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Deca Property Management

Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint Louis
Address 9630 Gravois Rd
Phone 1 314-631-3306

Deca Property Management Reviews

  • Jun 9, 2021

Deca Property Management at 9630 Gravois Rd, Affton MO 63123 is falsifying African American tenants signatures (using DocuSign app) : at Gravois on the Green apartments 7201-7205 Gravois Ave, St Louis MO, Deca is telling all Cell phone carriers that they have "Permissible Purpose" to electronically gain ALL ACCESS ie stalk tenants cell phones (particularly GPS, emails, calendars and calls) . When the tenants change phone number or carrier Deca continues to aggressively electronically stalk the tenant, showing a falsified signature.

This is how the maintenance and contractors are continuing to steal from African American residents. They always know when tenants have appointments, when tenants are gone for as little as 30 minutes.

  • Feb 6, 2021

Discrimination & Covid19 at 7201-7205 Gravois Ave, St Louis MO 63116: the maintenance men are repeatedly breaking into 2nd floor female tenants apartments (the tenants paying a premium). Some residents are paying $400 less than others, yet the "very heavy" maintenance man thinks "they haven't paid their dues" (unquote).

The "very heavy" maintenance man broke into a 2nd fl apt on Thur 2-4-21, did a clean sweep: opened sealed bags in the bedroom, ransacked every drawer in the bedroom, opened luggage, ransacked the kitchen drawers and cupboards, ransacked all closets, etc.

Deca Realty management has given the all-white maintenance crew permission to invade privacy, break into apartments and steal.

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