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Central Appliance Service

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Kenosha
Phone 262-878-8925

Central Appliance Service Reviews

  • Mar 26, 2016

I am a small service company and was looking for a better rate. I called Flagship Merchant card services. I was promised 1.2 percent for swipe transactions and .38% for debit cards with a minimum of $25 a month in fees that was part fees for the percentage, so basically if I did under $25 a month in fees there was a minimum $25 charge no matter what. Wll that sounded fine....YEAH RIGHT.....For a gross of $8200 in sales for a month they had a fee charge of $579 for the month!!!!!!!! They said any high risk credit cards that are taken or REWARDS CARDS are charge at 5.79%!!!! I asked how would I know what cards are at that rate....these LIARS said we don;t know the computer just assigns the rate depending on the card at the end of the month.....MAGICALLY all mine taken are 5.79% plus other fees. These CROOKS are out of their minds! Square Pay by Paypal is only a flat 2.75% which is high but a steal compared to these CROOKS. The sales guy never once mentioned any rate ever like that...EVER. I went over everything with him numerous times wrote all of it down and even recorded the clown on the phone. No response from Flagship other than we will adjust your rate....Yeah ASSHOLES like I will do business with SHADY SHADY people like you ever again. I can not say enough bad about a company that does this. They basically are just a bait and switch company and then sub all there customer service out to INDIA so you can talk to some SMUCK you can't even understand that is being paid pennies to listen and blow you off. Flagship is the wrong name it should be changed to THIEVE SHIP because that is all they are.

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