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Central Oregon Diving

Country United States
State Oregon
City Bend
Address 157 NE Greenwood Ave
Phone 541-388-3660

Central Oregon Diving Reviews

  • Jul 6, 2017

To begin, I will outline the scenario - A local scuba diving shop offers Open Water diving certifications; this is the most basic scuba course, and is required to dive with any company offering tours or rental. I took the course Oct-2016 and completed with my certifaction. While my experience was not pleasant, it was successful and I received my certifaction. Fastforward to July-2016 when my girlfriend begins her scuba diving course.

The program is set-up over 5 days, which is one evening of classroom learning and 2 following weekends of dives. The price for certification is about $400, which I paid in full. After the students pass their written test, they begin diving, and that is when our problems began. After the first day of class, my girlfriend came home very tired but very determined to succeed the next day. Day 2, Sunday, she arrived at home very early, and was extremely upset because she was asked to leave the class early. The reason given to me, from my phone call with the instructor, was that she was holding up the class. When she returned her rental gear the next business day, she asked if it would be possible to issue a refund. The dive shop said no, but offered to drop her class fee to a "referral course" meaning it was $30 less and she could have that back.

One would think because she was denied a bit more than HALF of her diving instruction, she should be refunded around HALF of her course fee. The majority of the students fees go towards paying the Instructors, as they operate under contract with individual shops. After the shop informed of this, I spoke with the Instructor himself (Mike Simpson). His explanation was that he had to be paid for his time.. I will temporarily forget the fact that he was diving regardless of how many students are there, and just focus on his "time".

His total time teaching - 1.5 days

Total time I paid for - 4 days

Why shouldn't I be refunded for 2.5 days of instruction that she never got? In a course designed for first-time scuba divers, why can't they facilitate her education? If a student cannot complete the course, why can't the instructor refund the time the diver was not present?

PADI Instructor Mike Simpson is simply not fit to be teaching first-time students. Compiling on this is his greed for profit rather than desire to see the students succeed at diving. It would be best to avoid this dive center if you need to learn. In todays economy it is all too common to see businesses exploiting customers to make ends meet.

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