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Central Security Group

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 600 Kenrick Dr.
Phone 281-445-3838

Central Security Group Reviews

  • Aug 26, 2017

Central Security is attempting to bill after an account has been closed and paid. Saying that a contract was extended when indeed it was not. I was approached by a sales person to add in home security to my home through Central Security group. I agreed and indeed did business with this company for appx 5 years. The term of the contract was three. In 2017 I left the residence to relocate to Sydney Australia a move that was required by my employer. I contacted Central Security group to close my account. All of my past years payments had been paid and on time. They sent me a final bill of $157.96 which I paid as my final bill. The house that the system was installed was given over to a new resident. The system was physically removed from the home and no further services were to be rendered and none were utilized. On 08/25/17 I came back int the US to discover that I had received a bill form monitoring service from Central Security in the amount of $78.89. I contacted the company to advise them of their error only to be told that they had extended my contract via Docusign on a date that I was not even in the State and it appears that this document was coerced into signature by a 17 year old minor over the telephone. (My Granddaughter) I have not and did not at any time extend a contract that I would have no use of knowing that I would not be residing at this address. I tried in good faith to contact the company and advise them of their error only to be met with snide remarks and verbal abuse. As a senior citizen I feel that this company is trying to intimidate me into pay money that is not owed. I paid them on time faithfully for the entire term of their contract. Apparently, that was not enough and they are attempting to use bullying techniques on an elderly person to further line their pockets. I advised the company that I had done as I was asked. I paid all the amounts I was request to pay prior to moving. I will not pay for a service that I have not had for months and have not used. This speaks to the very heart of the problems in America today. Abuse of the elderly and infirm to line the pockets of large corporations.

I Want:

No further charges. No further contact by this company. No attempt to place a derogatory remark on my credit file.

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