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Diet wellness wizard

Country United States
State Tennessee
Address 314 mcbrien rd apt A 42
Phone 4237553083

Diet wellness wizard Reviews

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  • May 12, 2018

I saw an ad on facebook for forskolin, an herbal weight loss supplement. I read everything on the site the link took me to and was supposed to get a free 14 day trial, just pay shipping. I paid 4.95 for the shipping and received the forskolin about 5 days later. It made me sick so i only took about half of them. 2 weeks later they charged my credit card for 79.97 and i never received another bottle. When i called to cancel and get a refund they said i could not be refunded. That the first 'free' shipment included a month's supply but it did not. The lady was extremely rude. I asked for a supervisor and she said she was a supervisor and there was nothing she could do bc it was in the fine print that i had to call and cancel. It wasn't, i read the whole thing bc i wanted to know how much it was at regular price and if they automatically sent out more without me ordering it. It didn't say anywhere how much it was or that i had to call to cancel. This is a scam. Those pills might work for some people, i did research on them before i took them and they supposedly do help u to lose weight so if anyone wants to try them please don't order them through facebook or from diet wellness wizard!

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  • Sep 10, 2018

Contact info incorrect

I wrote the initial review, I apparently misread something and put my info where I was supposed to put diet wellness wizard's info. I have emailed y-scam to take off my info but it's still here so if you're looking for diet wellness wizard's phone number, it is +18882506768

  • Sep 23, 2018

My address is on a report I made

I wrote the report on diet wellness wizard and y-scam has put my info (my address and phone number) on the report as diet wellness wizard's info. I have contacted y-scam several times but they have not contacted me to fix it and my info is still there. This is a great website to help people to not get scammed but I'm getting really pissed off that they put my info for everyone to see and not fixing it. They could at least email me back or something. But for anyone looking for contact info on diet wellness wizard, I still have their phone number from when they scammed me. Its 888 250 6768

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