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Chase Bank

Country United States
State Delaware
City Wilmington
Address 201 North Walnut Street
Phone 1-800-935-9935

Chase Bank Reviews

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  • Mar 6, 2018

Bank changed rules without notification with total result of usary. they identified account wrongly and refused to repair damage

nothing done by me to create any fees or fine. they started charging 20 a month for a several thousand (3) savings account which payed negliable interest (less than 1/2 of one persent.

by my calculation, they changed it to an eight (8) percent return for them by calling it a fee. sorry,sorry sneaky way to siphon customers money

sad, shameful, and if done on a national basis, I would think unlawful

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  • Jul 20, 2017


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  • Aug 2, 2022

Chase Automatic payments are intentionally not working to damage your credit score. Automatic payments are supposed to be taken out on the due date every month. There is no option to make payments prior, auto-pay pending confirmations are fake, and there is no option to pay total account balance.

My payment is supposed to be taken out on the 26th, every month it is listed as pending, but the day and next day it disappears and no payment is made forcing me to pay the next day or when I notice. This cycle repeats every month. Chase then reports your account as late, over limit, etc...

This is a horrible system designed to intentionally scam to get you to default and have your credit damaged and interest rate increased. Their excuse is because I had to make a manual payment the month before, that cancels out my next auto payment... WHAT???

The autopayment is agreed upon by both parties to be drawn on the 26th. What gives them permission to cancel the auto payment without my consent? Then still list it as pending eventhough it is cancelled, and then list it as "ON" when it is not?

Then why does it say pending all month long up until the day it's due?????

I then get alerts the day before (even though they claim it was cancelled weeks prior) that my auto payment will be made in the amount of $XXX.XX on the 26th... and then the next day, no payment is withdrawn.

This company should be barred from providing credit reports when their system is providing false payment information.

  • May 7, 2022

After 10 years of never stepping into one of their branches, after switching all accounts to a better bank, I made the mistake of opening a retail card backed by them and finding out that despite being fined, despite being forced by the district attorney to refund over $300 million in fees, they still continue the same old games, in order to gain fees from their customers who most of them, pay because they don't want to deal with further aggreviation.

Chase Bank has proven to be incompetent, and reading so many similar complaints, seeing fines they pay, wonder how on earth they still survive?

I opened a retail card with them, not knowing they were the backing bank. The gift card was just too appealing. Who would say no to $200?

Once I found out they were the backing bank, I took steps with my own bank to make sure they only got money I approved. This meant opening an account with no overdraft, and only letting them have access to it. If they tried to get more, my bank would refuse it and they would be the ones paying the fees, not me.

I liked the % cash back, and pay the card off multiple times each month, so they can't charge me interest. What do they do? They hold payments 7 to 10 days, or try to calling it float pay, even when paying with bank check or money order at the branch. Use the card so much, I average $150 a month in points!! To get around their float pay tactic, I opened another account to keep extra funds in, as they said on recorded call that there will be no wait time on paying the card off from one of their own accounts. Know what they did? They started canceling my payments and transfers, in attempt to collect fees, saying that my paying them often is a red flag issue. Paying a bank often is red flag?

If payments returned I'd say possibly, but they have not had one single return on any deposit I have made! Since I pay the card off within days of it's use, they are paid off long before the due date, so when they cancel the payments, there is no risk of getting dinged for paying late, which I learned from dealing with them years ago.

I also am under the impression they finally figured out I was the reporter who exposed them so many times in the past, that once I identify myself on the phone, they hang up immediately! I call, there is no yelling, no cursing, just my info to prove who I am and they just hang up on me.

To this date, since the accounts been opened, they have not been able to impose a single fee. Even when canceling payments I get them paid regardless to avoid another small claims with them. Taken them to small claims in the past, it's easy to do and they can't use their attorneys.

I wish I could say they have improved over the years, but they haven't, they gotten worse.

I deal with their executive department often. Only one employee there knows their stuff and I won't name them as I rather not get them fired for being the only one there who does their job. Rest in that department, are drones who have their own agenda on bank policy. Don't take my word for it, call them and see for yourself. Each employee will say something different, and make up policy at whim and tell you no one else can help you. That is until you call back and get someone else who knows their job. Think of it like mom says no, so you ask dad who you know will say yes, but so much worse because with Chase, it's like having 200 mom's and dads, and you got to find the right one who knows their stuff.

Credit and Teacher credit unions are the best. If it wasn't for this high yield cash card, I'd never have gone back to Chase. Hopefully, someone else may one day back this card instead. They sure as heck will Never have access to my main accounts, ever. Been nice having stress free years not using them.

If you have been hit with excessive fees, especially when payments been stopped by Chase, just use small claims. Most states it's pretty quick.

I'll update this if things change, or they retaliate like they did years ago.

  • May 2, 2022

I rented a car using a third party website. When I arrived at the rental area I paid the entire fee using another credit card. When my Amazon Visa statement arrived there was a charge for $ 191.47 made by the car rental agency.

I dont know how they got my card number, and I certainly did not authorize this charge. I filed a dispute with Chase/Amazon Visa, and sometime later was told they believed the charge was valid because the merchant said so. This is rediculous! Not just terrible customer service but, " no " customer service!

  • Mar 21, 2022

I received a letter from Chase dated September 29, 2020, informing me that "We have decided to close your accounts" and they decided to end their relationship with me. "A loyal customer for 3 decades to say the least". The letter outlined various steps I would have to take to close the accounts before October 28, 2020.

The letter also listed a phone number to call should I have additional questions. I called the customer service number and the person refused to give any reason my accounts were being terminated. Please note I was listed as a "Chase Private Client" and did all banking transactions at a Chase Bank in Stamford CT.

I was able to cancel my savings and checking account and transfer funds to Bank of America and Discover Bank. I also had two (2) Individual Retirement Accounts with Chase Bank (Roth IRA and Traditional IRA). I submitted the applications to Chase Bank for transfer of funds to Discover Bank. After repeated phone calls to Chase Bank (800-392-5749) the bank made a transfer of my Traditional IRA ONLY, and refused to transfer my Roth IRA, without explanation.

I elected to leave the funds in the existing Chase account until I reached 59.5 years to avoid any penalties, or tax witholding penalties. Fast forward to October 2021. I once again tried to have the funds in my Chase account transfered to Discover Bank. I was told that they sent a check to me, of which I never received. In my investigation they advised the check was sent February 2021 to the worng address.

I never authorized Chase to close my account. I was advised to complete a Release of Funds Declaration & Indemity Agreement form (completed 9/3/21) to stop payment and have the funds placed back into my account. The 10% witholding and other bank fees cost me close to $4000. To this day I am unable to get answers from any Chase Bank representative. I was told I would have to contact IRS department at this point "Chase would not be able to help me".

  • Jan 29, 2022

My car loan was sold to Chase Bank about 3 years ago at which point I set up an appropriate Auto Payment with bank. This worked until the final payment was due 2 years later when about 2 weeks after the due date I get a text directing me to look for a message by logging into their website. On so doing I saw that the final payment was showing past due!

I called the 800# and was on hold for 25 minutes only to be told I had to call a different number. On doing that I got through ok and questioned why they had not taken the final payment in usual way. Was told that a final payment had to be made manually and to go onto their website and pay by card or bank transfer.

When I complained that I had never been informed of that in advance and was issued a late charge, there was silence and then a recording telling me to continue holding for next rep. I held for 10 minutes and gave up. I went to the websiter and made a bank transfer for the amount listed which included the late fee as I did not want a late payment on my credit report.

I am writing in to corporate office as I cannot find an email address other than "no reply".

  • Jan 9, 2022

Dear customer

We have noticed a problem with your account data. Please update the data to avoid any problem.

To update your data, press the button below

Login Now

  • Dec 6, 2021

We placed a temporary hold on your Chase banking account. This may have been placed due to account security Issues or unauthorized access. We require some additional Information To verify your Identity. We take your privacy and security seriously.

To resolve this issue, visit our support center


Chase Online Customer Service

  • Dec 6, 2021

For the third month in a row Chase Banking has sent me to a webpage telling me they don't recognize my device and saying I must using a new device or have changed it's settings.

Neither is true, but they go on to say they need to verify I am who I'm telling them I am and allow me only the option of them texting my phone or calling their 1-877 number. The last two months I borrowed a phone to resolve this but this month (December 2021) I no longer have a phone to borrow.

It is an ordeal even if I do have a phone because I am extremely hard of hearing and cannot make out what the high pitched, sing-song Malaysian accents are saying, so it's frustrating for both them and myself. Now, however, the Chase website thinks I should use some third party type to text service where I apparently involve some middleman to convert what I say to text.

Why on earth would I involve someone I don't know into my personal business like that, especially concerning my bank account? The whole point behind my complaint is this all used to be settled through my email, but Chase refuses to contact through my email any longer concerning verifying who I am.

  • Sep 7, 2021

On august 8th and 12th I spent over five hours each day getting hung up on, argued with and sent to the wrong department. On August 25th after waiting 15 minutes to speak to the assistant branch manager Isabel in the lake forest location on El Toro and the five freeway was harassed and told not only she was not willing to help me but Ivan would not either (after asking multiple to do so) and proceeded to invade my personal space.

I asked him multiple times to back off and am formally seeking civil action based on this experience. He only backed off after threatening to call the police when up to that point I had just been patiently waiting continue to inform those that asked me if they could help me that I would gladly wait for the assistant manager Isabell. She is now the lead at the branch due to the manager leaving.

The police have documented thier complaint which essentially centered around being in fear of my ADA approved psychiatric service animal. The dog stays in a no pet apartment, goes on the bus, trains, and planes and hotels not as pet but a service animal. I levied 4 branch level complaints which got escalated to a department which never takes inbound calls (all of which were closed as a result.)

  • Jan 28, 2021

1. I mailed a payment of $500.00 on 12/4/20.

2. On 1/4/21 I purchased my breakfast at DunkinDonuts and was told that my debit of $3.27 was declined.

3. When I got to work I called Cardmember Services at 1-800-945-2000. I was told that my card had been declined because I had failed to pay them in December. I told them I had mailed my payment.

4. Also on January 4, 2021 I received the usual Chase Slate statement of account showing that my previous balance had been $504.04 and that my payment had been received. It also showed new charges of $422.92.

5. On 1/7/21 I received a card from Cardmember Service that said the following:

"We received your recent $500.00 payment that posted to your account on 12/12/20. Unfortunately, this

payment was later returned to us and we wewre unable to collect the funds" This is a lie. I checked with my bank (Citibank) on 1/4/21 (when they first denied on the phone to me that my payment had been received) and Citibank informed me that my ched had never been presented for payment.

6. I do not know what they did with my check but throughout this mess Chase has repeatedly lied to me.

  • Nov 27, 2020

So far chase has charged me over 600 in nsf fees by putting transactions through in the middle of the night and instantly adding the max fees possible at a time when i cannot get to the bank to add funds to cover any transactions they never send me any alerts until days or weeks after by my understanding this is illegal waiting till afterhours to process transactions at 2 am so i cannot even see them until the next day and then adding fees that i have no chance of avoiding

  • Sep 14, 2020

My dispute is with the Chase Visa company about defective software I got from the VedaPulse Company, This is also about the terrible customer service and fraud. I provided Chase Visa with all the proof they needed to approve my dispute and get my money back, but they failed to do so.

This was when Covid hit, they were short staffed and it took FOREVER to get back to me about the dispute, and I could not get a hold of them. They only did what was minimally required by them, sending out letters etc. but nothing was getting done. I would get those phony form letters that say they hold themselves to high standards blah blah...but they dropped the ball and would not take any responsibility for their inept performance.

Once I got access to the defective training software from the company I asked for a was less than 2 weeks, which is the merchants deadline for getting a refund. I complained about the software not working the entire time! I provided their management and my credit card company with e-mails showing them that this had occurred, and they ignored me.

Get this, I showed them proof that the software was defective, then Chase Visa asked the merchant if the software was defective...(this is hard to believe) and...they said it wasn't! What a surprise! That was all the proof that Chase Visa needed to deny my dispute!! Again, even though I showed them PROOF from the company tech people that stated it wasn't working!

The bottom line is that Chase Visa and the company VedaPulse defrauded me what I paid. I followed all the guidelines both companies required me to, I requested a refund (as stated) during the first 2 weeks that I actually had access to the software but was refused. When a dispute was filed with the credit card company, the reps at VedaPulse lied and said I had not complained about the defective software, even though I proved to Chase Visa that I had complained the entire time.

Chase Visa cheated me, and apparently they are not interested in making this right. Chase Visa dropped the ball during the initial Covid crunch, this is the WORST CC experience I have ever had. I had this card for over 10 years, and this is how they treat their trusted customers. Watch your back, this could happen to you!

I am sure that they will come back with..."we did everything we could for our trusted customer, we hold ourselves to a higher standard", Yeah right...there is more to this story that I can't get into here. I just don't want this to happen to anyone else if possible.

  • Jul 14, 2020

I have never in my life worked with such a horrible bank before. Chase bank in laguna beach is doing nothing but harming their clients, let me explain. I spent alot of time working to improve my credit over the years and Chase was one of the only banks that got me a decent credit limit. To make a long story short, I had a credit card with a 5500 credit limit.

I wanted to pay it off but I wasnt sure if that would be in my bennefit or not, so i called Chase Bank. After beign on hold for nearly 30 minutes someone finally helped me. I explained what I'm trying to do and the bank advisor said if I wanted to increase my limit, that I shold pay off all my cards and then request it, simple right? So i did just that, I paod off over 10 k in chase debt from Chase Bank .

  • Jul 6, 2020

Warning! Chase Bank will charge you for fraudulent purchases made on your account. Beware! Take your business elsewhere.

Chase Bank is trying to make me pay for a $1,200 fraudulent purchase on my account. I alerted them immediately to the fraud. They temporarily removed it from my account, but then after doing an “investigation” they say I “benefited from the transaction.” Utterly false. This charge was made at a store that I don't even shop at.

Chase has provided no information to support their decision. When I try to call them and speak to a manager with authority they refuse to escalate the call. The employees are completely unhelpful and useless. Everyone associate tries to transfer it to another department. I have spoken with the fraud department, the payments department, customer service and collections. Every department refuses to help.

I think the retailer pushed back on Chase because they didn't want to eat the big charge-back and Chase is trying to push this back on me. I think they are trying to preserve funds to offset COVID-19 losses. They are in violation of the law and they don't care.

Do yourself a big favor and close your accounts with Chase if you are an existing customer. This could happen to you too! There are numerous good banks around that are honest and operate in good faith, Chase Bank is not one of them. Avoid Chase at all costs.

  • May 22, 2020

Here is the message I sent Chase which explains what is going on.

I have an emergency. My debit card number is: 4833160211125460. My name is MIchael T Pines. My email is [email protected] My phone is 213-984-8844. I need medication and need to reach someone immediately. Preferably a supervisor. There must be somone in charge even though it is Memorial Day weekend and there is limited contact because of the virus. But there must be someone in charge for emergencies. My account was closed becuase I had a negative balance of $293. Which is fine. I don't want to bank with a bank that won't give a customer time to cover a negative balance.

I am homeless and living in a shelter but am a lawyer. I called to get the money from the deposited check released but they told me the check was no good. This is ridiculous. It is a reputable charity and credit union and the check is perfectly good. Of course the negaive balance can be deducted. validity of the check that was deposited can be easily checked with the head of the charity or the credit union it came from. I need emergency access to the funds. I have called many different Chase numbers. At first it's 24 hour customer service line answered. I called 3 times and explained the situation and to please get me in touch with whoever was in charge of emergencies.

I was switched to a department that was closed and got a recording and a disconnect. I called every other number I could find for Chase and they all had recordings saying they were closed. I am in a homeless shelter in San Diego and need medication urgently so need access to the funds. I am a lawyer and called the banking regulators yesterday but there was nothing they could do on an emergency basis. I plan to pursue a complaint and file a lawsuit against Chase that will cost them a lot more than $5000. PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE CONTACT ME RIGHT AWAY.

  • May 18, 2020

I walked into the bank and waited to be next. Told the clerk I need to make a cash payment on a Chase credit card.

The first out this clerks mouth. I need to see some identification. I told her I never heard of any bank wanting ideintification for paying cash on a credit card. I told her that its bad policy. I said to her. "Don't you trust your customers. I let her I was not happy about that and told her that she is not a cop and can not demand Identification.

A white guy comes over and says that I had to leave. I told him "No", "I was here and needed to make a payment. He told me to leave or he would call the police. I left. Chase won that battle. I will win the war. I will pay off the credit card in a couple of weeks and close it. Chase does not get any more of my money.

I am sure my credit union will give me a credit card with a good line of credit. Further more I will tell numerous friends about the treatment I received from Chase. My credit union does not treat me like a second class customer. When I do visit the greet me as a customer.

Maybe they will have the same policy. Fine. Maybe the scammers out there make cash payments on credit cards to prolong the victim from finding out they stole their identity. Never the less, The card gets closed and I get the satisfaction that will never ever get my business again.

Please I will discourage friends and relatives from being a Chase customer. Any of you butt kissing Chase lovers want to give me a hard time about this report. Go take a long walk off a short pier. Its called "Freedom of Speech" So eat sh?t and die. My reports stays.

  • May 13, 2020

Chase Bank is closing branches everywhere because they're incompetent. They are promoting the homosexual pedophilia agenda and they're forcing their workers to accept homosexuality or they will be terminated.

memeanwhile they have people playing with people's accounts taking money out of it and switching PIN numbers so you can't write a check or retrieve money from your account without your permission. Chase Bank is incompetent and if I was you I would switch your account before they destroy your financials and name.

  • Apr 30, 2020

Lets start with the title, the real girl behind the myth of the horrid murder coverup by the dad mom and everyone else in it that currently reside in the nice uppity suburb that sends its children to NEW TRIER high school. Wilmette Illinois or killinois is what its famous or about to be famous for rather than the politics lets go with windy paper got to spread out and stuck in one place along the way.

I found a piece of mail while living with the CIULLA brothers in Chicago. They are friends with jean benet Ramsey herself Mrs Susan Begle Patience is her name she attended Indiana University from 2004 to 2008. I know for a fact it was a beignet and thats why they name changed, sam Ciulla the father of Natalie Chris and mike then marries or is already married to Kathy Bennet and not benet and she was into a multi level marketing juice that would later be accused of Ponzi scheme like deals and was Herbalife product anyway I was at the same time doing door to door sales for att uverse.

She was very polite and formal most times and just had purchased with sam a unit in the trump tower as sam oddly enough looks identical to Jamie Dimon and they stole a few from my check book some checks that landed them about 4 million dollars every month and a new bank built or acquired each time by the end of 2008 they owned over 75 chase na bank one and wamu locations that also as a business was collecting millions each year off association dues from the booming condominiums going up across the nation because of my love of skyscrapers and my money being split up \by someone impersonating my brother Timothy and that would be mr Terry Wayne Nelson Fisher Limp one of those names should resonate and get you the juice that kicks this story to the top of the world.

Houston Ramsey had a kid out of wedlock just about 8 years ago and his name is Ripken living with mom full time in Dubois Indiana and her name now is Kirby Wineinger Pierce. But son still uses Ramsey name and the whole time and way it was insurance fraud that was birthed at new trier schools that had the kids in a frenzy and doing what 30 yr olds do to “ball” out by the time they were 16 so much that they came to Indiana university with a bank account and a knowledge of how to rip me off and say things about or around me that would tell who is listening how to get them paid and the whole extortion with me as the money middleman and pawn led to entrapment arrests against myself and everyone was framing themselves for having a younger sister or older sibling and mother who died tragically like happened to me and instead of mournintg they were accepted at the same school with name changes and everything because they were listening to my life not actually being recorded. However around me they have to know they are on record even when I sleep due to the complexity of situation.

The HALL WAY WALL OR DIDNT KNOW WHERE POOR JEAN BENET RAN OFF TOO, BUT THEY SAY SOMETHIng about the table saw is all she saw right? That insinuates that these people killed the little American Beaty for play and it was never found out about that the whole thing was frame by my brother Timothy to shove a little real money in Ciullas face my dad gladly paid out insurance for whatever he needed and his crew for years to make Sure they are for sure caught when it came time for me to tell the story.

So the murder and many like it were all made up and they were all receiving insurance policy pay out. The table saw is all her mom saw is the point this story of facts is at and no she didn’t know what it is but the body what about the body and where is the blood you can’t make the million and up club with the most horrific little baby doll beat the story about the child pageant princess and use ketchup they will see right thru us I know lets play dress up with the neighbor or someone from a poor part of town or better yet the Southside and kid nap them during a pizza delivery or a pageant for the realest remake of the William Friedman massacre rendition northern lets call it trust fund style and kill every single person in his remaining family after we follow him to college and this was the kids of new trier and that was how they said in near a computer when it was turned on to my head via wire tap that I am easily able to recall as the single most used and abused person of the century that is why this story has more pop than icon and more jazz than dan Cowel at Bonnies on a Tuesday in Chicago circa 2010 when I lived with him as well and remember that all of them were either my age or older but used my license to reference everything they needed and actually most moved to Chicago or the suburbs after meeting me and finding out I was really the son of the richest man worldwide and didnt have a clue but knew how to stay alive and never let them other than steal money behind my back in conjunction with the fact the banks trained their employees to avoid telling me every single fact that they should have in light of what I’m about To do by showing them how it feels to have billions stolen while finding out that all my family was dead and what I was living with is fake and just their for me to be a bank account inside whichever house I was til I turned 22 and graudated moving to Chicago and reading rip off report for the first time and it was my first job that I did doing door to door sales being made fun of by all these fellow graduates for doing that job but they weren’t cool or good enough to tell me that my trust fund was paying their salaries and way to much because had they where would they be right now in their own money or in control about to lose it with a bunch of corporate accounts that once frozen won’t ever be touched again by their inability to be who they say and their reluctance to quit after they are warned for years via bad luck, hangovers, sickness, no relationships, no reproduction etc.

Those that know the most or were around by the fact they knew me or of me and came around because of the money are now controlled by the male friends I pawned them off to for lack of interest in woman led me to doing this and not knowing is now the hardest thing anyone could not remember or recall yet phone is silent, never rings, never hears anything but a voicemail system pick up and never cared about the trivial bullsh*t and still don’t just want to be alone in my life to even do the slightest thing without all the thief trolls watching me watch tv, drive my car and they hack it too..air this laundry for the masses and promise me to take your best shot and show the effort this story deserves in lifting your social status to available and free to get that apartment or house in your name and your real name and not hide in obscure locations think your happy and squash a story that will dominate headlines cause another 15 come with it so much as you get this on front page print and live news because I will even tell that part of the story.

The world needs real news and acting is great but broadway and Hollywood have plenty of opportunity this is what the world needs to hear and something to snap those out of the fake covid sh*t that is only in the media because a few that were stealing had came to die all the sudden and freaked out to a daughter or son of a tribune executive and because they are trivial trevians they have no pop in their step and no soul in the clap because without their glass house in a padded world they are already shards and can’t drink enough and pretend any other way then their parents raised them . Thats accurate.

The insurance companies are going to feel it I am going to get that business taken out of every markets its unnecessary and out the army core of engineers for building natural disaster causing mechanisms that cause storm surge high wind gust and not combustible explosives that cosmetically damage the sides and guts of buildings that are installed in the projects as they are built unless it was older like Cabrini green they literally knocked them without inspection in order to rid the city of the smell and view of the oldest most famous housing program and project of all time the Chicagoans called an eyesore but I viewed new yorks as a way to tell those living there that sh*t is cool and the high rise boom continued the blacks rose above it they helped take the media down to all levels of low by participation in bowling leagues that made this as*holes question when I use code like that when I talk cause we both be shopping and chopping at the real sun and that’s ourselves cause that’s what sets the trends and the masks well masks off for this reason virus only get you when you need it and deserve it and are scared so don’t fluff that bs in the news like hey I made so much moneyyyyy off buying in bulk when the store ran out cause you didnt and that mark up was for all that profit be a prophet and get caught up with the reality cheque you are not prepared to live under my umbrella ne more …go souf!

  • Nov 19, 2019

On September 14, 2019 I purchased a Hyundai Santa Fe from Lythia in Anchorage, AK. One document lists Chase Auto for whom I am to have full insurance coverage throughout the life of my loan. I have loan documents stating what I will pay, when it will be due and how much the interest will be. No where does it list how to pay the loan.

I contacted my Dealer and asked for the information in order to set up auto-pay on a weekly basis and lower the ultimate interest. I was told they would contact me. As we drew close to the due date in October I again asked for information.

At one point I was instructed to call the telephone number and keep pressing the # key until someone answered. I did this and provided my name and social security number but when I asked if they had any information on my loan I was disconnected. I do not know if I ws speaking to a human or bot.

I sent a letter to JP Morgan Chase as the address on that loan document. No answer. I have been sending weekly checks to that address and continually request they send me my loan information. No answer.

Last week I sent a self-addressed stamped envelope and a letter listing the three questions: 1) What is my Loan Number, 2) What is the address where payments are to be mailed, 3) if auto-pay is available, what is the information necessary to set it up.

This week I sent another payment and aletter cajolling them to send me the information necessary to properly pay my loan. I will be filing in arbitration, in accordance with the loan documents, to force them to give me the necessary information and re-calculate any interest or late fees.

NEVER do business with CHASE!

  • Oct 4, 2019

As I read through the complaints on just two of the banks I will fight until I go home, my heart breaks for these people.

My record with between 40 and 62 not asked or signed for, just sent out live and activated, unsecured. I lived my life within what I made. The reporting agencies have reported every year for 28 years, never missed a payment, never was late and often early ending up with an 850 FICO.

My tax preparer who pulled a gypsy scam over a long period of time was brilliant. He is a Block Advisor and an officer of the court. Dennis Muracco is 803 wins to 0 against the IRS in criminal and civil cases in N.E. PA as my tax preparer.

He used all my information he obtained as manager of two Block Advisor's locations to do the most harm to a claimed best friend, his only friend that as I knew he was extorting me, there would be a time when he asked me to do something criminal.

  • Jan 8, 2019

This is the address of Russell La Toya, Executive Officer with Chase Bank:


PO BOX 659809

SAN ANTONIO, TX, 78265-9109

PHONE: 866 564 2262

FAX # 866 701 9886

PHONE: 877 658 5559

Russell La Toya 877 658 5568 Ext 129-9119

On January 06 2018 an ATM charge was done to my Chase account in the amount of $203.25. The door of the ATM machine controlled by US Bank failed to open and to dispense the money to me. The door did not open because I pulled out the ATM card a second prior to the door opening.

I had made several attempts, few minutes prior to make my first ATM withdraw. I was NOT familiar with the operation of this machine. To make a long story short, I called the several names depicted on the machine, I got in touch with Chase and none would return the money to me.

Finally I decided to get in touch with Senator Bill Nelson and he had Chase return the $203.25 to my account. BUT MEANWHILE, after several temporary credits, and debits and credits to my account, since 01-06-18, I got confused as to what the credits and debits were referring to.

Finally a friend of mine informed me that CHASE had charged me three times: on 01-06-18 and 01-07-18 and on 02-01-2018. I referred the two additional charges to Chase but to date it has refused to issue credit to my account.

The 01-07-18 and the 02-01-18 ATM withdraws were NEVER made by me and Chase and US Bank have failed to show data to support these two ATM withdraws. I fail to understand how can CHASE and US Bank balance the ATM transactions incurred on those three days when I NEVER received the money and I never came near this ATM machine after the 01-06-18 problem.

  • Oct 26, 2018

My bank account was hacked a few months ago. Chase did NOTHING to protect me, who has had the same account with them since the 1990s when they were bank of ny. Now they are witholding my unemployment funds. Isnt all of this a federal crime? Any lawyers out there want to file a class action suite?

  • Jul 30, 2018

In March of 2009 my credit score was 797. We had three properties financed through Chase. They told us that they would modify all three but that we would have to go into the arrears in order to qualify for these. I asked if doing so would it have a negative affect on my credit score. They told me yes but that they would ammmend my score after they gave us the modifications. Of coarse they lost everything I had sent into them and we had to start all over.

Monthes went by and we had to go on forebarance payments. I sent in 19 cashier's checks , all except three have been accounted for: roughly about $6000.00. They gave me one mod which was a 21 year modification. i accepted this one. The next offer was for only 15 years which made no sense to take because it didn't spread my payments out enough. I asked for a 21 year modification but was told "we don't negotiate with you...either take it or leave it".I left it. They then refused any forebearance payments and began foreclosure. Three times it was adjourned but the fourth time their foreclosure went through.

I hired an attorney who was also crooked. I paid him $37,000.00 to help me and when I refused to sign a confidentiality aggreement he dropped me. He actually wanted me to sign this document which would have given away my rights to now,tell you what they did to me. I would have gladly signed such a document had they done the right thing. They refused to.

They illegally forclosed and therefore had to return the property to my name. This all happened in 2010. In 2017 they again foreclosed and I paid them off $1.00 more than the $175,000.00 asking price at sherriff's aution. They illegally broke into my property, did $2500.00 wort of damage getting in. cancelled my hazard policy and shut my utilities off.

In September of 2017 , after having kept my checking account with them, they closed my the account without notice, and had the police serve me with a no tesspass notice through the City Of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Chase has done me wrong. They refuse to admit any wrong doing and continue to destroy countless others. I am very happy to discuss this with anyone who choses to contact me.

  • Jul 16, 2018

I've been a loyal credit card customer of Chase for years, and have never had a single late payment or any issues.

So when I recently moved and needed a new bank for my personal checking account, I naturally thought of Chase since there was a local branch just a few miles from my new home.

I opened an account online, and linked it to my credit card account with them. And began making deposits.

I used their app to make a remote deposit of a check a client sent me for $1275, and was informed that there would be a hold placed on the funds. Which was fine. I totally understand that is standard for most banks with a new checking account.

And I had around $2,500 in the account anyway from my previous deposits that went fine with them.

A few days after the deposit, I went into my local branch to make a small $300 withdrawal (which there was more than enough funds to cover out of the $2500 above and beyond the deposit with the hold on it.)

After dealing with the teller for nearly 20 minutes she put me on the phone with someone else at Chase who said that my account had been "restricted" because of the $1275 deposit, and I couldn't access or withdraw ANY of my other $2500 in the account until the $1275 check cleared.

While I was obviously frustrated, I had no choice but to wait. A few days later I got a notification that the $1275 check was fine and had indeed cleared, so I went online to make a payment from my checking to my Chase credit card and was given an error message that the transaction could not be processed.

So I called Chase and after being bounced around for 30 minutes from person to person, I wound up on the phone with a very rude and condescending person in their "risk management" department who informed me that my account was being closed, I could never again FOR LIFE bank with Chase, and he refused to tell me WHY the account was being closed.

All he did admit was that all of my deposits had cleared just fine, I had not had any issues with a single bounced check or any other negative activity on the account... Just that I and my business were (for no stated reason) not welcome at Chase, ever, for life.

So now they are holding ALL of my funds hostage, no one will tell me if or when I will get my thousands of dollars in my account returned to me, and I just paid to order checks which are now worthless.

I've NEVER experienced anything this frustrating or infuriating when dealing with ANY company in my entire life, and the part that is worse than them screwing with my money is they won't even provide an explanation of WHY!

I have had a perfect history with them for YEARS as a credit card customer, have never had any issues with my checking accounts at other banks, yet I'm (for no reason) banned for life from banking with Chase?! (Not that after this experience I'd ever even consider banking or borrowing from them! And I'd recommend that anyone who does, get's your money out of their incompetent, and rude hands as quickly as possible!)

  • Jun 22, 2018

They stole a lot of money i can not log into my accounts they claim i owe them money. i don't chase and their employees are well organized theives. they would skim off my account. at times i had over $40,000 in my account and money would disapear when i asked about the discepancy they locked me out of my account and claimed i owed them money.

  • Mar 27, 2018

I was on a long trip from NH to SC and had gotten lost. It was very late and I stopped at the first motel I found. I used my VISA CHASE card to rent a room but the motel room was so small the door almost hit the bed when I opened it. The room smelled, was not clean and there were men were hanging outside in the doorways of many of the rooms. I was afraid and absolutely would not stay there. I immediately went to the office and requested my payment not be processed or if it had been I requested it be voided. They refused and would not talk to me any further. I immediately called CHASE visa and told them the situation. The man from CHASE said: " Don't worry about a thing. We will take care of this, but the bill will have to procss." I didn't think about it anymore until I saw the bill on my charges. I called the CHASE Dispute Department and got the run around from the start. Tey said We didn't get this paper. I didn't send this form in in time. and finally I was told " YOU have to get the money back yourself. We can't do anything," I explained these people would not talk to me and had said they would not give the money back.

I explained I was paying for a service I did not want or use. I asked to talk with the supervisor. He was blunt and rude. I have written in areas that CHASE has provided saying if you had a problem, let us know. NO RESPONSE. Who and for what situations are CHASE reimbursements availble?

  • Feb 2, 2018

I was told by Chase Bank that a late filing of a transaction dispute would be permitted and upheld.

This didnt happen and when I emailed the Jamie Dimon, I was told "too bad"

Even though they admitted and heard the phone conversation, they refused to honur the promise.

Further, they confirmed the same thing by letter and again refused to honour it.

I remain $1600 plus out of pocket.

I would be careful before trusting this financial institution with your money

  • Jan 30, 2018

The information provided when applying for the Chase Club card states they will cover loses from trip cancellation or interruptions. Their literature clearly states we would be covered for such loses if you used the Club Card to make the purchase that was cancelled.

In May of 2017 we had to return to the US from London, cancelling about 10 days of our trip because of a severe back issue that arose. We had letters from the Doctor we saw in London recommending an immediate return to our home for treatment.

Because of the short notice, British Air charged us close to $4900 more to change our flights to arrive back to our home earlier than was booked. We filed a claim with Chase Club card people in June of 2017. After almost 9 months, untold number of calls to the claim department, and numerous promises from them to get back to us. they finally told us (jan 2018) they would cover only $500 of our almost $4900 claim. That $500 was the figure they determined was the "change fee" charged to us by British Air in order to change our flights. The nearly $4900 we were charged by British Air to change the flight was ignored by Chase Club card people. Their literature states clearly that they will cover the costs of a trip cancellation or interruption but they did not honor their agreement.

I'm afraid the promise to cover loses as we had was only a come-on to encourage you to use their credit card.

  • Jan 17, 2018

On January 15th JP Morgan Chase informed me that someone from Coinbase fraudulently attempted to deduct money from my account and that they would need to cancel my debit card. I EXPLICITLY told them that my card could not be cancelled as I would be traveling with it to entertain clients and needed access to the card. They presented me with embarrassing and insulting resolutions that included carrying around a atm card. I told them no this was not an option.

Chase proceeded to cancel my card without my permission and refused to reinstate the card. When I called on January 16th while sitting with a $10,000 client at lunch after my card was declined, I was transfer ed around for 24 minutes after explaining I needed to be connected directly and then the woman proceeded to continue to waste my time by going over the same unacceptable options and not reinstating my card.

When I told her that I was sitting there waiting and she needed to present me with a resolution or a manager she continued to waste my time and then had the audacity to hang up on me. I called the office of the president, Jamie Diamond, to file a formal complaint and gather the name and employee number of the employee for my police report and she, yet again, refused to assist me. It appears Jamie Diamond doesnt train the staff to actually provide customer service but instead steal their money and block their ability to access it. When I requested to be transfered to the VP of Fraud to file a complaint I was told "I will see if someone is available."

  • Jan 17, 2018

Deposited a check on Saturday at an ATM with Chase Bank. Told that funds would not be available until the next business day. Monday being a holiday, the funds should have been available today. Went to the Bank at Rudasil and Oracle and was told by an employee that my funds would not be available until midnight. Told the employee that I wanted to close my account. Said the check had not cleared yet and that I was not able to close my account until that check clears. Can they legally do this?

  • Dec 13, 2017

Agreed to purchase an 80-20 health insurance policy $403.00 per month from Agent Nick Storey for my wife on Dec 7, 2016. Unknown to me this agent enrolled her into 4 different policies that all were fraud and would not pay anything for major medical expenses that happened on Sept 3, 2017. We ended up owning the doctors and hospital $58,000. I called Chase on 9-3-17 and told them to stop sending anymore monies to this fraud company, Premier Series/Freedom Life Insurance out of Tx. Through hook and crook, Chase Credit card company continued to give this fraud company an additional 2 months of payments. $197.00 per month. When I called chase to complain about the addition 2 months of charges they said that since our charge card was not closed they give the monies to Freedom Life.

I filed 2 cases with Chase Credit Card and the bottome line is they will not issue a refund.

BEWARE of this Company......Chase only cares about its merchants and SCREWS their customers.......


  • Oct 14, 2017

On Oct. 5, 2017 a client sent me a payment of $225. I was alerted to this via text message by sender #58189. It said “(client name) has sent you $225.00 September. Get money at Zelle…” I did not want to download the app, as I already had an eligible Chase account. After many back and forths with Chase, their instructions did not fix the issue.

It's been over a week and a dozen communications since I have "received" these funds. I am still being denied access. I request full access to these funds along with the $34 per day overdraft fee I would be charged should the roles have been reversed.

  • Oct 5, 2017

BOYCOT CHASE!!!! I have spoken with every supervisor and resolution specialist there is, and taken my fight all the way to the executive office… and every time I have been read the same form script over and over… that chase did what’s within it rights to do, and the decision is final to keep what they stole from me!

Basically, chase reached into my checking account and STOLE ~$28,000 from me, handicapped my businesses, and created a massive reduction in my credit score that cascaded across my other credit cards and cause other auto-pays to get declined. They totally and intentionally ripped me off, and despite months of efforts to sort this out to recover what they had stolen, they basically told me to go kick rocks, and there was no one left for me to talk to.

In response, I have boycotted Chase and refused to honor any Chase Credit or Debit card at my bars & restaurants. We have put up signage in that regard and placed posts on our websites and social media to this effect. When consistently asked why by our customers, our response is that we do not support or do business with any organization that robs and steels from its customers and screws them over, and we encourage our customers to dump Chase as well, and I have solicited other businesses to join this Boycott in order to stand up for our rights. When customers hear that Chase has a systematic policy to screw over small business and rob from them their resources, causing them to lay off staff… they have no problem to pay with a different card or with cash.

  • Sep 26, 2017

I will never do banking or credit card services with Chase again. I purchased a product that arrived defective when we started to use it, and notified the RSE Fabrications immediately of the defects. In short they refused to take it back, and after 3 months of waiting Chase has not given us a permanent chargeback and gave him a credit back for the full amount according to the rep. Chase has never notified us of the reversal and never allowed us to review or rebuttal it. We need the money to purchase a similar product from a different manufacturer, but can't until we get a refund that is real.

This was an expensive Rock Picker, and for me to spend $4500 on an item and not to work is devistating to me, and for Chase to tie up my funds to find another type machine, in criminal socially. This company does not deserve to exist. I am an old rancher, and don't have much money, and for them to allow me to charge back this defective and broken item is a castrophe for me.

These guys are scum of the earth. If you can avoid them, as they will disappoint you at some point in time. I got burnt by them this time, but I will not allow a second time. Back to American Express and Discover. Chase you can kiss me where the sun don't shine.

  • Sep 25, 2017

I ended my lease on 8/11/17 when I purchased a preowned Mercede's SLK. The Mercede's dealer did not want to purchase the car. It was in excelent condition with mialage way below contract. The said they would return it to the Mazda dealer just up the road. Inadvertantly one extra payment was sent by my bank to Mazda Capital in error.

9/8/17: I spoke to the End of Lease Department about the payment that was sent in error for $280, to find out when I could expect a refund check. I was told that the $1400 was received and that they would review my account and if there was a credit they would send a check.

9/22/17: I spoke with Aneeshah agent #R389322, who said that the account will be reconciled after the car is sold according to the contract I signed. After reviewing the contract I saw that indeed there was a clause which explanes the Realized Value.

It states that Mazda and Leasee must come to an agreement. When the Mercedes dealer called Chase Capital they agreed that I could end my lease if I paid off the $1,400 owed which I did. This satisfied the contract.

The contract further states; If we can't agree after 10 days from the termination of the lease, they auction the vehicle or obtain at least three wholsale bids from bidders ready, will and able to buy it for the amounts they bid. In either case it's been more than 43 days and I have yet to hear from Mazda Capital about my account.

So now they are holding my money hostage until the car is sold. I can't even find out where the car is. I called the dealer where the car was turned in, they said that the bank picked up the car, but don't know where they took it. I searched the internet with the Vin number and could not locate the car. I have contacted my Lawyer, and if I don't get any satisfaction soon I will persue this legaley.

Carol Donahue

  • Aug 25, 2017

I received a bill from Slate in April ,for a charge with a membership from Amazon Prime .The amount was for 108.41. I never made this purchase. I called Slate to dispute this charge. I also called Amazon and told them what happpened, they said they would take care of this. Amazon did. Then I received a letter stating from Slate that this issue has been resolved. April 25,2017. July i received a statement. from Slate 0 balance.Then August I received a statement with balance put back on. Called spoke with dispute department don't pay it. Then received another statement today charging me interest on this amount and a fee charge. Called again spoke with dispute department, kept going all around never answering my question,why I am still being charged this amount when this was resolved.

  • Aug 14, 2017

On November 26, 2017, I attempted to place an order on the website, in the amount of $2,105.51. Super Tweaks promptly charged my Chase credit card for the total amount but did not send me order shipment details. To date, Super Tweaks will not respond to my email messages, voicemail messages, Facebook message, or phone calls. I have not received any correspondence from Super Tweaks and the merchandise I ordered has not been delivered. I have paid off the total balance on my Chase credit card to avoid finance charges, but now that Chase Bank has their money, they have no incentive to pursue Super Tweaks for the charges they fraudulently charged my Chase credit card.

  • Aug 7, 2017

July 21st I drove through an ATM AND deposited $940.00 cash. The machine started making loud noises and spit $140 back at me with a receipt saying it malfunctioned. It kept $800 of my hard earned money. Pissed, I through my flashers on and called immediately. Customer Service told me not to worry and gave me provisional credit of my missing $800. They said they would investigate, and notify me. Concerned and worried I went in the branch, they told me this has happened twice this week with the same machine. Long story short, I received a letter yesterday stating they found 600 and will be taking 200 back.

Bulls*** too. So there going to steal my money??? I called, I was hung up on twice, I demanded a supervisor, and was told that all they could do was send an email to the back office on my behalf. I have to wait 5 business days for a response??? Or appears I maybe s*** out of luck. I emailed today, I said o wouldn't let this go, I would take it to the news, social media and anyone who would listen. I won't have anyone steal from me. I got an email back saying someone should get back to me regarding my issue within 2 business says. I guess I'll see what happens. CROOKS!!

  • Jul 27, 2017

I need some help. Please. My mom, who lived with me, passed away last month. All of her assets were in her trust, which I am successor trustee. Chase had screwed up by not listing the trust when she opened an account last year. They ended up. Opening another account. The account with just her name has $540 dollars in it. Chase refuses to let me access it and has put a 99trillion dollar hold on the account:telling me I have to go to court. Which is ridiculous when all she personally owned Is this acct. Her will specifically states that all assets go to her trust. Id there anything I can do? I have access to her accts.

  • Jul 24, 2017

This company says it is reporting to the IRS this write off of an old loan. At case bank itself they show no information on this loan from years ago? at one time I may have co signed for a loan for my daughter, can they do this? Is this a scam or a reputable company, we can not afford to be responsible fo income tax on over $31,000!

  • Jul 18, 2017

I am a Chase Customer. As of 2015 when I opened my account I was signed up for a service called Chase Quick Pay using my phone number. I used the service several times in 2016 which confirmes that as of 2016 I remained enrolled. In March of 2017 I was sent a transfer using my phone number from a Wells Fargo customer which vanished into thin air. Wells Fargo investigated and determined they did use my correct number. Chase confirmed they received nothing and also informed me that I was no longer signed up for quickpay and that my number was being used at an outside party now. So I dug deeper to find that Chase and Wells Fargo use a company called Clear Exchange (Now ZELLE) to process the transfers. They essentially allow the linkage of phone numbers and account information to simplify transfers between institutions. Clear Exchange confirmed they did process a transfer that went to TD Bank and that the name on the clear exchange transfer account was not mine. I reported the stolen money to TD Bank and they refused to do anything to shut down the account.

Clear Exchange subsequently shut down their account but my money remained missing. It became apparent at that time that the responsible party was either Wells Fargo or Clear Exchange but one question remained: How did my phone number get removed from my Chase profile. After several months of dealing with Chase reps who treat me like a fool and place deniability above actuall resoltuion, I have been able to confirm that my I.P. log ins were not suspicous indidcating my log in information is secure. This, in my hubmle opinion as a former Wells Fargo employee using similar systems, means that this only leaves a corrupt Chase employee as the likely responsible party. If I didnt do it, and my online account was not hacked, who else did it? Chase Corporate will only confirm I was signed up for Quick Pay and then by the transfer I was not. They will not tell me the date I was unregistered and what employee made the change. If they did my phone records could confirm if I called Chase that did, wouldn't they Chase? Let's quit playing games here and help me determine if my account was comprimised under your watchfull eye or if it was not so that this does not become a larger issue involving more customers.. I am not claiming that it was, only stating that based on your minimal assitance, and the facts as they exist now that is the only logical conclusion I can reach. I am a reasonable man, be reasonable with me please....

  • Jul 5, 2017

Chase at 6001 Spring Mountain Road & Red Rock Street has treated me, a "VIP" Chase Bank designated customer who accordingto Chase rules should have been given a "personal banker" like absolute GARBAGE. I have NEVER incurred a late fee or missed a payment. I have a checking, savings, and Visa credit card at Chase, all tied in together and everything is on automatic payments. My credit card was ALWAYS at ZERO balance.

After a large dental charge following last minute emergency surgery I walked into the bank and asked the teller to pay off the charge 100% with the plentiful $$$ in my savings account. I was REFUSED. This 2 minute service had previously been done for me at Chase multiple times. It is extremely easy for Chase to do, and is a very normal bank transaction. The teller kept telling me there was absolutely NO need as I had just deposited a pay check into my checking account. Yes she was that clueless.

I then asked to speak to the bank manager over and over and over again. She ignored me, saying I didn't need to talk to the bank manager at all as she had solved the issue. I told her that I needed to use the credit card for emergency antibiotics, and that I had a doctor's appointment the early the next morning as I was in extreme pain and could in fact barely talk. Finally I got another teller to assist who also refused to do the simple, 2 minute transaction but agreed to let me speak to the bank manager.

Bank manager agreed the request was a simple, normal transaction. He agreed to do it. Use $$ in my savings (there was about 20 times the amount of $$$ needed) to pay offf my credit card, bring the balance back down to zero, so I could buy emergency antibiotics and pay for my doctor's appointment as well.

Bank Manager was given my celll number. He PROMISED over a dozen times that he would call me as soon as he completed the super simple transaction. He also promised he would call me IF he had any issues or problems.

PATHOLOGICAL LIAR = Chase Bank Manager, as he DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Calling him would be a waste as he NEVER answers his phone, nor does anyone else at the bank. He does not have voice mail. Also he REFUSED to give me his business card, or even his name, EVER. I asked. What Bank Manager NEVER hands out a business card and does NOT have them available forVIP Customers PROMISED in writing by Chase Bank records? What Bank Manager NEVER gives out his name to customers?

PATHOLOGICAL LIAR = Chase Executive Branch/Head of Operations, USA Why? After hours and hours and hours of trying to make a complaint with Chase online banking I finally got to the Executive Branch/Head office. Only 1 (one) of my many complaints, all made with Chase online banking MANAGERS ever got escalated. All others were "lost," The result?

CHASE EXECUTIVE BRANCH/HEAD OF OPERATIONS, USA - STATED CHASE BRANCH MANAGER DIDN'T KNOW THAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO CALL YOU. "Then why did I give him my phone number?" and "Why didn't he at least complete the 2 minute transaction as he had repeatedly promised over a dozen times?" NO ANSWER at all.

Yes I had called that same evening after waiting in the pharmacist's office for hours to the 800 #. I had spent hours and hours and had finally gotten through to an online manager who PROMISED to immediately pay off my Visa bill so I could use it at my emergency doctor's appointment the next morning. NOTHING WAS DONE. Nor was it done the very next night when I repeated the procedure with another online Chase manager. In fact it took weeks for the bill to be paid off as it was on automatic payments already.

2) July 3, 2017 was my attempt to close ALL of my Chase accounts. Branch Manager LIED to dozens and dozens and dozens of customers in front of me. He told everyone the system had been down for less than 1 hour. I corrected him and told all customers I had been there waiting for over 3 (THREE) hours, and that the system was already walked in the branch. I told them NOT to waste their time waiting around as it was clear the Branch Manager would only continue to LIE to all of them.

LYING Branch Manager also told every single customer to call him personally before coming back to the bank to make sure the system was back on and operating. LYING Branch Manager NEVER answers his phone. LYING Branch Manager knows that absolutely NO ONE at Chase ever answers their phone. LYING Branch Manager knows that NO ONE at Chase has voicemail. LYING Branch Manager knows that he NEVER returns email messages.

LYING Branch Manager did NOT give a single customer his business card, his name, his phone number. What branch manager of a bank REFUSES to give out his name? CROOK. His eyes prove he is a coke/heavy duty drug addict. Most branch managers have their names on a placque at his desk. This Branch Manager has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  • Jun 16, 2017

Re:: claim #2022521074

I called chase card benefits that my kids phone was stolen. She said to file a claim online which I did on June 4,2 017.

On June 6m 2017, all I received from Chase was that I needed “itemized sales receipted indicating the purchase of the price I am claiming.”

A police report was not requested til June 8. When I received this email, I emailed back and called if we need to file a police report. Due to system error, Chase needs to call me back. I didn’t receive an email re: this police report or a call til June 12, 2017. Chase is quite slow in processing this and many days have lapsed.

Also there was NO Prompts or mentioning in the claims online that a police report is needed!

Additionally the rep, Megan called me on 9th of June requesting a police report. I told her and I have emailed you guys I can go and obtain a police report. She said, she needs to speak to someone or she needs to check something out.

On June 13th, she called stating the claim is denied because a police report was not in place.

Why wasn’t I requested a police report in this email on June 6th request?

I have been with chase when I was 16 years old. For 16 years, I paid an annual fee! If you look at my histories, I have purchased many expensive items! I do NOT have histories of filing lost or theft items at all. This is my FIRST item that is lost and this is how Chase treats me!

I feel chase is trying to avoid paying this claim. I am a good cardholder, I pay my bills on time, etc. I am not very happy. What’s the point in paying $95 annual membership for? I paid this fee to have a sense of security when my item purchased is damaged and lost.

If I was told in the beginning or when I file this claim that a police report needs to be popped up then I would have filed a police report.

Big companies like chase overpromise but UNDER delivers!

I am very upset that they won't cover my purchase!

  • May 17, 2017

I applied for a Chase Marriott Rewards Visa cards earlier this year. This decision was based solely on the offer of 80,000

points after charging $3,000 within the 1st three months.

I printed out the offer, as well as my approval at the time I applied.

I fulfilled my end of the deal, and called to inquire about using my points, when I was informed that the offer I received

was for 40,000 points. I escalated the call to a supervisor, who was no more helpful, insisting nothing could be done.

I am very frustrated, as every time I search for Marriott Visa, the only offers I find on the internet are for 80,000


Furthermore, when I log into my account, the login homepage displays an offer for 80,000 points.

I have been lied to and conned out of 40,000 points.

I would never have applied for this card for only 40,000 points; I am very happy with the service I receive from my other

credit card companies.

Additionally, I requested a card for my wife, which should receive a bonus of 7,500 points, but was told that my account is

only eligible for a 5,000 point bonus.

I have written to their corporate offices, and they do not even give the courtesy of a reply.

  • May 17, 2017

WARNING! Chase Bank is not a customer friendly company, In fact the company has a practice of cashing fraudulent checks, made out to ConEdison by third parties. Not only once but multiple times. Someone has stolen my father-in-law's mailed checks to ConEdison, and cashed them. When my wife tried to straighten this situation out after the second occurrence within three months they became very defensive and said that they don't have to vet the checks before cashing them. For a second time in three months, they made my wife, drag my sick and elderly father-in-law in to his branch to an appointment so he can cancle his comprimised accounts, and then told us they couldn't help him because the system was down all afternoon. They were well aware of my father-in-law's health issues, and they could have called to warn us not to bring an 85 year old sick man on oxygen out to a pointless appointment. When my wife complained to that fact the Vice President Branch Manager, Miguel Sanchez, just waved his hand in their faces and told them, they would have to come back tomorrow. Which meant to leave work early and drag him back out again. Needless to say my Father-in-law was very upset, not only because of his fear of having his acciont so easily comprimized but, by they way Chase treated him and made him feel like a victim a second time.

Well we went through that process again the next day and asked to open an investigation into the check fraud, they said they would. Well it's a few days later, and we have been notified that our accounts have been restricted and Chase is severing their relationship with us. We have called to find out why but, Chase says it's their policy not to tell anyone why they have done this. After sitting in a branch office for two hours in conference calls with everyone all the way up to the executive branch of Chase, they refused to give us a reason why,m we have had our accounts terminated. They refuse to tell us why and who authorized this they said they don't divulge that information.

After 27 years of a business relationship, without a financial blip from us, with perfect credit. Chase has thrown us to the curb because we dared to question their fraudulent check cashing procedure. Something smells fishy here and I would think twice about doing any banking with Chase and I am going to do my best to let everyone know what's going on. I have contacted an attorney and intend to pursue this with the FDIC and the New York State Attorney General.

  • May 11, 2017





  • May 5, 2017

Terra I checked my credit report, it was some unusual things on there and when it said Bank credit cards it was a flag. I never had an bank account in my life and especially not with chase in Delaware. Cleveland,Ohio

  • Feb 6, 2017

I want to dispute the $68.80 interest charge on the last statement. The last 4 digits of the credit card are 8030 for reference. This fee was charged as a result of misleading/fraud practices by Chase as they apply the payments to lower interest balance first and not to higher interest rate balances. This is also inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the credit card agreement. Please see the section on "How to Avoid Paying Interest on Purchases" section on the second page of the recent most statement. I have already contacted them several times including a call this morning with the customer service but Chase has refused to refund any charges made.

Chase must refund the interest charge made in December and January. This will be $68.80 for January plus $40 or so for December.


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