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Discount Motors

Country United States
State Texas
City Arlington
Address 801 W Division
Phone 844-326-5566

Discount Motors Reviews

  • May 10, 2018

In Jan. 2018 I was in desperate need of a vehicle and with both my fiance and I having bad credit, our choice of dealers were limited. After getting in contact with the salesman from this company and finally having a decent down payment saved we went in to purchase a vehicle. At the time of the sale and after test driving it we were aware of what was presented to us as a tranny issue and talked into their service contract. We fell for it, being first time car buyers in Colorado, it seemed like a steal! $100 deductible to fix the tranny? I'm so down! Well not even 2 weeks later we had a tire blow out on us while on I-25, the biggest issue wasn't fixing the was finding someone who would! Not a single tire shop in Pueblo would replace our tire because the car had locking lug nuts and was a "liability" issue and we WERENT provided with the key. After a few days the dealership finally found someone who would fix our tire! Great! Got it fixed and went on our way. 1 week later another blow out...what happened you might ask? The scumbags who broke off my lugnuts to replace my tire put 50! Yes 50 lbs of pressure in my tire! Mind you the car is a dodge charger!! Wtf right?! That's another story. Anyway that same week we started having issue with the car dying whenever the a.c./heater was on! We were told starter/alternator issues on top of shock issues and something in the front end was rattling.. Great! Seevice contract covers that! (Btw we were told that the car had been in a fender bender previously, no biggie) anyway... We finally said it was time to schedule the car to get repaired! We took the car to Pueblo Dodge who eventually told us that the issues were in fact NOT covered by the service contract and that it looked as though the car been totalled before!! Wtf?! So i went back to the dealership and told them what all I had been told and that I wanted a new car!! I was told "sure no big deal fill out a new credit app and we can trade it" sweet! Except that is not at all what happened! We went in with the piece of junk car and test drove other vehicles only to be told after 3 hours of waiting that we would need another $4,800.00 to get into a new vehicle!! Uhm no! Mind you with the issues the car has its KBB value is only $1,900.00 and I still owe over $7,000.00 on it! F*** off! So I'm stuck with a vehicle I cant drive, payments I refuse to pay due to not being able to drive my car and a dealer with no heart or compassion for the people he is supposed to be helping! And I'm out $3,000.00+ I am taking legal action...this cant be right! This cant be legal!!

  • Oct 13, 2015

I purchased a car on June 2 2015 after driving the car for only a couple hours it stopped running. Discount motors said that they would have it repaired and it wouldn't cost me a dime!

After three month and multiple promises that the car would be fixed I am still without a car.

I made every payment on time and they continued to tell me the car would be repaired and returned to me. It is now October 12 2015 and I still have not received my car! I refused to make another payment and now they are calling me asking g for money.

The problem is that they sold me a car that is non repaiable.

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