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DermaLuxe Reviews

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  • Jun 13, 2016

So the product "Hydra Stem Cell Serum" appears on Facebook. They say "Try with no risk" they say "Highest quality skincare at its best." So you sign up for a trial of the serum then they hit you with "Hey you can also get the Dermaluxe Snake Venom for just $4.95. It will remove wrinkles like nothing you've ever seen. I got sucked in because, you know, they have pictures of what looks like real doctors on their site. Well, like many others, my face developed a rash or hives from both of the products. I cancelled before the 14 days but did not write down the confirmation code. After several weeks I received a shipment of both products. I checked my credit card and I had been charged for 2 shipments. And we're talking about $90 for each product.

I went through the torture of trying to understand and deal with customer service. They kept saying, "look for an email about the refund and a bonus offer we are sending you." Called twice, still haven't received an email. I protested all my credit card charges. My advice, run as far as you can from these products. They wanted a confirmation code. And the nasty products are very thin, clear looking lotions...definitely not creams. I started scratching my face within 5 hours. They caused one of my eyes to swell up. Just don't do it!!! Don't get enticed!! They are a total scam and they make money from people forgetting to cancel or not having their cancellation number. Customer service could care less about you!! I feel so strongly about this. I am tired of these kinds of ripoffs!

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  • Aug 13, 2015

I was taking some surveys on the internet and a box popped up and said this is a free gift for you. You could pick one. I picked this DermaLuxe Cream. It was 4.95 shipping. There was nothing else said about it, except it was a trial offer. The 8/10/2015 my banking account had a preauthorization charge for 127.53. I called 18779144150 and they couldn't tell me how much they were trying to take out of my account. They repeated that they had no product for that ammount. I explained that this was fraudulent and they argued with me and kept repeating their canned statement. I asked for a supervisor on several occasions and they said one was not availaable. I also called 1-844-410-7595, 1-877-318-2094. then I started to investigate and all these numbers show up on internett with asian writing and nothing else. Have no idea what it means. When I said that I was going to file a complaint and that they were commiting fraud then they said that they would take that off my account. Never did get a supervisor and was put on hold to wait at one point and finally hung up after 87 minutes.

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  • May 24, 2016


Ordered off of a website... when I went back to the same website later that night, the product name had changed and all the links were dead. I immediately cancelled the credit card I had used... the product arrived 3 days later and my cc was only billed the $12.00 or so for those 2 products. They can try to bill me for more, but they will fail because the card is closed. Yep, it is a fraud.

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  • Sep 26, 2015

Got a pop up on Facebook about a cream for wrinkles and younger skin... the advertisement was for shipping and handling trial for $4.95, then with in 2 weeks I receive debit account charges for $92.53 and $89.95 total of $182.48 that I did not authorize!!!

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  • Apr 8, 2016

I was offered one of a number of free prizes proporting to be from a company that we use. I was only to pay the 4.95 shipping for a beaty product Dermaluxe wrinkle eliminator. I received the sample bottle, but also $100 charges on my credit card for additional products. The out-sourced representatives were hard to understand and most unhelpful. Finally through demands and threatening they offered to return 35% of their fradulent charges to my credit carad.

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  • Sep 12, 2015

My story is exactly the same as Sue who also wrote a report on these stupid, fraudulent, harrassing products. I also, against my better judgment got the trial sized DermaLuxe and Vibrant Skin produts. They promise amazing things and thought I would just check it out seeing as I can cancel if I do it within two weeks of ordering products.

No only do they absolutely not do what they claim, they made my skin even more dry. So I call to cancel the subscription and THEY WON'T LET ME!! The guy kept asking me all these questions about what are my problem areas, how am I using it, etc.

I told him I don't want to answer all these questions, I just want to cancel. He wouldn't do it. So I finally answered all the questions and he says they know looking younger is important to me and they want me to get the full benefits of the product.

I told him I want to cancel; the product doesn't work. He says they will not charge me now and will extend the trial offer for two more weeks "to get the full benefit" and then I can call them back before October 1 to cancel if I still want to. I said, "You're not going to let me cancel??" He says, "No, Shanna, we want you to get the full benefits and to use another two weeks. Just call us back before Oct 1 if you still want to cancel."

I could not believe it!! I have never heard of a company NOT LETTING YOU CANCEL! So then I called the other company and they are linked and he says it has already been noted that they have extended my "free" trial for another two weeks and to call back in two weeks if I want to cancel.

DO NOT order these trials. They are, first, no better than your average drug store creams and second, you will have a heck of a time getting out of it.

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  • Aug 27, 2015

After watching a popup video, and against my better judgment, I ordered Dermaluxe and Vibrant Skin. The terms were clear that these $4.95 products were trial sizes, that would auto-renew monthly automatically if the order was not cancelled with 14 days of placing the order.

First, the orders were shipped separately, and the second trial order was not even shipped until I tried to cancel the auto renew. Upon trying to do that, I was informed that the Vibrant Skin was 'in transit' and a vital part of the 'system' working to reduce wrinkles, etc. To make it easier for me, the company would extend my trial offer by another 14 days. I went a long with it....

I rec'd and used both products for a number of days. THe only difference I noticed was my eye wouldn't stop twitching...that may or may not have anything to do with the product.

With a number of days left in the extended trial, I called to cancel any further shipments.

I was able to easily get through on the tollfree number, and talk to a foreign woman, who quickly found my order.

She clearly has a script that she is required to go through, and would not simply take my request to cancel. All her T's had to be crossed. When I told her it gave me hives, she ignored that, pounding me with questions about the problem area I wanted to address, how was I using the product, etc......she was filling out a form, trying to address all my issues, and clearly not taking 'cancel' as an acceptable answer.

Sadly, aftert twenty minutes of continually saying, "I am allergic to your product. Please cancel the auto-renew" and being ignored or rebuffed, I resorted to raising my voice......and the woman continued as if nothing had changed and continued to harangue me about the product and how to use it. SHe offered to lengthen the trial period...anything to keep me from cancelling.

I then started yelling AND swearing.......nothing. The verbal patter continued. It was not until I told her I was recording the call, that she replied, she was too, then gave me my cancellation numbers, and said an email confirming this would follow. Funny thing is, when I asked her to repeat the numbers, they were different and no email has yet been rec'd.

I will monitor this on my credit card and dispute any further charges. I suspect this is not the end of it.

Also~~once you go to the website, and there are many, it is hard to get it to close....lots of popups.

Buyer beware.

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  • May 5, 2016

Pop up showed up on my ipad, ordered product with a 14 day cancelation offer. I canceled the product with the customer service rep. The following month another charge showed up on my banking receipt. I called a second time, the background noise was so bad i had to repeat myself a number of time, the service rep put me on hold for an extended period of time until i hung up. I will be fileing a complaint with the bbb and advising my bank of the issue with this company. They need to be stopped and now!!!!!!!!!!

  • May 5, 2016

WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went through the same process as all of the other people roped into using this product. Pop Up offer, called and canceled, next month an amount showed on my bank statement, and received another shipment. I have filed a claim with the BBB and filed a claim with my bank. I am past being enraged!!

  • Apr 11, 2016

I'm sending the product back f or a full refund and keeping my fingers crossed after reading other complaints on your weight. I should've researched this scam in advance instead of after. Now I owe my bank around $200.00 in just fees and I only have as I f or income so now I concerned I'll never get caught up.

  • Apr 7, 2016

I wanted to try dermaluxe for the fine lines around the eye area, when i filled out the form there was no mention of being placed on auto shipments or money removed from my account for this. I called the customer service number 844-410-7595 & attempted to speak w/ a woman who barely spoke english, talked over me w/ the written script marketers use & hung up on me as i asked to speak w/ a supervisor...She hung up on me!!! i immediately called back, same situation just another person, i again stated my wish to speak to someone of authority & understanding of both the misleading situation & english, that i would be reporting them to the bbb...I got free offers, unbelievable discounts...Etc., finally she said she'd note cancellation on my account & hung up on me!!! i'm assuming i'll have to call & deal w/ them before the "free" trial ends!!!!! this has been so frustrating & wrong!!!

  • Apr 7, 2016

I called several times On hold 20+ minutes) and finally got a customer service rep. Very noisy: had to repeat everything!

I explained that i wanted to return the product and cancel auto membership.

I told her that the product was making my skin red, itchy and burning. She asked me how i was using the product Washing my face, applying the cream). She told me that i had to continue to use the product, and i was using it wrong. What!

After a heated argument, i told her i was sending the two jars back and i had already contacted bank of america to dispute the charges. She continued to argue, would not listen and continued to babble on and on. No resolution.

  • Mar 16, 2016

Dermaluxe is a fraud.

First off, I figured it was a scam, but I read through the whole advertisement and no where did it say there was a 14 day trial period or that I would be charged more money. I would have never ordered it. The only reason why I clicked on the advertisement is because it was on my news feed on Facebook. I purchased the free trial a week ago. It took 3 days to get to me and I used it for 7 days. I happened to check my credit card and found out that they charged me $92.53. I called customer service and some Asian speaking person reading from a script informed me that after my 14 day trial I would be enrolled at a cost of $92.53 per month every month automatically. WTF did I just hear. No refund and now they control my credit card. Forget trying to speak to anyone that is American or asking for a supervisor. They like hanging up on you. I know because I called at least 7 times. In the meantime I called my credit card company and told them about the charge and that I never authorized them to charge my card. So they are now taking care of this. This company needs to be stopped for stealing our money. I told the girl, my next step is to make a complaint to my Attorney General. (I really don't know who to call, but I will figure it out). Please read these comments and don't order this product. It's nothing but a big pain in the ass trying to get your money back. Believe us, you will want your money back if you order this product. Buyer beware! WTF was I thinking. Never again. I wish I had read reviews for this product before I purchased it, I would have saved a lot of aggravation.

  • Mar 16, 2016

DurmaLuxe is Fraudulent!

I saw the pop up on Facebook ( who should be verifying if advertising companies are legit and have no customer complaints before allowing them to advertise) and said the trail size cream was just $4.95 for shipping. Did not see a future billing after a certain time period and two weeks later billed for $99.00 which I did not authorize. Health and Beauty Benefits in Las Vegas was the shipping agent and my bank gave me their telephone number to dispute it but the number doesn't even ring! Facebook should do a check of the companies they let purchase advertising spots on their social media as anything else I see I will be sceptical of and leave Facebook all together.

  • Mar 14, 2016

I ordered four products online from this company on 2/24/2016. I was charged for two of the products immediately and paid shipping and handling for two other products with a 14 day free trial. I got all 4 products 13 days later on March 7th when I called customer service to make sure that I used the products correctly. After using them for 2 days, my skin was red and irritated. I called to get information on March 10th to find out the return and cancellation procedure. I was hung up on multiple times. The person who finally talked to me read from a script, saying I could not return the products or get a refund. Finally, I was told that I would be "given" $31.38 back of the $89.95 they had charged me because my trial was over. They would not discuss the two products I had paid for immediately on 2/24/16 for $79.84. I was told that there would no more charges. Also, no other products would be shipped. The next day, my account was charged $92.53. I called on 3/12/16 to complain and ask again for a refund. After multiple attempts to talk with customer service in which they read their scripts and/or hung up on me, I was told I would be "given" $69.39 back because it was after my trial. Again, I was assured that I would not have additional charges or product.

  • Mar 3, 2016

Saw ad on Yahoo with Meryl Steep and Christie Brinkley to name a few advocating an anti-wrinkling product samples that supposedly they use. Hey who doesn't want to look as good as these two ladies? So I clicked on it and it took me to a site to order DermaLuxe and a second sample called Hydra Stem Cell Serum. I received the product approximately 1 week later - no information on how to use, so I went to the add again. Noticed that the product name changed to Luxcell but everything else was the same, including the testimonials that stated they had just posted "2hr, 10hr, 2 days" you get the idea, they were the same testimonials as the previous week. I called the customer service line, got disconnected twice before getting a guy. When I told him I was sent the wrong stuff (according to the ad I was looking at) he told me their warehouse must have made a mistake "both products are sent out" but reassured me I would love the product I received and that I should take advantage of the product. He asked about my skin and areas I was concerned about and why. Than he mentioned something about calling back by March 23 but because of his accent, I could not understand clearly. I did an internet search and found some negative reports on the company; later I filed a report with BBB. The next day I called again, and again got disconnected before talking to a female this time. I told her to cancel my account and any future charges to my credit card. I had spoken to my bank earlier and had them put a block to any future charges from this company. The other interesting thing is that the charges for the same company was posted to my credit card from two different companies--hmmm. Lesson learned...

  • Mar 3, 2016

After seeing an ad on facebook. I was offered a free sample of Demaluxe. It was originally suppose to be 4.95 for shipping. as the credit card number was entered the page went down and was unretrivable. No emails were sent confirming my order. two weeks later a charge of 92.00 was billed to my account. The call center was not located in the US. I ask for a suporvisor and was told there wasn't one. I will be contacting the BBB and my bank next. Beware of this site.

  • Feb 3, 2016

I order this cream.. well i tryed it and it left brown spots on my face ..well they took 92.oo from my account no noctice at all saying this will happern ..i called told them i dont want any of their stuff that dont work and messed my face up..told the guy to cancell all i keep getting is your not using right and ill send you this and that for free and ill give you 35% back after fighting with this guy i dont want anything from you i had to hang up just would not listen im only wanting my 92.00 back not the crap that dont work

  • Jan 6, 2016

I would like to report fraud! I ordered a 14 day trial with payment of shipping only. and I can cancel before the 14 days, which I actually cancelled on the first day of ordering. They withdrew shipping, plus cost of cream on Jan 1, and on Jan 4, they withdrew 92.53 again and they will not reimburse my checking account.

Dermaluxe is a fraud....they need to be stopped!

  • Dec 7, 2015

Dermalute fails to clearly reveal the issues regarding a Free Trial Offer. When consumer attempt to cancel recurring charges on bank statment, customer service represents disconnects caller and is rude. I had to call several times and repeat my statment that I was unsatisfied with the product Dermalute skin care products and advised that I didn't want to be charged in the future. I also stated that I will be contact my finacial instuition and speak to the fraud department to block any future access. Comsumer beware this is a scam my account was charge 200% more than the product is valued at.

  • Nov 18, 2015

I stupidly fell for the promise of youthful skin in a jar. Dr. Oz endorsed it......why would it not work? Hmmm, I can try it for free with only a modest shipping cost. OK. Gave them all my info without searching the fine print which was at least 3 shades lighter than all the advertising and lauding by shills of their miracle product. I confirmed my order at which point I realized they added an additional product and shipping fee. It was only a few dollars more so I was ready to just let it go when I saw a faded paragraph that informed me that after my 14 day trial I would be enrolled at a cost of $92.53 per month. WHAT?? I could cancel anytime after my enrollment. What did I just get myself into?

I immediately called their customer service number. I was disconnected twice at the point of holding for a representative. The third call was answered after holding for only a few minutes by a foreign woman that was very hard to understand. I told her that I did not want their products and to please cancel my order. She asked me to answer her questions first. Her 1st question was "What area of your skin are you concerned about"? I told her that I would not answer her questions and only wanted to cancel my order. She would say ok and that she was starting the process but I needed to answer her questions first. She again asked me about my skin and I again told her I only wanted to cancel. This went on for more than ten minutes (same d**n question over and over) at which point I was screaming at her to just cancel my order and give me a cancellation number. She told me she would cancel my order if I would call back the next day. Unbelievable!!! I refused and threatened to report the company to the Attorney General if she did not cancel my order NOW. She finally gave me a cancellation number and I hung up on her before she could ask me about my skin again.

I did not trust that my order and enrollment would be cancelled by this "person" that I now think was a computer. I searched through the entire advertisement and could not find a company name. I called my credit card company and explained the situation. I disputed the charges for shipment and cancelled out my card. What an inconvenience and waste of my time. Shame on me....I knew better.

  • Oct 26, 2015

The website I ordered from didn't not have all the information You would need. I did not just fall of the Turnip truck, I looked for info about subscribING and unsubscribbing found nothing Decided it was safety try. Received product and want happy with it, no change. Received a bill very short time later for over 160.00$. Called to inquire and was told in no certain terms I would have to pay. To say I got angry is an understatement! The guy was a Wiseass,I apologized twice,he hung up. To say I'm enraged would be the word. ..

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