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report scam

Country United States
State Alabama
City unknown
Phone 888 569-5744 ( and 888 569-5944 (Luxury on Demand)
Website (Report a scam website) Reviews

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  • Jun 29, 2018

The wallgreen's website indicated i had earned a bonus offer for my purchases and offered a free watch and sunglasses for the price of only shipping.

We just realized that has been billing our credit card for products never requested or purchased. The billing first occurred on 5/16/18 for $5.99 and $6.99. We were again billed for $98.95 on 5/30/18, and a second time for another $98.95 on the same date.

When we checked phone numbers, we learned that has two telephone numbers listed on our credit card statement. The second telephone number connected us with a company called luxury on demand. We believe several employees are involved in committing consumer credit card fraud.

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