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Country United States
State Florida
City Pompano Beach
Address PO Box 668700
Phone 1-800-960-8225
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  • Dec 19, 2016

I purchased a contour bed from a sales person at my home. We agreed to a price for a california king and signed a contract. Right after the bed was delivered, the sub- support broke. the salse person and the company representitive said the beds and frame had a 20 year warranty. I contacted the company and complained the bed was actually two beds put together with a BUNGEE CORD. aND TAHT THE SUB-SUPPORT WAS BROKEN. a VERY rude WOMEN, SAID THE COMPANY WOULD FIX THE SUPPORT BUT THE BED WAS ALWAYS TO be two BEDS BECAUSE IT WAS A KING size, iargued thet the bed was not represented as two beds pu together to no avbail. They REFUSED TO CANCEL THE CONTRACT. WHEN THE REPAIR PEOPLE CAME tHE SUBSUPPORT WAS PARTICLE BOARSD WEAKENED BY DRILLING holes FOR BOLTS TO THE FRAM. THE REPAIR PEOPLE FIXED IT WITH particle BOARED AFTER I TOLD THEM IT SHOULD BE PLYWOOD. a WEEK LATER THE SUPPORT broke AGAIN. I CALLED THE COMPANY, THE SAME VERY RUDE WOMEN SAID THE BED SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED WITH PLYWOOD BUT THE warranty WAS EXPIRED. I SAID THE WARRANTY WAS REPRESEBNTD TO BE 20 years, she said no only on the frame and matress.the company denied responsibility. The control failed next and then the mattress sagged so bad that irt is painful to sleep on The same very rude women said the matress was to be prorated and would cost over a 1000 dollars if they determined it was bad, the control, support were not covered. To fix rthe frame, the control and the matress is about two thousand dallars. This company will not get any more of my money. I am a disabled American Vet, living on pension and cannot affordto spend more to fix an 8000 dollar bed after only six years. do not do business with this company.

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