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Central Payment

Country United States
State California
City San Rafael
Address 2350 Kerner Blvd, Suite 300
Phone 1-415-462-8335

Central Payment Reviews

  • Dec 15, 2017

CAPY fraudulently altered my Agreement without my consent or knowledge for their own financial gains. Rates and fees were forged onto the agreemnt after it was submitted.

I have the original documents along with the forged copy sent by CPAY.

Managing Partner called it a "miscommunication" - I call it forgery.

  • Sep 2, 2017

Brad White sales agent for Cental Payment, fraudently set up 6 merchant accounts when we only authorized one immediatly. He said we wouldn't ve charged for all six, but he is going to send them all at once. We only recieved equipment contract, asked him several times for merchant contract, never recieved it. He stated and signed paper that he would reimburse any charges fees or contract fees himself if we were charged. 1st statement charged for all six machines, He said he would take care of it. Second month the same thing around 2000,00 dollars of charges taken from are account. Brad White lied to us repeatedly about reversing charges and reimbusing through their accounting department. We closed account and it takes thirty days for cancelation to go through and are now being taken to collections. He is a liar, scam artist and Central Payment CSReps were no help, Central Payment Sales Director CEO or hiw ever else is in charege needs tok ow about this. They have no direct number or email for any of these people. All complaints are made through CSReps. No confidence there would even be one made or read for that mattter.

  • Aug 1, 2017

This company was suggested to me by another small merchant. I did not realize he would get a commission if I signed-up.

Salesman came to my fulltime job to pitch me the processing for my Greenmarket seasonal weekend job.

He saw I was the only person handling the phone and walk-in customers and did not have time to read the details. I told him I didnt have the time but would sign the agreement if he were truthful.

I told him I was happy with Square,but if they could process cheaper without any service fees I would sign up.

He told me CentralPayment was way cheaper than square and their were no fees.

All lies. This company debits my account $52.00 monthly and I have not used them! Furthermore they gave me a crummy temp swiper which bent when I tried to use it.

My cancellation calls were swift and I was told to send back equipment which I never received.

They have not cancelled my account and we are over 8 months into this.

I have since learned Cental Payment sales people make an average of $400 per client signup, have had a class action suit filed against them and they lost, have just about the worst yelp reviews, Google reviews etc.

I will post reviews like this everywhere until they cancel my service.

  • May 5, 2017

Central Payment ,AKA, CPAY.Agents Doug Miller and Barak Yudah. Central Payment is the worst credit card processors ever!! There agents Doug Miller and Barak Yahud are deceiving. San Rafael,California. Agents based in Encino, California

  • Mar 14, 2016

I was guaranteed the straight across charge of .04 card use with no other charges.

I dropped my squarer as this was going to be cheaper.

CPay had been taking in funds from my clients and will not pay me for them.

Cpay is now charging me any where from $31. Per month to 127 per month in fees.

do not fall for this fraudulent company.

  • Jan 15, 2016

This is absolutely the worst experience with a salesperson and company they work for in the 35 years I have been doing busines. Chris Collinsworth came into our Fedex store early 2015 to make some copies. We inquired about his company, Central Payment, to see if his company could help with our credit card processing as we were using SQUARE and thought we would look into somethin better for card processing. Chris set up a meetingwith us and we decided to use his company, Central Payment. Chris brought into our store the tablet we were to use, and we immediately noticed a problem. This tablet/processor would not accept a way to put in a nummerical value for quantity of an item. We informed Chris of this. He responded that he would get the software updated or firmware update to fit our business. We called their customer support, and they said it wasn't possible. LIE #1......Chris wouldn't answer our phone calls as we told him to pick up the tablet as it was no use to us. He finally picked up the tablet, about a month after he first dropped it off. We forced him to sign a letter saying he pick up the tablet. He said no worries and we wouldn't be billed anything. WRONG!! (Keep in mind we NEVER processed a single transaction with Central Payment.) We started to get cancellation e-mails from his company, Central Payment, wanting to bill us for an early termination fee. We were threatened repeatedly. Chris wouldn't answer his phone. We spent hours on the phone with their arrogant billing and admin people. TowarDS the fall of 2015, we started getting harrassing e-mails from Central Payment saying they were going to charge us for the equipment. We had not had this tablet since Spring of 2015. We kept calling Chris Collinsworth and he would not answer his phone! They insisted we still had the equipment. We spend countless time on the phone again, and thought we had that straightened out as well. WRONG!! On December 31, 2015, Central Payment debited our account with ABS Systems for $495.00 for a tablet and $300.00 for a credit card scanner WE NEVER HAD!!!

As of January 13, 2016 my wife had to put a stop payment on our account to avoid any further issues with this company. This action from Central Payment forced our small company to put off our debtors until we cleared up this mess. We did get a credit back today, January 14, 2016 for the full amount. This company Central Payment is the worst company, BY FAR, I have ever had to do business with. Their unethical practices are something I have never seen before. The apple (Chris Collinsworth)doesn't fall very far from the tree. Chris Collinsworth has had prior isses and complaints. PUBLIC WARNING...DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, AND ESPECIALLY THIS SALES REP, OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!! I believe the majority of the problem stems from a flaky unethical sales rep, who doesn't care about the needs of his clients, doesn't fix his mistakes, and won't take ownership of them. We are seeking an attorney to see if there are any punitive damages as a result of their negligence.

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