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Design Furnishings

Country United States
State California
City West Sacramento
Address 3919 Channel Dr
Phone 916-930-6600

Design Furnishings Reviews

  • Apr 3, 2017

Purchased over $4000 worth of furniture from this company on March 13 2013 which was 4 years ago and contacted the company 8 months after purchasing the items and informed them that the furniture looked like it was melting. Never received a response and followed up a couple months later with a phone call and voicemail with still no response. I then decided to just ride it out and see how it transpired because I did not have time to keep trying to contact them so over the next couple of years I slowly watched the furniture just fall apart and this year its not even usable. I pulled it out of storage and all of the wicker has separated and fell apart. Literally the furniture disintegrated. I sent them pic the other day again and asked for help and they said the couldn't do anything because it had been 4 years. Keep in mind I had contacted them just a few months about this problem initially multiple times and never received a response.

Reguardless anyone would expect to get more than 4 years out of $4050 worth of furniture. That is basically paying $1000 a year for furniture. Most people wouldn't know what the life expectancy would be for outdoor furniture so let me put it this way. I have a house boat with the same kind of wicker furniture that has been on it for 8 years subject to way more elements than backyard and it shows no sign of wear especially not fallen to pieces and unable anymore. This places furniture is junk and overpriced, the customer service is horrible and the warranties are a joke. They won't call you back or reply to a email if there is a chance of it being replaced under warranty but when they know warranty has expired they will quickly reply and tell you tough luck and be extremely rude. I thought at the least the would offer a discount on something else just as a act of generosity for the poor quality furniture and the lack of replies from cutover service on the initial complaint but they said the were not going to do anything and took no responsibility for no responses or the furniture defects and pretty much told me dont let the door knob hit you on the way to another store. If you want to throw thousands down the drain and be lied to about warranties then this is the place if not then I highly suggest finding another company and manufacture because this is overpriced junk!!!

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