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Diego MasMarques

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Marlborough
Address 4512 Willow Trail

Diego MasMarques Reviews

  • Nov 28, 2018

Diego masmarques may be bipolar and dangerous and should not be approached. He has consistently been slandering and defaming greenspan and his family webwide. Much of his lies are actually what masmarques does himself, which he wrongly projects onto greenspan as displacement. This criminal has violated the terms of the restraining order served to him on october 9, 2018. Also, he’s possibly gay with his constant postings of greenspan in gay pornographic content. Perhaps he fantasizes doing greenspan with bdsm in the bedroom while jerking off to his pictures. Lol

This is the case that greenspan had shared on his site regarding this matter: https://www.Plainsite.Org/dockets/3a4l9qm45/superior-court-of-california-county-of-santa-clara/greenspan-v-masmarques/

Don’t believe whatever bullshit this insane, bipolar, psychopathic crackhead spews out.

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