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Clawson Honda of Fresno

Country United States
State California
City Fresno
Address 6346 N Blackstone Ave
Phone 1 559-435-5000

Clawson Honda of Fresno Reviews

  • Dec 3, 2018

My 89 year old mother and I went to Clawson Honda of Fresno to buy a new Civic she had looked at. We test drove it and agreed on a price. He showed us a device that made the brake light flash when the brakes were applied. My mother and I both stated that it was worthless. He said Clawson installed it on all their cars and we repeated that we certainly wouldn't pay for it. He said nothing. We went inside and he and the manager said they would be right out to go over the paperwork and it would be quick. I was hungry as it was already getting late, so my mother said to go on home. The next day when I called her she said after I left, the Clawson guys went in the office and left her for two hours. She had no dinner, nothing to drink, no phone to call home, and was 89 years old.

When they gave her the papers to sign the price had gone up $1,000. She asked why and was told it was for the security system. By then she was on the verge of collapse so she signed and drove home. When she looked it over the next day she called and asked what the security system was because her manual didn't mention it. They said it was for the thing that made her brake light flash. She said she had told the salesman she didn't want it and wasn't told that it wasn't free. They said they had deposited her check and sent in the paper work so it was too late. I looked up the brake flasher they added. It's $25 on the internet. I think they probably cheat everyone, but I'm sure they target the elderly, so watch your parents. I'll never forgive my self for leaving her alone with those thieves.

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