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Custom Concepts Tinting

Country United States
State Nevada
City Reno
Address 100 Gentry Way
Phone 775-828-2444

Custom Concepts Tinting Reviews

  • Jan 14, 2017

They do ignition interlock devices for smart start. First red flag was smart start said 1st month free, free installation, when i got it installed they tried charging me for the installation and 1st month. I told em smart start said free, and they said ok. Normally i pay $60.99 a month. In november i was hospitalized due to emergency surgery, when i got out a couple days after my appointment/monthly payment, my truck was locked out because i missed the appointment to get it recalibrated. Smart start was able to unlock it so i can drive to my appointment. When i got there they recalibrated it and said my payment was $80. I looked at my brother Who was driving me) and we were both like $80? I assumed it was because i was locked out. I paid the $80 in cash and got the receipt which i didn't look at, just got in and left I just got out of the hospital, so i was tired and not thinking right). Later i called smart start and asked why i paid $80 and they said because i was locked out, but because it was due to emergency stay in hospital i was credited $20 and still should have only paid $60. Even smart start said ccr reported that they charged $60, and since they actually charged $80, they pocketed $20. When i went back for my next appointment i called em out on their dishonesty, when i was there i was looking for the reciept for that month, sure enough it said $60..But me and my brother know i paid $80. They of course denied everything. I was hoping they'd make it right, but nope. Shame on ccr for dishonest business practice. They say they've been in business 14 years and can't be in business that long if they rip people off, but that's not true at all, they'll always get business because people don't always read reviews and outscam. I know ripoff companies that are with the bbb too.

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