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Country United States
State California
City Chino
Address 13959 Central Ave
Phone 1 833-266-8496

Contixo Reviews

  • Dec 30, 2018

The company Contixo should not be allowed to sell on or any other marketplaces. Their Contixo kids tablets are cheap, defective, and have serious flaws. They do not work and their "Kids Place" parental control software is a nightmare and nearly impossible to function. Constantly asks for pins, there are no downloadable games, very slow and outdated operating system, not compatible with all the latest Android apps, no Netflix (you cannot download Netflix for the tablet), and I am not the only one unhappy about this kids device. The tablet also breaks easily when dropped even slightly.

Will be returning my tablet that I purchased from them on Amazon. I see that they also sell this same very tablet in other online places and have been manipulating their product reviews.

Read the reviews from Amazon and see for yourself. Save yourself money and avoid the company altogether. Contixo is a ripoff and should not be allowed to do business. Will be reporting to BBB (Better Business Bureau).

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