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Closets by Design, Inc.

Country United States
State Utah
City Midvale
Address 2560 S. 300 W
Phone (800) 500-9210

Closets by Design, Inc. Reviews

  • May 4, 2022

Buyer Beware!!! My experience with this company could not have been worse. The difference between a good company and a bad company is how they handle it when things go wrong. This company is a very bad one. My sales rep was amazing, but it went rapidly downhill from there.

My installer showed up with the wrong plans, and began to install the project wrong. It was uninstalled, then re-installed with the wrong components. Uninstalled again, re-installed a third time, all with the attitude of 'making it work', rather than making it right. My 2 day project, after 3 months, is finally completed, but only because I was so tired of their mistakes and not owning them that I signed off on it.

I do not have what I ordered, nor was my contract amount discounted to deduct what was not installed.

They offered no discount, and there is no billing department or manager to talk to. When you ask for this, you are sent back to your installer, who's first language is not english, and understands nothing about customer service. They are craftsman, and that is it. Internally, this company is a dumpster fire, with installers quitting left and right. I did not have two of the same people at my home at any given time.

Do not do business with these people. You will experience nothing but grief.

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