6 Years!!"

I informed the collection agency of the scam, but they say they are “client bound” to pursue the harassment until I pay.

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