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Continental Credit Online

Country United States
State Colorado
City Westminster
Address 1499 W 121st Ave #310
Phone 866-488-2066

Continental Credit Online Reviews

  • Oct 18, 2016

This company takes advantage of poor people who are looking to repair their credit and scams them for hundreds and hundreds of dollars without actually doing anything for their credit. Sadly I am a victim.

I gave Continental Credit almost $1,000 with hopes that they would help me get back to a decent credit score. Over the course of the last year I asked for updates multiple times, asked them to let me know what the plan was for the future to no avail. I as so desperate and hopeful this would work, I let it slide for an entire year.

How shitty can you be to milk people in this position? Once I finally decided to terminate the service, they avoided me like the plague. More so even than before. i emailed several times, I called at all times of the day sitting on hold for over an hour. Finally I just had ask my bank to not allow any further charges from this company as it was a giant scam. This was not only a heart breaking experience but it was also a waste of time and money. I could have hired a legit company to handle my credit and who knows.. by now I would have been in a better spot.

  • Sep 1, 2016

My wife and I signed an agreement to use their services to correct some incorrect credit reporting. After 60 days of service we followed the signed agreement to notify them by mail by return receipt by postal service to stop services (February 2016).

We received a call from Dennis stating they needed more time. I gave them two more months and told them we were done with there services. Two months later we sent them follow up letter as per the agreement to cancel. They have continued to bill me for June, July, and August. We have called them, no response, emailed them, no response and have contacted the credit card company to reverse charges for three months. If they charge my account for this September 2016 my credit card company will cancel my card.

Why, because they are not a trustworthy company. They do not abide by their own contract. They act like thieves.

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