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Deluxe Entertainment

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Perivale
Address Deluxe House, Unit 32 Perivale Park
Phone 1 (818) 260-7005

Deluxe Entertainment Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2019

I am sorry to say that I am one of the many unfortunate employees that have been "let go", due to the recent Deluxe Bankruptcy Filing. I have been an employee for more then 5 year. I have loved my job co-workers. There is always a "cost to doing business" in most businessness, Hollywood is not exception.

I am not posting this to be vindictve. I am only dissapointed that I was one of the employees that "drank the kool-aid". For the past 2 years myself and co-workers have been awaiting pay raises, that are directly related to our perfomance. We worked extra hours, weekends etc, to make sure we never missed a MARVEL STUDIOS deadline. We were continually promised "Pay Raises" and "Performance Bonuses". We busted our A** to delver on-time, or actually Early.

Sadly we never received what was promised,, and now we have lost our jobs.

Deluxe's financial state is unfortuante. Though what really is a punch in the gut, was rather then reward us as promised for our work. Deluxe (Stereo-D) Rewarded Marvel. I understand there is a 'Cost to doing business", they Stereo D, continually rewarded Evan Jacobs and Victoria Alonso.

I do not have personal knowledge of what VIcotora Alonso received. That information is far above my Pay Grade. Though we had direct contact with Evan Jacobs. Evan continually bragged about himself, and what he was buying.

He continually showed us pictures on his iPhone and would say ... THANK YOU STEREO-D!!! and and smile and laugh, or just make funny faces. These pictures included a Solar System for his home, Landscapping for his home, 2 Tesla's. Need I say anymore.

Several of us had seen invoicing to Marvel that had Businsess Line Expenses to Marvel, that were Miscellaneous. Now that they have filed for Bankruptcy Protection, we can only hope that forensic accounts, look into the "unexplained expensnes" were claimed, and follow the money.

That is all I am hoping by this post, is that someone in authority Follows The Money.

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