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Direct Energy

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 12 Greenway Plaza Suite 250
Phone 1-713-877-3500
Website ttps://

Direct Energy Reviews

  • Feb 11, 2020

Possibly because I miss read letter to renew service contract. I thought the letter said if I do nothing cost or contract would stay the same. the price of gas per therm more than doubled. the last bill they knew I cancelled the service and added another $132.00 to the already high bill.

my last three bills were $95.00, $224.00, and the last one was $266.00 and they added another $133.00 to that one for additional products and services after I dropped the service.

  • Jul 20, 2017

Direct Energy is a complete scam and fraud. Apparantly they signed my (elderly) Dad up over a year ago! My dad is a honest person and always has payed his bills no matter what amount and on time!!! He had no clue he was signed up for Direct Energy until recently when he received a bill in the mail and it was much higher than his last months bill. I looked the bill over and saw that there were Direct Energy charges on his bill. Called NYSEG and they explained to me that my dad had other suppliers besides NYSEG. I immediately called Direct Energy and cancelled. However the budget that THEY set for him was under his supposidly usage and in the end he has been behind for over a year in their charges.

They could not provide me with written consent that he wanted these services nor a phone recorded conversation that he approved for these services. I need your help to get some type of reimbursement for my dad for over a year of services that he yes used but had no knowlegde of. All this time he just thought NYSEG was his supplier. Had Direct Energy not raised their price in charging we would have never found out. He is a honest honest person, he's worked hard his whole life. He is elderly and has bad eyesight and hearing. He just goes with the flow of daily life activities including paying his bills and not questioning things until they become extremely high and he is on a fix budget. Please help him in this matter!

  • Dec 15, 2016

I went with DE in 2012 , thinking I was saving money , and just did a check, looking at my last bill of Nov / Dev 2016 , and Nov Dec 2015. Looked at the DE cost and the Consumers Energy cost ( Michigan ) to my surprise Direct Energy has been stealing from me for years , YEARS. Last Month they charged me $8.25 MCS , the Consumers Energy rate was $2.87 , so they charges me almost 300% more for thhe same product . Last December the Direct Energy rate was $6.80 and the Consumers Energy rate was $3.16 , so it was onnly 200% more last year .

  • Dec 4, 2015

I moved into my home 6 years ago. It was the first time I owned a home and my insurance company said that I would need a new furnace. I just spent all the money I had on buying the house and needed to get some financing for the furnace. I called direct energy as they had some deals for high efficency furnaces and financing available.

I had them come in and take a look. The sales guy came in and said it wouldn't be a problem. He did a contract and I signed it as the furnace seemed like a good deal and of course added value to the house.

I never got any paper work except the contract. No ammortorization schedule saying that you aren't even paying the interest.

I sold my house recently and the realtor told me to pay off the furnace before closing as a owned furnace will be better than a financed one.

I called snap Financial today and found out that I owe more now than I paid for the furnace in the first place. The cost of the Furnace was 5900$ roughly installed. I called 6.5 years later to pay it off and I still owe 4457. In those 6 years I have paid a total of $5200.

I knew in the end I would be paying for the furnace plus a big finance charge. But this seems a little ridiculous.

I am basically here to tell anyone that needs a new furnace don't get suckered buy these guys.

I am not even sure how much I would have had to pay to Snap Financial if I didn't do a buyout.

Don't finance a furnace afrom Snap Financial and Direct energy. They will sell you on small monthly payments for the rest of your life.

Hope this helps others.

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