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ClickLock Roofing

Country Canada
City Pickering, Ontario
Address 1935 Silicone Drive
Phone (877) 379-3488

ClickLock Roofing Reviews

  • May 23, 2022

I contracted with Clicklock to install May, 2015. I paid the deposits to secure my install and the dates were continually pushed forward. I was introduced by my neighbor and close friend who was also getting his roof done. so we did it together for a better price.

The company had difficulty getting teams to do all the work they booked so in a frenzy to get my roof done as it could not survive another winter, they brought in a subcontractor from Kingston, Ontario. They worked hard but clearly misssed some of the training classes as they worked late into the night and couldnt make a straight line if their life depended on it. The work had to be redone and several leaks took another summer of rains to fix. after several visits I could not get them to stop the leaking from one of the corners in my garage.

The storm this May 21,2022 ripped off the metal from the whole south side of my house.

I have no way of exercising the so called warranty that sold me on this solution. My warning to you is to make sure there is a real company behind any warranty you sign up for. Do your homework to make sure the company is solid before you talk to them.

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