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Cheapoair Reviews

  • Sep 9, 2021

A return ticket not used because of Covid was given a credit with guidelines for how the ticket credit should be used. I have followed all requirements listed in the letter, and after three weeks and many hours on hold and/or in the chat queue, the ticket is not being processed. The money however, has been processed, and my credit card has been charged. Accoring to the airline, the ticket is reserved but not being finalized on Cheapoair's end.

The ticket is then being cancelled by the airline for Cheapoair's failure to complete the transaction. According to Cheapoair, the airline is not processing the ticket along with various and other sundry "we will take care of this" comments that go no where. I have escalated through two supervisors, neither of which have offered a solution, waited hours and weeks for resolution, and only have a ticket for that portion that did not use credit.

This charge has already appeared on my credit card and is not cancellable. There are other parties in the trip, all of whom have booked their tickets (elsewhere) and were booked AFTER cheapoair sent me booking acknowledgement. Not only is this company operating with what feels fraudulent practices, but their communication service is out of date and ill equipped to handle issues. The same "we will take care of this and we are sorry for the inconvenience" seems to be the only script. I wish to have my travel ticket completed, the appropriate funds allocated, or ALL funds returned in prompt order.

  • Aug 16, 2020

I purchased a flight for four through CheapOair. My flight was cancelled due to the coronavirus. I tried many times to request a refund and finally in June 17 CheapOair emailed me that they had processed and approved my refund but I had to wait up to 60 days. Today is August 17 no refund yet. I contacted CheapOair and they want to be excluded from the dialogue. They want me to deal with the Airline.

  • Jul 30, 2020

In march 2020, I purchase at ticket for overseas for $930 , due to covid, the ailines were grounded, no flight, they didn't refund or credit me anyhting. I made numerous attempts, via emails and phones, stories after stories, promises after promises, no resolution at all. Simply very bad company has no regards to their customers, all they care about how much money they make.

I would not recommemd cheapo air company to anyone to use their services because when it comes to customer services, it doesn not exist. Simply they don't care.

I put a complaint with the state of New york and the trade commission, cheapo air doesn't care, the government cannot do anything ..Terrible situation that I am close to take a legal action.

I am going to try all avenues availble to me by law before resolving it legaly.

Thanks for your Help

  • Jul 23, 2020

We booked two airline tickets to Rome Italy on 09/03/2019 for travel on 06/23/20 to 07/03/20 from Newark, NJ. When COVID19 hit and all travel to Italy was cancelled (by the airlines) due to the pandemic, I called CheapoAir to get a refund in ealry March and they did not pick up their phones and were unreachable by chat. They have been shuffling me around and basically I have gotten nothing back in terms of my $1471 paid. I have complained to the DOT, BBB and TrustPilot and all that has been offered is $320 in refund and $1053 in travel certificates through Cheapo Air for another international flight to Rome only. No domestic flight credits for reasons unknown. We also purchased travel insurance for $95 through TripMate, which was sold to us by CheapoAir and they also do not return phone calls or emails. This is the most dis-reputable company that I have ever dealt with in all my years of business and personal travel. Stay far away from them

  • Jul 3, 2020

We booked two round trip tickets from NJ to Rome, Italy last Sept (leaving NJ on June 23rd 2020) to catch a cruise leaving from Rome. When COVID19 first broke out and Italy went on lockdown, our cruise was cancelled and we tried getting through to CheapoAir. Our airline tickets were on United/AirCanada going to Rome and SwissAir on the return for $1471. Long wait times on the phone and live chat, only to be disconnected after 4-6 hours.

When we finally reached someone in mid March, they said to go take it up with the airlines, which we did - even driving to Newark airport to speak to the agents live (before the NJ lockdown). Airlines all said we have to get our refund from CheapoAir. They are a joke of a company and I’m warning everyone to NOT use them at all costs !! I complained to the DOT (Dept of Transportation) the BBB and posted on scamion about how they completely abandon their customers.

Basically they are a complete scammer organization. Yesterday we got through and their representative escalated our claim and said he was putting in for a full refund and it would take 2-3 weeks. But he refused to send us a confirmatory email that he has put through for a refund or a CheapoAir credit (not accepting a credit - only a full refund). The TravelMate travel insurance that CheapoAir sold us also is not responding to our claim. Stay far away from both of these horrible companies.

  • Apr 24, 2020

Cheapoair confirmed with me on Feb 06 2020 that I will receive a full refund for my flight cancellation(801.51CAD) but after two month waiting I find out they processed a refund of 0 CAD! There is no way to reach them. This company is fraudsters

  • Apr 17, 2020

Due to the pandameic the flights have been canceled and I have been requesting for the refund for flights. CheapOair has charged me for refund request and also not refunded for the flights. So I have been charged twice by cheapoair without any refund being issued. Also the flights are giving full refund but cheapoair has some different charges implied for refunds.

There is no way to connect with cheapoair and in this situation they have shut all the helplines off. I being an international student could not afford much loss as I am neither earning as of now. I have been charged for flights and for refund without any update from their end. This is unprofessional and needs to be looked in as soon as possible.

  • Apr 10, 2020

BEWARE....... I booked a round trip flight through CheapOair on 1/22/20 (booking #66430251) leaving 3/9/20 & returning on 3/31/20. From DFW to LHR on 3/9/20 & returning 3/31/20 via LHR & CDG to DFW. Flights were with Iberia & British Airways. With the outbreak of the COVID-19, many restrictions have taken place. My son-in-law is military and has been restricted to travel, especially to large cities like London. I’m 61 years old with autoimmune disorders & traveling with my 77 year old mother. (Recovering from a cold) Therefore, we decided it wouldn’t be a good idea for us to travel during this epidemic.

I called CheapOair on 3/6/20 to either cancel or reschedule our flights. Spoke to a representative, Byran, that informed me that I could not reschedule but I could cancel without reimbursement. I told him this was unacceptable since I purchased the Insurance ($97.90) & the Support Package Premium-Air ($25.90) and travel is very restricted, especially overseas. Asked to speak to a manager, he placed me on hold & came back to tell me he could offer me a refund today (3/6/20) of $718.00. Still unacceptable!!! The representative, Bryan then told me to call back 12 hours before my flight.

They could then check to see if the airline was still flying to London or have cancelled their flights. I called back 3/9/20 at 9:50 am & spoke to Scott. Again, Scott told me no refund & that the airline was still flying. I explained to him this was unacceptable due to the pandemic hitting our country!! And, asked to speak to a manager. He put me on hold and came back with a “worth”ticket of $1288.90 - $300.00 ($150.00 per ticket) cancellation fee. So, he could offer me a refund of $988.90. I was so frustrated that I agreed to the offer. The next day I got a message from my credit card company that CheapOair charged my card “another” $300.00 .. not authorized!!!

The $300.00 was supposed to come off the “worth” of my ticket. And then I got an e-mail that I would get a refund to my card for $988.90. So now they have charged me more money.. $300.00 and I haven’t seen a penny back. My initial cost on 1/22/20 was $1518.97. I was charged $29.90 for travel assist ?? On 2/22/20 (in which I have no idea what that was for) & $300.00 on 3/9/20. Total to date this crooked company has charged me $1848.87 !! This isn’t right!!! I want a full refund..$1848.87.... Crooked company... CheapOAir.. beware!!!!

As of today... 4/10/2020.. I filed a fraud report with my credit card on the $300. Canceled my card so they can't charge me for anything else. But... still not a word from them!!

  • Jun 13, 2019

I contacted the company because they had me on multiple stops and I wanted to cancel this was about 2 hours after I made the ticket with them. They said no charge to cancel when i called back they said $75. They lied and misrepresented themselves several times. They said they put me on a single stop on the phone they said read the itinerary but when i go the ticket it was another lie.

It also took the next day to process to email but original was immediate they didnt want me to see it and complain. If you look at the ticket it shows a single stop but it was not. They made the ticket appear like a single stop. I called they refused to do anything for me. I have the emails that show they give another me another multiple stop no different then the original.

They are commiting fraud and I want a full refund. i would have complained sooner but I lost phone service. I will file a dispute and sending many complaints all over then net to make sure they suffer. The flight they put me on was late to arrive and I missed the flight it had only a 50 min wait. I had to rebook and sit in mexico city airport 7 hours at night as well. is a despicable underhand company. see attachment This is the 2nd ticket made because they refused to refund my money telling me it was a single stop but it was no different then the first ticket.

  • Jan 13, 2019

2 days after I purchased a round trip ticket to Portland from Redding, Calif, I noticed the date was wrong for my departure. I called the number provided for ticket changes and got an outsourced operator from India on the line. Couldnt understand him at all which made this situation even worse.

He said he had to add another 400.00 to my already 513.00 ticket. That would have been 900.00 to fly from Calif. to Oregon. Thats not including my baggage fees. Another 75.00 going and 75.00 coming bAck. Finally he decided to give me a break for being a valued customer and just add 200.00 more to the ticket to make it right.

And he changed the retuerning flight the worse time and layover that he could poissibly find. So now I have a terrible flight and its at 666.00 to fly to the ext state. I dont find anything cheap about that. The operator was a complete jerk. Ive bee robbed and cant do anything about it. False advertisig too. i just got a add stating flight starting at 39.00. For real? I dont think so.

  • Mar 3, 2018

I had used CheapOair several times in the past without event.

After a December 2017 purchase (one of two at that time), I was SHOCKED to review my Visa credit card activity to discover CheapOair had hit it two times in the purchase of one air ticket. The first about $900 for travel to Alaska followed by a $49.95 hit.

I wrote them (ticket ID 6946349) wanting to know just why the two debit actions. I was told a $34.00 "fee" was charged "for automatying the ticketing process. This ticketing process insures a lower special fare and accuracy in issuing the tickets ..." and a $15.95 charge for "Traveler Assist Seating Services" whatever that was.

CheapOair billing department (tx:845.664.6186) claimed the two 'fees' were included in the price I "was shown" in selecting the flight, and essentially tough luck I get to pay to upgrade their IT equipment. I can understand that however a hit of $34.00 on One ticket?

They claimed I approved it all.

I do not recall it that way.

I had been a frequent flier for Cheap O Air and referred friends there until they sucker punched me.

I look elsewhere now .. most generally to the air carriers themselves.

  • Nov 13, 2017

Booked a flight on the site with the date I selected. When I received confirmation via e-mail, I saw the incorrect date on the confirmation. I contacted the company to see if they could change it back to the correct date to which they responded I would have to pay an additional 200 dollars. I then asked to cancel the purchase and be refunded. They responded if I pay 100 cancellation fee then I could. This company makes money doing these bait n switch scams I am convinced. Use this site at your own risk!

  • Sep 26, 2017

I got a return ticket, from colombia to panama on september 24 2017, my travel to colombia was initially on september 5th with jetblue,on August 25th i ended up in the hospital with a heart atack, doctor recommende to cancel the trip.we call jetblue, by phone and got the approval cancelation en less that 5 minutes when we call Cheapo Air,things where different,they request prove of that matters, and a payment of extra 150.00 dollars ,promess to us to be return. This money after the airline,s approval.of our doctor,s letter.after that we where told the money goig to work for us as fee for open ticket.,we dont know when we be able to travel, and now they asking for additional 255 dollars extra per passenger, in other to move our return.we arw planing tu sue cheapo air for deseltive buisness practice.

  • Jun 13, 2017

Cheap Oair aka Rip off Air I had my seats confirmed and they charged them and tryed to get me to pay $80 for the seats I had confirmed saying the airline changed the seats but if I pay $120 I could get the seats WTF if I didnt need this flight I would cancel it I should have used expedia bit will never use this site again so use them one time before I picked my seats no problem so be warned use them at your own risk you better check with rip off report 1st.or you wiĺl Regret it!!!!!

  • Mar 17, 2017

I recently booked travel through CheapOair to travel to Vancouver, BC on the 14 of March and return to Birmingham on the 16 of March. What I needed to do in Vancouver would take all day on the 15, so I purchased tickets through Cheapo to accomodate that. I guess I should have known better, because this was my second bad experience with Cheapo. They did however, after a lot of phone time and arguing with them, sort of resolve the previous issue I had several years ago. I decided that anybody can make a mistake, so I continued to use them for air line booking. Things went fairly well until this latest trip that they sold me for 478.41. That trip wound up costing me 1,318.41. I could have flown first class for less.

The out bound flight from Birmingham was cancelled due to the weather (I have the emails from Cheapo saying that all three legs of the flight - Birmingham to NY to Toronto to Vancouver were cancelled). So, I bought a ticket on Delta to get to Vancouver, because I had to be there to provide testing services for a non-profit I'm a part of. Cheapo then sent me an email saying that my flight was re-scheduled for me to arrive in Vancouver at 10:13 PM ON THE 15 and depart on the 16 at 6:30 AM. This schedule was not workable and was useless as a substitute, plus it was not what I had paid for. The email asked that I click on a button to accept the change or contact Cheapo. I did not click because the itenerary they chose was useless. I tried to contact Cheapo most of the day by phone and on their web chat line, but was unseccesful, due I'm sure to thousands of people just like me trying to call them as a result of cancelled flights. The last time I tried their chat line it said the wait time was 303 minutes, no that's not a misprint, it said 303 minutes. I was not notified that the return flight was cancelled, therefore I assumed that I still had a booking and apparently so did Cheapo because they they told me so on the morning I was supposed to return. I travelled to Vancouver, did the testing and went to the airport the following morning. A West Jet rep informed me that I did not have a ticket and the flight was full anyway.

I called Cheapo from the airport and was told that yes i did have a ticket and was given a ticket number to give to West Jet. West Jet stated that my ticket had been cancelled, because I didn't show up for the CANCELLED flight. West Jet blamed Cheapo and Cheapo blamed West Jet, all the while, I'm stuck in Vancouver. After two hours on the phone with Cheapo and West Jet, I was forced to buy a 394.92 ticket from Delta (through Ceapo) in order to get home when I needed to be there. Cheapo's "customer service" rep stated repeatedly that they could do nothing except sell me another ticket for what he called a "discounted rate". The fact is, Cheapo's supposed discounted rate was not much less than what I paid Delta full price to fly in after Cheapo cancelled my flight.

I asked to speak to a supervisor, which was a continued and total waste of time. He simply repated the line of denying responsibility, blaming West Jet and steadfastly refusing to consider reimbursing me for either the money I had spent initially and gotten no service for or for the flight I had to purchase to travel home. He continued to repeat his rehearsed lines and interrupt me until I said, finally, I'm not finished speaking, he then abruptly hung up on me. Both individuals I spoke with had heavy Indian accents and were somewhat difficult to understand and both were emphatic to the point of rudeness. I had to ask repeatedly for clarification and for them to repeat what they were telling me. I will admit that this did contribute to my frustration on top of the travel issues.

The bottom line here, Cheapo says that I didn't pay them, I paid the airline, so Cheapo has no responsibility. West Jet said it was Cheapo's responsibility to re-book my travel. The right thing for them to have done is refunded my money and helped more with the cost of my return flight. The "supervisor" said he was "escalating" my issue, which sounded to me like double speak for dodging the issue and passing off my complaint in an attempt to get me off the phone. I repeatedly expressed my disatisfaction with their response. I'm disgusted with both Cheapo and West Jet frankly and as it stands right now, I will not do business with either of them again and will do everything I can to inform others that they should avoid them as well and spend the few extra dollars to book through the airline. I'm hopeful that my credit card company can offer some assistance with this.

  • Aug 19, 2016

I bought an airline ticket last year, I believe it was November, to fly from Miami, USA to Santiago, Chile, and then Punta Arenas, in the same country. I like the price of the airfare, but I wasn't convinced about the long wait in Santiago until the next flight to Punta Arenas. I bought it anyway for the savings and most importantly, because it said it was refundable. 3 days later in the same website, I saw the same group of flights, offered by a different airline, with a much shorter wait in between changeovers, so I bought it, and then I tried to return the first one, and it was imposible. The long hours I was on the phone waiting for representative, then being disconnected apparently from their end, was one of my most frustrating experiences I've ever had with a merchant. Never saw a penny of the tickets purchased first, and at the end, the second purchase of tickets I traveled with, the airline made all kind of changes in the last minute, so it was also as long and uncomfortable as the first one. Definitely not a place to purchase your travel airfare.

  • Apr 18, 2016

I am told by supervisory (telephone) staff that the lowest available fare available for lax-bkk is $610, not the $483.06 advertised non stop via popup.

This has happened before for other itineraries, i.e. pattern

  • Mar 5, 2016

On Dec.30th 2015 my wife found a Cruise we wanted to take the trip would start from Argentina ,Brazil ,and one other country. After booking the trip we were told that we needed to obtain for my wife and I a Brazilian Visa . Thinking that this would be a simple prosedure after hangiing up with Celeberty Cruise line . We then ordered airline tickets From CheapOair .com (a mistake) the next day tried to reach the Brazilian Embrassy in NY but they were closed . They were also closed fpor New Years Day . After New Years Day we reach the ebrassy and were told it takes three months to obtain the Visas with no exceptions .Well the cruise was to depart on Feb.1st 2016 we just didn't have time . We then called the cruise line and they understood our situation and issued a full refund .

CheapOair was not so nice they refused to give any refund under any condition . They simplely stold $2400 from our credit card . and sent us a notice of law suite from a Ny lawyer . We put a hold on that money with Capital One . They Had enough time to either cancel our flight or resell it which I would not put it past them they may have done exactly that. The flight was to depart on Jan.30th and return on Feb 14th 2016

  • Dec 30, 2015

Beware of Cheapo air as they charge a separate fee of $11.95 to assign a seat without proper notice. This is for free seats and they call it enhanced fee, but should enhanced rip off.

  • Nov 14, 2015

Booked a ticket on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, for the following day, Friday the 13th. I selected a one way ticket for today, Friday. After submitting, the site stated it would send me a confirmation for travel in the email. 30 minutes later, I got an email from Cheapoair for confirmation, but the date for travel was now for Sunday, November 15, 2015. This is not the date I agreed to and submit for payment. Called back right away, and placed on hold for 30 minutes, with no contact, from customer service rep., this is called "terminal hold" and makes the caller have to hang up, because there will be no more contact from the customer service rep. Called back and spoke to another rep., and stated that this is not my mistake, and if Cheapoair can not find a flight for the next day, I would need a refund, for their mistake, they made. I was then told that to cancel my $151 ticket, there would be a $400 service and processing fee, to cancel. WHAT??

  • Oct 24, 2015

I booked three airline tickets on the cheapoair website for a flight from Washington DC to Managua Nicaragua on Spirit Airline from 12/21-12/28 for $665 per ticket, totaling over $2,000 with taxes for my family. After booking the flight I received a confirmation notice for flights leaving 12/23 and returning on 12/25. Not only were the dates different but so were the flights. Upon contacting cheapoair, they told me to contact the airline. I contacted the airline who referred me back to cheapoair. I contacted cheapoair a second time and explained again that I booked a flight from 12/21-12/28 but it was changed to 12/23 returning home on Christmas day. I explained that I did not book these dates, it was 100% not an accident or an error on my part, but was still refused a refund. I was told that I would need to pay an additional $700 for seats on the original flight that I booked. After asking to speak with a manager, I sat on hold for 90 minutes to no resolve. I am demanding a refund because I was charged $2,000 for something I did not request. Cheapoair should be prosecuted for questionable and illicit business practices. I will NEVER use this site again and will tell everyone I know who travels about their underhanded business practices. I would be more than happy to participate in any sort of class action law suit that might be in the works against this company.

  • Aug 12, 2015

On March 15, 2015, I purchased four round trip airline tickets for a total of $2,268.84. On June 23, 2015, I called to inquire about a refund and was advised that a waiver would be sent requesting a refund, but was not guaranteed. I was simply inquiring about a refund and at no point authorized a cancellation of the booking. I was told I would receive an answer in 15 days. The 15 days passed with no contact so I called again on July 6, July 14, July 20, July 23, July 29, and August 10. Each time I was given a different excuse as to why t was taking such a long time for a response. At one point, the customer service representative told me it was taking a long time because it was a lot of money involved. I contacted the airline and was advised that Cheapoair is a travel agent and that the airline has nothing to do with the tickets since Cheapoair owns the tickets. Furthermore, I found out on August 10 from the airline that Cheapoair cancelled my booking on June 23, which was the very first call I made to them. For almost two months, Cheapoair has lied to me by telling me that my booking was still in place and it even shows as an upcoming trip on their website. According to the airline, my four tickets have already been sold to someone else and the flight is now unavailable. I called Cheapoair and asked to speak to a supervisor. The person was argumentative and was caught in several lies during the call. The “supervisor” refused to help and said he could only book another flight to include charging me an additional $800 plus any difference in the airfare. My original flight is no longer available and all he can do is cite a “no guarantee” policy. The no guarantee is for the refund. I did not expect Cheapoair to cancel my booking, sell my four tickets, and keep the $2,268.84. This seems like larceny to me.

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