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Direct Express

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Address P.O. Box 245998
Phone 1-888-741-1115

Direct Express Reviews

  • Dec 5, 2016

Hello my name is Catrina Since last year in November 2015 and I've had enough of every month I have to call direct express services and report that creditors were being allowed to take money without my permission. I've had to send my past three months bank statements and highlight the tones I didn't give permission to MNtake anything out. This has been happening since last year and they won't do anything to help me.p lease contact me via email because I'm out of minutes. I need my money back then I'm never going to deal with direct express card services again thank you!!

  • Nov 20, 2016

POS Banking Firm

1) Money stolen from my account by hackers.

2) Reported theft to Direct Express

3) Direct Express sent paperwork to fill out to open claim

4) Sent paperwork back to Direct Express

5) One month later received letter stating claim closed...Direct Express had determined that NO FRAUD had occurred

6) After several days and many phone calls to Direct Express I got an answer to why claim was closed...Direct Express "NEVER" received paperwork

So my question was "how can they determine no fraud had occurred when they "NEVER" got papers to show what to base their so called investigation on?"

Direct Express is a horrible banking institution. Spend a couple more dollars when doing any correspondence when these people... SEND EVERYTHING BY CERTIFIED MAIL. This way they can lie to you about not receiving paperwork but then you can call them out on it as a lie.

Bottom line when dealing with Direct Express... "DO NOT"

  • Oct 1, 2016

Direct express charged me to ship out a new card and closed out my old one now the new card has got here I activated it and today I wasn't able to take off mine and my son ssi benefits. I called direct express they told me it was there error they put my benefits on old card now they would have to send me a new card. I was very upset bc I took out a payday loan that I have to pay back today or I could get into alot of trouble, also I don't know how I will pay my bills and buy diapers for my 2 month old

  • Sep 5, 2016

My Social Security income benefits paid into an account at USDIRECTEXPRESS, ARE NOT ACCESSIBLE! My issued card has expired; I have not received a new one. I have been unable to reach anyone in customer service when I call 1-888-741-1115. I cannot log in, with the expired account number, nor communicate by e-mail or any other means since none exist.

I desperately need my funds. This company, USDIRECT EXPRESS and Comerica bank are both faulty and inadequate to administer a program of such importance. They put at risk the ability to pay benefits directed by the US government of Social Securities.

This is a direct threat to every US citizen entitled to Social Securities or Disabilities benefits.

I guess other possible solutions may be to contact directly Social Securities dept. , US Treasury dept., and my US Senators and Congressmen.

  • Jul 5, 2016

I called my Direct Express debit card which is run by CoAmerica bank and my balance was close to 600.00 earlier in the day. i called later after going to a restaurant that day and my balance is now down to zero dollars. i was shcocked and called Direct Express. I went online to look at my account and two fraudulent charges were made six minutes apart at a Walmart in Tampa, Florida. The purchases totaled close to 600.00 and left me with a balance of zero. The person who did this had to of known my account balance to get it to zero dollars. I contacted Direct Express who told me i have to wait 5 days before I can dispute the "pending charges'. I was stunned that I to wait when they should be cancelling the pending transactions immediately. I called Walmart in Florida and talked to their loss deparment who told me they viewed the camera footage but can't release any information about it to me. Than I went to the police in my hometown to file a police report. i was told that they don't actually call the Walmart or police in Florida cuz it didn't happen in Illinois where I live. Because it happened in Florida the police there would have to handle it. I called the Tampa, Florida police who tell me i have to go through the bank that issued the card. i than called the bank who cancelled the card and is sending me a new one. Now I can't call Direct Express at all because my card is cancelled so i can't put a number in the system to get anybody to talk to. And I tried putting in my social security number which the system tells you to do and it just tells me a new card is on the way and hangs up on me. I was told by Direct express before all this that i have to wait for the charges to go through before I can dispute anything. Now I can't talk to anybody until I get the new card which won't come for 10 days. Obviously, my account was compromised because I still have my card and nobody got my card to do this.

So, Direct Express is useless when this happens and won't help you. The Walmart gives you the runaround and won't give information out cuz they don't want to lose the money. And the police won't do anything cuz it happened in Florida. I have no money to live on now for the month. I rely on my benefits to survive. it is hard enough living on so little and having it stolen from you and the card that Social Security recommends to put your federal benefits on won't even guarantee the safety of my money. I read alot of horror stories about Direct Express never returning the money to victims. So, I could be waiting to find out I never get my money back.

Direct Express and Coamerica Bank are nothing but scum. They do nothing to help identity theft victims. If is different when this happens and you have money to fall back on. When you don't have money to fall back on you are screwed like me. I even called Mastercard which did nothing to help me. Everybody wants to pas the buck and not handle this. Now, I am out my whole check for the month. All my money is gone and Direct Express which is owned by Coamerica bank just tells me to wait through the process of disupting which is going to take longer now cuz i have to wait for a new card in order to call in to their automated system to get someone on the phone to dispute the charges. i mean am I suppose to just go commit suicide. Is that what it will take for this company to take my complaint seriously.

  • Jun 17, 2016

On february 20th 2016 I received a low balance alert on my phone from Direct express. I called them to find out that almost $4000 was gone and my balance was $0 They asked me the tipical questions like did you loan your card out or did you give your password out etc. My answer was no,no,no... I was then required to wait to receive a questionair to fill out and send back with the transactions I was disputing. I did so and waited a few more weeks and never heard back from them. So I called back and was told my case was closed because they could not understand my paperwork? (All it was is a questionair they sent and a bank statment with the trans actions in dispute circled)??

I had to wait again for them to resend another questionair and I sent that back with each transaction written on a paper. That was denied? I did this all over again with the transactions in dispute typed. It was finally excepted in April.

Two months later just to start a claim in their fraud department. On May 27th I received a letter from Direct Express stating that they cannot confirm that fraud occured. When I try to call back and I must say this is an all day thing and very frustraiting going through the effort just to reach someone.

And if you do you will either be cut off as your getting close in reaching the right dept or the automated recorder will tell you to call back later and hang up. When I did reach the first operator she told me to resend the same clame again. I told her let's be real. Your not even the fraud dept and you know that won't work so why are you telling me this. I asked her to transfer me to the level 2 fraud dept where I was then disconnected. By the way the claim denial says to call my local law enforcement for help. My claim is for all international unauthorized transactions. I don't even own a passport.

44 international transactions that all occured the same day from Manglore,Stockholm,Hamburg and beyond. Is my local sherrif going to take care of this for me. I mean is Direct Express not FDIC ? This is money I live on because I am disabled and cannot work. I want to start a class action lawsuit on this behavior from a bank that is suppose to be responsible for handling federial deposits from social security. One other thing I want to add is that this all happened on an un-chipped card from Direct Express. After I reported this they sent me out a chipped card. That alone I thout would give me a leg to stand on since an un-chipped card is more susceptible to fraud. Please Help..

  • May 28, 2016

A few months ago someone got into my account and had a duplicate card sent to them. I reported the problem to direct express and they assured all would be fine. Here's the good part we found out who stole our info now I know you're thinking that's great news.Oh yeah I reported the thieves to the local pd. Today we get a letter from direct express stating the investigation is over and no info found of fraud ,WTF Who the **** is doing the investigation because when you're on a limited income any loss is devastating.At Direct Express no one knows what's going on they did some type of shady investigation and we're probably going to be homeless.Thanks Direct Express U GUYS SUCK!!!!!! .

  • May 6, 2016

Direct Express has taken unauthorized funds from my Social Security acct. which has caused me much stress and elevated health issues . I contacted them immediately when I first noticed , they suggested I close my acct and issued me a new bank card and then file a dispute on the unauthorized chgs , which I did . The very day I called they had 2 more of the unauthorized chgs that were pending and said they would be paying them even though I told them they were not authorized by me . I then had to go to the online bank statement , because that is the only kind of statement they offer , which is terribly hard to understand . And I needed to find the disputed chgs call back and file the disputes they also told me to try and call the places and ask to have money put back in my acct . Several of them offered no phone numbers and bank did not have them either , 2 of them had a website that I tried to find but could not find them . Of the one unauthorized chg that did show a phone number I did call and I was successful at getting them to refund 2 of the chg . The dispute dept then sent me paperwork to fill out for the remaining disputes , I filled out disputes and sent them back. A few weeks later they sent me back 2 letters , one letter said on 1 dispute , not mentioning name of company or date of chg ,

that they were able to get back for me the $89.00 chg and listed the date , but the only credits to my acct that I can see are the 2 chgs refunded to me from company that I had called and had gotten them to issue me a refund . So what they are claiming is that the chg refunded to my acct because I handled it myself , they are claiming that they , the bank, had handled that and they obtained the refund , I know this because I was very careful to use the correct transaction numbers when making my disputes and had not disputed the transactions that I had already got refunds . There are only 2 refund credits to my acct they are from the same company and are the credits I got . If it was true that they had themselves obtained a refund then there would have been 3 credits to my acct . The other letter concerning remainder disputed items came and did not list any transaction numbers , the disputes were not listed seperately and had no names of company that had chg my acct , they listed them in one lump sum and stated they found no errors ???and suggested I take matters up with them ??? I have talked to my bank concerning the refund error and other disputed items only they are rude and condescending , I feel a great amount of anxiety and have to hang up to regroup Still no explanations or refunds and I do not know what to do next , please help

  • Mar 28, 2016

My US Direct Express card was scammed today. I tried calling and reporting the transaction but could not get through to customer service. I kept getting hung up on because they were pretending that they couldn't hear Mr, then they blocked my number.

What happened was I used my card at a 7-11 convenience store and 4 hours later my number was used to get money from an ATM without my card at a location 5 miles away from me, when I tried to report it I couldn't.

  • Mar 21, 2016

My account was compromised direct express disability payments every penny i had taken. i am a single mom with disabled son and due to his sickness i have to stay home and care for him so we live on less than 700 a month. i told the bank the minute the funds got charged and they will not stop it, nothing i said this is all the money my family has can you let me speak to a supervisor fraud dept all was no and i spoke to six people. they cancelled the card said i got to wait five days and then file once they get my money..really why not stop it before it happend

  • Dec 16, 2015

Drect-Express / Comerca has been Stealing moneys off of my Government Direct-Express Debit card for the last 6 years I have called and asked for a yearly statement for the last 6 years and have been Dened the statements . Also when you call direct-express regarding this [ you can tell that the company knows whats going on .

  • Dec 10, 2015

I had a charge in the amount of 341$ overdrawn on my card on 11/12/15.

I reported it immediately and was assured that since I reported my card stolen, I would no longer be liable for unauthorized charges.

While my new card was in transit, Enterprise overdrew my account and additional 371$... Making my account a total of almost 800$ OVERDRAWN.

I received a full credit for both items, then for some reason, Direct Express decided they were going to reverse one of the credits.

I called for an explanation, received none of course. Asked to be transferred to a supervisor and the only thing she was focused on was the "questionnaire" that I had just sent back in.

This was two weeks ago. I have been trying to contact Direct Express disputes for three days straight, the line disconnects as soon as I get through the main menu to the dispute menu.

It is December. That money was for bills and presents for my children. Apparently, no one wants to take responsibility for whatever mistakes they made with my account and now my children and I have to suffer because of it.

This needs to resolved immediately.

***** Just waited an hour and a half on the phone for tier one disputes, to be transferred to tier two disputes and was told by an automated message that due to heavy call volume I will need to call later and the line disconnected.

  • Oct 28, 2015

Was notified by EPIC-ASC that my account balance was low. Upon checking my account balance, I was alarmed to discover that there were six unauthorized charges made on my Master debit card totaling $670.66 and my account was cleaned out with a minus - $50 balance showing! I immediately contacted Direct Express and requested cancellation of that card and informed them of the disputed charges in writing, to include a police report file number. I was given a claimed number and was told it would be 45-90 days before a decision would be made. I requested a provisional credit of $670.66 be credited to the new credit card and requested the security embeded chip. I have called several times since and have been given the complete run around and told that 45-90 was required to complete the investigation.

  • Oct 16, 2015

I am no longer doing business with this company. I can't pay my bills with the card, can't go grocery shopping, can't even purchase gas, even if you use a pin number. Declined. Instead, I have to go to an atm and pay an outrageous fee to get my own d**n money. They claim there are free atms to use, but there are none in my area. The card is basically useless. Have called customer service about the issue. The lady whom I spoke to started arguing with me and hung up on me when I asked to speak to a manager. This clearly is nothing more than a scam by our own government to collect $ via fees. If you have this card, do yourself a favor-go to your local bank and open an account, have it switched. Save yourself from a giant headache. This company blows.

  • Oct 9, 2015

Out of no where ,i recieved a phone call, from people that said they directexpress, giving me phone numbers to call about a unusal charge to my directexpress account. they did not have the account number, but said to contact them by numerous phone numbers. i found this very strange and did not call back. why does such things happen to people?

  • Oct 3, 2015

Believe every complaint you read. Us direct express, direct express debit mastercard comerica bank, is a shady company. I never dealt with a more unprofesional rude and pathetic company. On september 21 i called direct express stated i needed to re-enroll my benefits. She asked if i wanted to pay a fee i said no i get paid in eleven days she said it would arrive before i got paid. I recieved a email confirmation my debit would be available october 2, 2015 at 1:00 am eastern time 12:00 central time. My new card arrived a few days ago. Still at 3:30 am i had no balance. First i spoke to a jeremy, warned me that supervisor would say the same thing. He was cocky and rude. Apparently per supervisor vicky who has no customer service training whatsoever stated "the gal on 21st ordered the wrong card so on september 25, 2015 someone authorized a new one." bull per company website they offer one card.

The direct express card is a prepaid debit card offered by social security and ssi check recipients who wish to recieve their payments electronically. Bottom line they offer one card. So my check was available the proper time just wrong card. Direct express stole my disability check $940. I must wait for the new card i never authorized. Why didn't direct express contact me? Why was i charged a fee for enrolling on 9/21? Is direct express going to pay my late fees. So rude vicky hung up on me twice. I called again spoke to the highest up supervisor, also lack guest service qualities his name was tim. He offered to send a new card for a $13.95 fee you are a joke! when and if i receive my card i will take every cent out and close my account forever. People shouldn't have to tolerate such behavior. 151 i mean 152 complaints. I have just began, by days close i will file a complaint with my local police department.

  • Sep 18, 2015

On July 15, 2015 i recieved payment on my Direct Express debit card in the amount of $870.00. I waited a whole month and three days for the next payment and on August 19, 2015 at about 1am i went to an atm in a chicken place and there was 3 dollars on my debit card i asked where was my money the said that it was a deposit made of $975.00on August the 3rd and i said how is that possible when the last 5 years i recieved payment on the 3rd week of every month and now all of the money was withdrawn off my card.

They told me to cancel my debit card and they will send me a new card in two days, and that i had to file a report to claim that i didn't recieve payment the were suppose to send me a letter to fill out but they never sent the letter, so i called two weeks later. a woman that worked for the said to write a letter of my own she gave me a claim number and said i had to send it in before the 3rd of October and they would give me a credit or try to put the money back on my card but i never recieved monies for the month of August 2015 i want my money its the right thing for them to do.

  • Sep 5, 2015

I went online to check for my social security money and found my account suspended for fraud the notation saidl On calling to find out why, I was told Someone obtained and used my debit card number, social security number and other identification information and called Direct Express reporting my debit card lost, requesting a new one and made a change of address from my address in upper Marlboro, Maryland to the 6900 block of SW 2nd street, Miami, Florida. Now the report of a lost card, the request for a new one and an address change all on one day should have been a red flag to the Direct Express person who ordered the new card shipped expeditiously by UPS to the thieves.

issues with Direct Express [email protected]

Furthermore, Direct Express took money from my handicapped son's Direct Express debit card account to Expedite the new debit card for my account to the thieves. His debit card account had nothing to do with my .debit card account but not to the dumbo at Direct Express. who ordered the card shipped out to the thieves. After the card was shipped someone at Direct Express caught it and put a suspension for fraud on my card. For all I know, this could have been an inside job by one of the Direct Express employees.

There was a tracking number for UPS listed under my son's account. I clicked that tracking number which led to the UPS website where i saw the address the card was being shipped to. However I didn't know what was being shipped at that time. I went back to the Direct Express site and clicked on the suspension for fraud message which led to another page with a message printed in red type telling me to call regarding the fraud. That should have been on the first page.

I called and learned what had taken place. I told them, I have not lost my cards. I have them right here in front of my very eyes. I didn't move. I am still here at the same address in Upper Marlboro, MD where I have been for the last 8 1/2 years. I did not report my card lost nor did I request an address change. I asked them to cancel the card they shipped and issue me a new card so I can access my money to buy food and pay rent; and told them I saw where UPS said on their webpage for the tracking number that they have made two attempts to deliver the package but could not leave it because no one was there to receive it. They were going to attempt another delivery the next day.

The Direct Express representative told me to go to social security and find out if my address was changed there. I asked "then what?" He said then call us. I asked what will happen after that? He told me to just check wirh Social Security to see if my address has been changed then call them back. I checked, and it had not been changed. I called Direct Express back, got another person who told me that I needed to tell Social Security that they needed to follow the POMS process. I asked what did the letters stand for. He claimed not to know.

I called social security about following the POMS process. I was told she never heard of it and they weren't going to do whatever it was. Frustrated, I called Direct Express and asked why they can't send me replacement cards? This one read the note to me about my being told about the POMS process needing to be followed by social security. I pointed out to her that they didn't send the thieves to social security to tell them about the POMS process when they changed my address and shipped new cards to them but I'm the victim and you all run me back and forth to social security.

I asked to speak to the supervisor. She came to the phone already aprised by the representative I had just spoken to and told me I needed to tell social security that they need to follow the MOU process. I asked what was that. She said socil security will know and they have a manual on this that they must follow. I asked why does social security have to jump through hoops when you (Direct Express) is the ones that changed my address, shipped a new card and you didn't tell the thieves to run back and forth to social security with a different message from you.

I had to call the Finance Management Service dept of the US Dept of the Treasury in order to get both Direct Express and Social Security to budge. The person I spoke with at the Finance Management Service office told me he would make sure the right person is given the message I told him and he promised someone would call me that day. Folks from both Direct Express and Social Security called me telling me what they were going to do to assist me. Direct Express said he would get me another card. I reminded him that my son needed another card too and the $13.50 refunded to him that they used to expedite the UPS shipment of the card to the thieves. He said he would look into that but still tried to keep dragging their feet but gathered the information about my identity and said. He would get back with me. I missed his call the next day but called him back to day.

I asked when I could expect the card, about how long will it take. He said by regular mail... I asked why he had to send it by regular mail when Direct Express expedited shipment of a new card to my account by UPS? Why can't you expedite a card to me by UPS? He got real testy and defensive. I asked to speak with his supervisor but he gave me some excuse; I asked for his supervisor's name and phone number but he refused to give it to me. I reminded him that when a customer asks to speak with the supervisor, he is supposed to let them. He got smart mouth and asked me if I wanted him to stop helping me. I asked if he was threatening me. Then I stopped this bantering back and forth with him as he was trying to make me beg him to keep helping me. I told him I was going to call CoAmerica and report him. CoAmerica called him to fix the situation. He'd told me that on our first call. I also told him I was going to report what he'd just said to me to the Finance Management Service dept in the US Treasury Dept. I went to the website of the Treasury Dept; found a place where I could send a complaint.

In less than two hours he called me back with a brand new, humble attitude. He told me my card would be expedited to me in two days by UPS. Use this email address regarding issues with Direct Express [email protected]

  • Aug 21, 2015

I have a direct express card that my soc sec monthly payment comes on it on the first of the month. My wallet was stolen on the second of August 2015. Direct express will not allow me to cancell it or speak to anyone and my money is gone now because whoever stoled my wallet has now as of today changed my pin so they can just go ahead and keep getting my income and I can't seem to do anything about it ,because thy won't allow me to


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