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Discogs Reviews

  • Aug 20, 2019

Their policy is to let sellers copy and paste items being sold on

Discogs by other sellers with pictures and full description of items

but in reality you buy something less as to what is advertised.


is a Scam and Discogs Support refuses to stop this practise. They

should be banned from online activity by the Federal Goverment, theyScam as do all there sellers.

  • May 31, 2017

Hello ! I am MIRCEA POPA from Romania. I`ve just become a victim on this totally online scam business called DISCOGS located in Beaverton Oregon.Three years ago I decided to become a member of this comuninty making an account because I had some ROMANIAN LP that they aren`t listed on DISCOGS database and I learned that DISCOGS is like WIKIPEDIA of LPs and CDs.GReat idea,I said thinking abot the DISCOGS.So I scanned the LP and I submitted on DATABASE helping other collector to buy or to sell the items. But on 6 May 2016 after I submitted 58 LPs and CDs I received an automatic email from DISCOGS tells me

that I was suspended to put new LP tell me that I have put on CIP (Contributors IMprovement Programs) an automatic software that detects that submissions have errors and the users are punished by forbiding them to put another LP for undetermined time.So to be put out of CIP meaning regain the right to submit new LPs Discogs offer the banned user who submit LPS a "good plan" to be removed from CIP.The user must enter to a forum and gain enough correct votes from other privileged users who had a right of vote the submissions of the users and after obtained enough correct votes,the user will be put out of CIP and regain the right to

submit new LPs.For example if you have 500 LPs and CDs and you want to sell them but the items were not listed on DISCOGS,you will submit them on DISCOGS.But after you submit 50 of them,DISCOGS banned you to submit them telling you that your submissions have errors and you must obtain enough correct votes from other privillege users telling you to enter on Discogs forum on a thread about CIP and request votes.Smells fishy ! So DISCOGS forced you to bribe (with PAYPAL money)other users to vote "correct" your submissions to regain your right to submit again. I told my suspicion on Discogs forum.I was banned imediately and my

thread about this aspect was deleted by Discogs staff.I filed 3-4 complaints(tickets) to the dIscogs staff expressing my indignation about Discogs policy of CIP.On 13 May 2016 I received an email from Discogs telling me that my account was banned from the site meaning my IP address was flagged and I can`t acces my account from my computer.Last year I started to buy some items from Discogs and I have 100% positive feedbacks. Last months I made 3 orders and I wait to receive the package.But I can`t talk to sellers because now I am banned and I can`t acces my private messages or my orders situation.It is a probability that

Discogs will use my personal information without my consent and sell to a third party.It is clear that I was banned because I expose the fraudulent activity of the network to blackmail users to give them money to regain some rights of using the network. I asked many times DISCOGS company staff to restore my account appologizing to what I said telling them that maybe I was wrong.I wrote to Better Business Bureau(BBB) an NGO who mitigates conflicts between companies and consumers.BBB contacted Discogs staff but they don`t responed at BBB solicitation.So DISCOGS banned me because they feared to tell others members from the

site about CIP practices.THis is an act of discrimination because I can`t talk to LP lovers from all over the world. So I was scammed.Discogs looks an excelent idea of LP database but in fact iit is an intelligent online SCAM.Do something to stop this fraud. This is a proof that DISCOGS is a SCA< ON TRUSTPILOT and SITEJABBER Discogs have poor score and very low credibility.On TRUSTPILOT site DISCOGS paid customers to give them positive feedbacks to increase company credibility score.But as you`ve seen positive feedback has NO LIKES but negative receive many LIKES.On SITEJABBER the company doesn`t respond at negative

feedbacks because SITEJABBER is develloped by US Government GRants NSF Foundation( Many customers from all over the world expressed their indignation and anger about the company`s miserable practices.It`s better for you to avoid writiing positive article about this fraudsters.

  • May 29, 2017

Kevin Lewandowski is a crook and a thieve, Discogs is a corporate entity even worse than Amazon, worse than e-Bay.

This company has no phone number to settle disputes or problems, there are no 1-800 numbers, chats, nothing, they remove customers record albums, say what is fake and what is not, take your selling fees, and ban you for life from their web-site.

If you find this hard to believe please check out this link about the company.

After almost 2 years of purchasing albums from Discogs with 91 purchases and over $2500.00 dollars spent on hundreds of albums here's my take on Discogs. About 30% to maybe 35% of the sellers actually use the goldmine grading system that the sellers are required to use! As per the sellers agreement that the sellers have to sign.

The other 65% to 70% over grade by at least one if not two levels and some even more, I have even had sellers tell me they had their own grading system Unfortunately the sellers agreement is not enforced by Discogs when it comes to grading.

When you actually call a seller on their poor grading most of the time they offer you a refund of some percentage to make you happy never actually giving you the record as they described it in their add so it's just another cheap poorly graded record in the collection instead of that near mint copy that you paid for and are now still looking for. Please don't get me wrong I have found some great sellers on Discogs but it is way too small of a percentage and they dont always have the album I am looking for.

So here's what happens if you have a problem with a purchase. I received a $48 dollar record from Switzerland that arrived folded into a very nice V that fit into my mailbox (Duh) really! The seller shipped it in a thin folded over piece of cardboard mailer that was clearly used with labels on top of labels, without a backing board, (funny the seller even admitted that this had happened before) I contacted the seller and let him know, he wanted pictures I sent them, he then wanted me to return the album, I asked him if he would repay return shipping knowing that he was not required to do so and also asked for a return address to ship it to as I could not even come close to reading his chicken scratch, 14 days later I had to ask Discogs to threaten to suspend his account just to get a response with an address, I filed a PayPal dispute after posting in the forum and being told this is what I should do, I also put in a support ticket with Discogs, they did nothing, I won but to get my refund I had to return ship the record with tracking, the cheapest USPS with tracking was $50 and I just cant spend another $50 to get my $48 back, I tried for over 45 days to get the seller to answer yes or no if he would cover the shipping cost, he never did, he also never offered a partial refund to soften the hit, so I left honest, truthful negative feedback without a personal attack in it because I'm out $48 dollars, I have a shattered record and now I have a retaliatory negative feedback that has two personal attacks in it, although Discogs doesnt think so as I asked them to remove it and they wouldnt, this adventure included 2 support tickets with multiple emails and a feedback review with a sorry for your luck statement, thanks so much Discogs.

Bottom line the feedback system on Discogs is a complete Farce that promotes deceptive selling practices. Sellers over-grade records and buyers live in fear of retaliatory negative feedback if you dare to leave legitimate negative feedback, so even if you try to find good sellers amongst the bad ones its pretty much a trial and error and youre out your dough. Buyers are so afraid of getting retaliatory negative feedback that they are leaving positive feedback with a negative remark so really you have to go and read all the feedback and then go to the buyers feedback to see if retaliatory negative feedback was left, its really a convoluted mess that is impossible to navigate and get right. Looking for those really good sellers is getting harder and harder.

I have finely had my fill of feedback insanity, over- graded records and no buyer support that I have decided to never purchase from Discogs again and Im in the process of looking for a different record database program.

Please if youre a collector that cares about his or her records thinking of using Discogs dont save yourself the trouble. If youre a current Discogs user and think their great because you havent had a problem yet, remember that yet stands for Youre Eligible Too and that its not a matter of IF you will have a problem its a matter of WHEN. If you dont really care about the grade of your records Discogs is great but I will leave you with this word of warning, Shipping One record to Europe with tracking from USPS was $50 so steer clear of overseas records as its a total crap shoot that they will get here undamaged, almost all overseas albums that I purchased had at least 2 corner bumps or more (goodbye NearMint) if you have made it this far I thank you for your time.

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