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Central Gas Company of Okeechobee

Country United States
State Florida
City Okeechobee
Address 119 NW 8th St
Phone 863-763-3915

Central Gas Company of Okeechobee Reviews

  • Dec 13, 2017

Central Gas is a small family owned and operated LP company in Okeechobee, FL. I was forced to use them for propane needs when I moved into a rental. I was a customer for three years. I paid a deposit and paid all monies owed every single month.

When first moving in to the rental and obtaining services from Central Gas, it was necessary for me to pay for an entire propane tank full of propane. Thereafter you pay every time they refill it, thus you are prepaying for all propane before it is used. It is important to note that this company only accepted cash or check, no credit. One was issued a hand written receipt and all accounts were managed in writing, not computerized.

I called to close the account and spoke to the owner directly. She assured me that I would be receiving my deposit back and a refund for all unused prepaid propane. It was a pleasant conversation as up to this point I had no problem with the business and I'd been an exemplary customer. Central Gas sent the serviceman (the husband of the owner I had spoken to) to lock the tank we were using. After this happened I received a voicemail from the front desk clerk saying that I was to recieve nothing from them. They claimed I had made late payments so I was not due the deposit I had paid and somehow they felt that also allowed them to refuse to refund the amount I had coming to me as a refund for prepaid unused propane.

I spoke directly with the owner who suddenly was smug and cruel. She placed blame on a "higher up" as though it was out of her hands. She was not aware that I had looked her up directly and knew that she was the owner. I went to Central Gas to speak to her in person. I never raised my voice or cursed, however the owner was agitated, raised her voice yelling, and tried to grab me to take me outside. She then called the cops. I waited outside as I had done nothing wrong.

This business is run poorly and I would not recomment anyone using them for any needs under any circumstance.

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